Piya Basanti Re 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Neeta and Savita apologizing Piya for their misunderstanding. She says they are elders and no need to apologize. Ganga signs her usual witty song and apologizes Piya. She accepts their apologizes. She tries to explain Kabeer, but he says she just thought of herself and did not care about his surprise, etc., says he made a mistake involving her in his plan.

Piya sadly walks to her house reminiscing Kabeer’s words. Her friend meets her and asks why is she sad. She informs her whole incident happened. Friend says it is good she cleared misunderstanding, else it would have been a big issue. Piya says Kabeer thought of his family and took her help, but she broke his trust.

Kabeer says his siblings that he made a mistake by taking Piya’s help and she spoilt his plan by informing about it to her mom and aunt. Neeta hears his conversation says it was much needed and tells him what happened and they calling Geeta. Kabeer is surprised to hear that. Neeta says Piya is a self-respectful girl and is working at our house for clearing her mom’s debt and she did not want to see her mom in trouble, even they would have felt guilty if something would have happened to Geeta and asks Kabeer to forgive Piya. Kabeer agrees and says his siblings that he made a big mistake by scolding Priya. Akshay suggests him to apologize Piya tomrorrow.

Piya says her friend that because of her Kabeer’s plan is ruined, so she should give him a better idea than his. Friend asks what is it. She says they both have to think about it now. Friend says she is feeling sleep and leaves for her home.

Kabeer reminisces his mom’s words that Savita that he and Piya is having an affair and starts thinking about Piya. Piya also thinks about helping Kabeer with a better idea at her home. Aaya mausam dosti kaaa…. song from maine pyaar kiya movie plays in the background.

Ganga forcefully applies Ayesha hair oil. She gets irked and asks her to stop. Ganga scolds her and gets into nostalgia, starts singing song and massing her head. Ayesha says because of her mistake, she has to go to parlour now and needs 5000 rs and says Aditi has invited her for her parent’s anniversary. Ganga asks her to face the reality and stop living in dreams. She says if her papa would have been there, she would not have to feel this reality, etc… Ayesha says she knows how hard she works and says she can do anything for her. Ganga asks her to get grocery for her. Ayesha says she cannot stand in a grocery shop que. Ganga asks her to bring it, else she will have to sleep hungry. Ayesha hesitantly agrees.

Baa asks decorator to decorate whole house with beautiful multicolours. Mahesh comes down and asks her why is she getting house ready 1 day before. She says it is her son’s 25th anniversary and tomorrow she will give herself time and get ready for it. Savita also joins and says tomorrow they will celebrate a lavish party. Ganga comes singing a song. Mahesh says party is tomorrow. Ganga says tomorrow rich people will come, so how will she come. Mahesah says he feels all his servants also as his family and invites her for party. She thanks him.

Kabeer eagerly waits for Piya outside college. His friends and discuss about football match at their city. Kabeer gets busy with the discussion, Piya also comes to college and searches him. She passes by without noticing him. Friends ask Kabeer why is he looking at gate often and joke if he is doing watchman duty today. Kabeer asks them to get into class, he will follow them later.

Piya asks her friend to attend class while she will speak to Kabeer out. She waits for him outside football ground while he waits for her in front of gate. They both start searching each other in other places and smile seeing each other. She reminisces him scolding her and he also reminisces same.

Precap: Kabeer asks Piya to forgive him and start working on their plan. She says she is not angry on him. She slips and is about to fall when Kabeer holds and resues her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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