Piya Albela 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja decides to handle Naren with love

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Piya Albela 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren singing Bhojpuri song while dressed as Bhojpuri guy. Pooja comes. Naren calls her phoojadi and says one thing is less and asks her to accept sunflower. Pooja takes it and asks Naren what is the matter to change the look. Naren says first you attract me and then blame me. He sings song nain lad gayi toh…Bela sees Naren and Pooja dancing and gets angry. Neelima tells Rahul that it is Bela’s play list. Rahul says it is Naren’s voice and he is in mood. He tells I will dance too. Bela looks on and smiles now, thinks I know laung and elaichi is enough to make Praveen’s heart restless and now pan only will make him lifeless, and take me to him. Naren dances with Pooja. Pooja laughs at his strange behavior. Naren continues to dance and throws colors in air. He puts his head on color and lie down back. Pooja claps and says I haven’t seen big dramebaad than you. Naren asks her to put veil on her head. Pooja asks him to stop acting. He asks her to wear veil and come to room. He says lets unite. Bela recalls Praveen’s words and thinks she is ready to kill him. Neelima tells Rahul that pr*stitute blood is speaking and says his mind is corrupt. Rahul says not mind, but heart and tells that the matter is serious.

Bela keeps kesar milk in Naren’s room. Naren takes Pooja to his room. He gets happy seeing Kesar milk. He brings glass and tries to forcefeed Pooja. Pooja refuses. Naren says I am your husband and it is my right. Pooja refuses to drink. Naren gets angry and asks her to drink it. Pooja refuses and pushes him. Naren falls down. Pooja says it is enough Naren, it is enough of the humiliation. Naren comes back to his senses and is shocked. Pooja cries and asks him to wipe his face. Naren recalls eating Pan given by Bela. He sees his attire shocking in mirror. He goes out of room. Pooja goes behind him. Bela thinks tomorrow you will die and reach to the coffin which I got made for you. Naren feels hatred for himself and removes his shirt. Pooja asks him to tell what happened to him.

Later on, Naren comes to their room and says whatever happened today was not right, says I wanted to make you feel special, but. Pooja looks on. Naren asks her to sleep and lie down on the bed. He sleeps. Pooja calls him, but is fast asleep. Piya plays….Pooja sleeps beside him. Naren then opens his eyes and thinks what is happening with me, even I don’t have an answer. Pooja recalls the happenings in sleep and holds his hand. She then gets up, thinks since his operation he is behaving strange, thinks if it is because heart transplant. She searches on net and reads that heart transplant is like any other transplant and heart is also an organ. She further searches and reads that the patient’s relatives shall talk to him nicely with love and not to get upset. She comes back to Naren and thinks what did I do? She feels sorry and apologizes. She holds his hand and sleeps.

In the morning, Pooja wakes up and finds a note left by Naren. Naren finds dried pan thrown on ground and smells it.

Rahul informs Pooja that Bela is trying to woo Naren and dancing. Bela is dancing while Naren looks on. Pooja runs to come there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate this Bela. Is she a murderer??? Why she has so much hatred .
    Guys don’t look at my English. The country where I lived we speaking Dutch. Did you ever heard of this country Suriname. Is nearby Brazil .I’m from that country, is in South Africa

    1. Guys I am impressed by both of u geeta and jaya shree

  2. Yes Geeta we are neighbors I am from Guyana.And nothing is wrong with your English hun. And it’s not South Africa dear but South America. And I do not even know who Bela is or what she looks like cuz I only read and not look at the serial.It is getting boring or in fact it has been boring for quite sometime now,sooo.

    1. I think this bela is making a plan to kill naren .guys.but how will she.poor naren don’t know what is happening to him.feel bad for him.i think pooja should help him to get rid of this problem as well as bela.

  3. Oooh yes is South America, typo error sorry. Thank you jayashree

  4. Thanks Hiyori your comments are like a breath of fresh air,keep commenting dear Naren cannot really help himself I think is because of the heart transplant,and Bela is gonna take advantage of that knowing he has Parveen’s heart,Pooja has to be his strength right now he is in a vulnerable state and she is gonna make hay while the sun is hot so Pooja always have to be on the lookout for her and her shrewdness.

    1. Hey,no need to thank jayashree I thought we all are friends and shared my opinion, there’s no need for thanks. I think pooja should save him otherwise he will be dead like praveen.have you read sapphire said.

  5. what nonsense is this Bela is trying to poison Naren by giving him her husbands favourite treat PANN; I hope you are all aware that Bela killed her husband; whilst he was driving she gave him Pann laced with poison and that is how he got into the accident and she is trying to kill Naren the same way DE JA VU my gosh all these serials have one motive all the time and that is to kill kill kill my gosh they have gone into overdrive by now. Anyway I do hope that pooja senses what is going on with Bela and put a lid on it before she causes harm to Naren; Bela is pure Evil incarnate imagine her husband is dead and she is still pursuing Naren to kill him in like manner just because he has her husbands heart beating in him; my gosh how sick can she be LOL

    1. What are you saying truth sapphire.now naren really need pooja help,otherwise he will die for sure.

  6. Candiva007

    Do we know what the back story is on Bela and Parveen? Why Bela wanted to murder him? Why his parents hate her so much? I’ve stopped watching this show due to the storyline, I just read the updates. Thanks H Hasan!

    Geeta and Jayashree, my parents are from South America as well (Guyana). I was born in Canada.

  7. Wow Candiva007 that is awesome which part of Guyans are they from? ( your parents).

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