Piya Basanti Re 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya telling Shah family that because of her a son and father’s relationship is at stake and a mother who used to worry for her son even if he sneezes is a reason for his tears. She says Savita that she was right, she is not fit for Kabeer and will leave this house. She requests not to trouble Kabeer again in lieu of her says by law, this family is mine, but she wants it to be in peace, so she will leave their house. Baa comes back from temple and silently hears their conversation.

Ganga is praying at home. She hears door bell and asks Ayesha to open door. She opens door and is shocked to see Akshay and Aditi there. Ganga also sees them and is shocked. Akshay starts taunting Ayesha and says her house is very big and if she bought furniture from Itali and when did her mom come from London. Aditi says she went to the bungalow she showed as her house and watchman told that Ganga rented that bungalow for 1-2 days. Akshay says Ayesha that she betrayed her and says Ganga that he calls her aunt/maasi and even she lied and betrayed him. Aditi also same same and says Ayesha that she always insulted Piya. Ganga says in childhood, Ayesha was bullied in school for being poor, so she hates poverty. Akshay says she always told lie. Ayesha says she really loves him. He says he also loves him, so he got failed purposefully to be with him. He says in love, there is no differentiation between poor and rich, he can tolerate anything but not lies. He walks out while she tries to stop him unsuccessfully and starts crying vigorously.

Mahesh asks Neeta if it was Savita’s plan and even she is involved. Jatin says he already told in the morning that he and Mahesh are worried about Kabeer’s results, even then she continued her hatred for Piya and played drama. Kabeer says he will also go with Piya as he cannot leave her alone and it is good for everyone. He walks into his room and says Piya that she stood by he promise and he is proud of her. They both hug each other and say I love you.

Mahesh and Jatin request Baa to stop Kabeer, else he will not return again. Baa says they both helped Savita and Neeta in hatching plans against Piya. She says forget everything and please stop Kabeer. She says she will not as she does not want her house with fake relationships and even she will walk out with Kabeer. Mahesh says she can scold and slap him, but cannot leave house. She says he would have thought before doing this and walks into her room.

Mahesh and Jatin angrily enter Savita and Neeta’s room and start scolding them that because of cruel plans, even B Baa is leaving house and ask if family will be not there, what will they do with empty house. They both stand silently. Jatin says Savita is not ashamed of herself and because of her superego, she ruined whole family. Savita says it is also her family. Jatin says this is Mahesh’s family and her family is somewhere else which she has forgotten, she is just a guest who does not want to go. He says it is Mahesh’s love that has kept her here and because of her, he left his mother alone and is staying as a ghar jamai. He says Mahesh that in these women’s sugar-coated talks, we ruined our family ourselves and losing our son now. Mahesh says he will not let his son go and runs downstairs.

Piya and Kabeer come out with their bags and take whole family’s blessings.

Precap: Kabeer says he is doing right by taking Piya’s side and going with her. Neeta says he is doing a mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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