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The episode starts with Piya and Kabeer’s romance. Just before they could kiss, they hear a door knock and gets afraid. Aditi comes and asks if she can come in. They get afraid that Piya’s chain is stuck in Kabeer’s shirt button. Before Aditi enters, they free themselves. Aditi comes in and informs Piya that Savita and Neeta are calling her. Kabeer asks Aditi if she ashamed of calling Piya as her bhabhi. She says no. Piya says let her call bhabhi only when she accepts her.

Piya reaches Savita and Neeta’s room. They say whatever happened we could not stop as it was not our control and whatever it is in our control, we can. Neeta says after her marriage, she has to change her name from Piya Patel to Piya Shah and to change total identity and for that, she

has to forget all her past. She says till now she was a housemaid, now she has to change herself as rich bahu who goes to kitty parties, shops lavishly, etc.. Savita says she has to stop working in kitchen and instead of following society, society has to follow her. Neeta says she has to change her dressing sense first. Savita says she has to accept all their conditions, else it is her wish. Piya gets tensed. Neeta says she is going for Paghphere ritual today to her mother’s house and can think there well if she wants to stay as housemaid Piya Patel or rich Piya Shah for her whole life, says she can go now. Piya walks out confused. Neeta asks Savita if our plan will work. Savita says both ways, we will win; if she changes, we will get a rich bahu. Neeta says she many not want to lose her moral values and past. Savita says if she does so, they will make her life tough and make her realize that she is not fit for Kabeer.

Piya nervously comes down. Kabeer asks why did Neeta/Savita call her. Before she could speak, Baa comes with gift thali and says Piya that it is for her mother and since she could not give it in marriage, she is giving it now and twists Kabeer’s ear that he did not give her chance. He says next time he will. Baa and Piya are surprised to hear that. He says there is no next time. Baa asks Piya to leave to her mom’s house right now and asks Kabeer to pick her in the evening. Piya goes to her room and Kabeer follows her. Baa prays god to keep them united.

Ganga sees Ayesha coming home and scolds her for accepting Akshay’s proposal. Ayesha says she has not accepted yet. Ganga says she has not denied yet also and asks her to tell Akshay that her mother is out of town. Ayesha says she is lying since 3 years that she is roaming whole world and don’t even remember which country to tell now. She gets Akshay’s message and gets happy.

Piya reaches Geeta’s house with shagun thali. Geeta and Ganga greet her in. Her friends ask her how is her in-laws’ house.

Kabeer meets his friends who complain why did not he call him for his marriage and congratulates him. He asks where will he take them for a party now and suggest their farm house. Akshay says bhai is just married, he will go to honeymoon. Friends ask Akshay to go from there as they want to talk to Kabeer now. He hesitantly leaves. They ask Kabeer about his suhagraat and what gift he gave to bhabhi/Piya. He asks what gift. Friend says that is why he should have called them to his marriage and says now he can give and they can buy it at a shopping mall. Kabeer realizes he does not have money and says he has important work and will get gift some other time.

Savita says Neeta that Geeta has to agree their demand of not working as housemaid in their friends and rivals’ houses. Neeta asks what if she does not. Savita says they are groom’s family and she will have to accept their demand.

Precap: Neeta says Geeta that she has to stop working as maid if she wants Piya to get a respect of Shah bahu and forget her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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