Piya Basanti Re 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Anjali complaining her mom Ganga about Priya insulting her. Ganga asks her not to worry and says even she is from poor family like Priya. Anjali says maybe, but she acts like a rich child and does not want anyone to know about it.

Neeta calls someone and angrily scolds. Baa hears that and asks whom she is scolding. Savita says Neeta wants to wear her wedding dress on her wedding anniversary and was scolding her yoga trainer to help lose her weight. Baa says Neeta if she will control her diet, she may lose 2 inches in 3 days, but she needs someone to keep a watch on her. She sees Priya and asks her to be with Neeta and stop her from eating oily food. Priya agrees and says she will prepare nonoily food. Savita asks if she learnt even that. Priya says situation teaches everything and says when she does not have oil at home, she will perpare nonoily food. Baa gives her bell and asks her to ring it when Neeta touches oily food.

Priya gets a call from Kabeer who asks her to come to his room soon. Priya sees Savita busy talking on phone and tries to silently leave, but Savita sees her and asks where is she going to. Priya says she is going to Neeta’s room to give her food. Savita asks where is food then. Priya says she will asks Neeta what she wants to eat. Savita says she has to help Neeta lose her weight, so she will have to prepare it according to her wish and asks he to go and prepare food. Priya calls Kabeer from kitchen and tells him that Savita is watching hr ans she cannot come. Kabeer suggests her to tell that she is going to Aditi’s room. She asks till when she will hide it from everyone. He says her nothing will happen and asks her to come soon. Savita hears her conversation and thinks that her worries are coming true. Priya silently walks, but Savita stops her and asks where is she going. Priya says she is going to Aditi’s room and walks upstairs. Savita thinks this cannot happen and will not let it happen. She starts following Priya. Ganga watches Savita walking like a spy and thinks why is she spying in her own house.

Priya looks around to see if anybody is watching and knocks Kabeer’s door. Kabeer receives her in and locks door. Savita watches that and stumbles, but Ganga holds her. Priya says Kabeer that she is nervous and cannot help them. Aditi says she should not be nervous. Priya apologizes her for the incident at college. Aditi says it is okay, it was Anjali’s mistake and asks her start her choreography.

Ganga takes Savita to her room and asks if she is alright. Savita says she is fine. Ganga asks if something happened again between Kabeer and Priya. Savita says Priya went into Kabeer’s room silently and he locked door from inside. Ganga says she will inform Neeta. Neeta comes just then and asks what happened. Savita informs her what happened. They all three suspiciously walks near Kabeer’s room door and hear them laughing and knock door.

Precap: Savita checks Kabeer’s wwhole room and does not find Priya. Ganga suspects someone standing behind curtains.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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