Piya Basanti Re 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabeer asking Neeta and Savita how can they fix his marriage with Aanchal without his permission and why they took Piya’s help for that. He says they have right on his life, but he should be informed about their decision beforehand. He sadly walks into his room. Savita and Neeta get tensed. Piya says she will handle it and walks towards Kabeer’s room. She reaches Kabeer’s room and asks if she can come in. He says she does not have to take permission and asks her to come in. He asks how can she think of getting him married to Anchal and help Neeta and Savita in their decision. She says Anchal is perfect for him. He says they both are poles apart and he will feel awkward when he will meet Anchal next. Piya says he seems to be tensed with some other issue and asks him to tell what. He says he is angry on her that she did not inform him about his marriage with Himesh. She says Geeta decided it. She asks why is he unnecessarily angry on Neeta and Savita and asks him to try at least to be friendly with Anchal. He agrees.

Akshay reaches Ayesha’s fake bungalow and asks her to come out. Ayesha gets tensed hearing and runs from home, jumps bungalow’s wall and gets into it. Watchman asks who is she and why did she jump in from wall. She says she is Ganga’s daughter and will sue him from work if he does not listen to her. She comes out via main gate and meets Akshay who says they can get in and talk. She asks why is he so desperate to study with her. He thinks because he loves her. Pehla nasha… naya pyaar hai… song plays in the background. She touches his face, he gets emotional, asks her to get into home back and walks out from there.

Kabeer apologizes Neeta and Savita on Piya’s insistence. Piya then requests Neeta/Savita to grant her leave for some days as her exam is on the way and she has to study. They both permit her. She takes their blessings and waves bye to Kabeer. Kabeer gets sad seeing her leaving and asks why is she telling bye as if she is going permanently, asks if she will not meet him at college also. She says she will of course meet at college and says she is feeling sad going from here, but will meet him often for sure. Bin tere bin tere…. song plays in the background. She turns back and waves bye go Kabeer and Savita/Neeta. Kabeer sadly waves her bye and stands still. Neeta asks what happened. He says Piya is going alone and he wants to drop her home. Neeta permits him and he happily leaves.

Kabeer comes out and stops Piya. She asks if he forgot something. He says thought of dropping her home. She shows Himesh and says he came to pick her up, so she is going with him. Kabeer asks Himesh to take care of Piya well as she is his special friend and says he is very lucky to marry her. Himesh says she was my childhood friend and will be my life partner. Piya asks him not to praise her more, says him good bye. Kabeer sadly looks at her. Her dupatta stucks in his shirt. He entangles it. She thanks him and leaves.

Precap: Piya calls Kabeer on exam day, but he does not pick call. She comes to his home, sees him sound asleep and tries to wake him up. He holds her hand in sleep and wakes up seeing her face over him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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