Piya Basanti Re 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Savita and Neeta asking Ganga to call Geeta and inform her about Piya working as house maid for Shah family. She does so from Piya’s phone. Neeta and Savita get relaxed that their son Kabeer is saved from Piya now and suggest Ganga to get a new maid. Piya comes back and says Baa said she did not call her. Neeta says Baa has gone old and forgets. Ganga keeps back Piya’s phone in her bag. Piya thinks it is obvious for Savita and Neeta to react like this seeing their son with a girl and thinks of telling the truth to them.

Anjali and Aditi are enjoying food in canteen. Anjali says she thinks there is something between Piya and Kabeer and tells her about the incident happened. Aditi laughs and says she was with them in that room. Anjali asks if she knows about their affair and if she not angry that Piya will marry her brother. Aditi says Kabeer will not do anything that will tarnish our status.

Piya’s friend calls and informs about a lady calling Geeta and inform about her working at Shah house, but instead of Geeta she picking the call and asks her not to keep her phone away from her. Piya realizes that Ganga was holding her phone. Kabeer thinks of finding a way to hide his surprise from Neeta and Savita. Piya calls him and says she will tell truth to them as it is creating a big confusion. Kabeer asks her to give him a chance to clear confusion and says he has an idea. She asks what is it.

Savita, Neeta and Ganga eagerly wait for Geeta to come and take back Piya, but she does not come. Ganga gets Ayesha’s call who informs about the confusion. Neeta says she is feeling bad about Piya. Savita says even she is feeling bad, but cannot see her son having an affair with Piya. Ganga tries to tell them about the confusion, but they stop her. Piya comes out to tell truth to them and hear them talking that middle class girls like Piya try to trap rich guys. Piya says she has to tell something. Kabeer comes and asks her to get coffee for him. Piya signals him and both Savita and Neeta see that. Savita asks what is he signalling her. He says he was asking her to get hot water. Piya says she cannot hide truth for 3 days and will tell truth now. Kabeer asks her to stop, but she says Neeta that she was in Kabeer’s room with Aditi and Kabeer when they came following her. Neeta asks if Aditi knows about that and starts crying. Piya says she was just helping Kabeer and Aditi choreograph Neeta’s wedding anniversary dance and says she knows they called Geeta and informed about me working at their house and says if her mom would have known that, something would have happened to her. She says her mom did not want her to work as maid, so she was working hard.

Precap: Kabeer scolds Piya for telling the truth to his mother and aunt and says he made a mistake by believing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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