Piya Albela 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren dons Bhojpuri’s get up shocking Pooja

Piya Albela 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren telling Pooja that his love for her will never get out of stock. He recalls running to Bela leaving Pooja. Pooja tells him that she is saved because of Bela. Naren thinks if bela wouldn’t have been there, this wouldn’t have happened. Harsha tells that she will feed Pan to Rahul. Dada ji asks them to call Naren and Pooja. Supriya brings Bela there. Neelima taunts her. Harsha asks Supriya if she will let bela stay if Pooja is in her 6 months of pregnancy. Pooja asks Naren to select her saree. Naren selects her saree. Pooja says I knew that you will choose my liking and says I hope everything will be fine. Supriya asks naren to have food. Naren says he had in room. Bela asks him to have pan. Harish says t is best Calcutta pan. Bela sprinkles poison on the pan. Naren refuses to take pan. Bela falls ion his embrace and asks him to keep it with him, says may be you will eat it. She thinks you will not stop yourself from eating it. Naren takes the pan and leaves. She thinks Naren will eat it as he has Praveen’s heart. Naren stops the car and takes the pan and eats it. He talks in Praveen’s accent.

Pooja thinks Naren forgot his identity at home. Naren comes to Pooja wearing Bhojpuri attire. Pooja asks why did he change look. Naren gives gift to pooja. Pooja checks it and finds saree. Bela looks at them and smirks.

Bela thinks Naren is Praveen today. Pooja refuses to wear that saree. Naren asks if she don’t like his choice. Pooja says it is enough of joke. Naren says it is my heart talk and if you refuse then my heart will break. Pooja accepts his gift. Naren asks her to go and get ready. Pooja finds him strange and thinks what happened to him. She thinks this can’t be his choice and thinks why did he bring this saree for me. Naren asks if she got ready. Pooja says just 5 mins. She is shocked as he sings song.

Precap: Naren tries to make Pooja drink something. Pooja pushes him and says it is enough of your misbehavior. Naren comes to his senses and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. if ever i have to get a heart transplant i want sridevi’s one but wait she is dead shucks i soulda tell them to take it out and keep it in case i need one then i woulda have feelings for boney lmao.A blo*dy heart transplant from someone else do not make your feelings any different now i am a married woman with a husband i have never cheated on my husband in our 31 years of marriage.If i was to have a heart transplant lets say gauri will i fall for shah rukh hell frikkin NO my husband is my husband regardless of whose heart was put into me these directors are only making themselves asses.well what to do its fairy tale right??i rest my case.

    1. Why do you even want to your heart to transplant.you don’t love your life. And heart only work when removed from a dead people within 24hours and operated to other person.
      U are speaking as if you don’t care about your life.its precious u know.

    2. Cathy

      LOL well if your not going to fall for Shah Rukh do you mind if i do? 😉

    3. What’s wrong with you people why do you even want fakos like films stars in your wonderful and great life.t hey are idiots to the core I am not saying one but all of them are.they are publicity creeps.

  2. Naz today can I ask on thing, u asked me about my name how come you know that name is Japanese.

    1. It’s not on its one.

    2. I’m an avid reader of hundreds upon hundreds of books in my lifetime and in one particular series of books by an author named Eric van Lustbader, I came upon this name. The series background was set in Japan…..and one of the characters or several others were a part of the novels during the period and Hiyori was the name so that’s why I asked. I love novels set in Japanese traditions, especially with samurais and assassins…they make interesting stories….but are you Japanese??

    3. No i am not Japanese.this my favourite character name in Japanese anime(NORAGAMI).the character name is hiyori iki ,she deals with god’s and regalia’s and helps them against noras and phantoms.so I kept her name.

    4. ☺☺…now I understand. I’m of East Indian descent and I live in the Caribbean….. So it’s all clear to me now… Lol. Have a wonderful weekend ?

  3. shit?????….

  4. This show is getting boring day by day. My heart is broken about naren. He’s crying so much. Bela is so evil. When will this writer stop this crap track. Hi guys how are you all

  5. Cathy

    Jayashree!! i’m sorry you can’t handle black peppercorns..can you tolerate white pepper?

  6. Hi, Naz and Hiyori. Me too likes Japanese essense too much. Stories with samurai and ninja are really superb. I like the ancient Japanese traditional stories dealing with kunfu, dragons and mythological creatures. I love this kind of stories and Japanese anime and cartoons including their names.

  7. Taking about this serial. I will again say they should better show that Praveen soul is trying to influence Naren due to his heart. It will in sense will be more logical than this heart transplant reason. Because they are just making joke of organ transplant. And they had already shown enough superstition in this story, so don’t think soul matter will effect it in many ways. And Naren character and love will also remain justified otherwise it’s totally looking nonsense and fake.

  8. Either they should show drug influence for Naren this like character and weird activities. Drug or Praveen soul interference can justify this transformation but this reason of heart transplant is totally absurd.

    1. U are right Emma because of transplant this all naren is doing doesn’t give us logical reaction.i know heart can feel emotion like getting attracted to bela and all but speaking a different language and eating paan like praveen, doesn’t make any sense.unless praveen spirit is in naren, possessing him. Then only it make sense. We are stupid but not that much that whatever they show we will agree.
      I agree emma you are right,this is too much for us too.

    2. Yes, he could have some feeling of attraction toward Bela, respect towards Praveen parents if he had. Interest and likening of the thing which Praveen liked. But his love could never change as it’s mostly from soul then brain then heart. But they are showing he is completely transformed into Praveen. And soon he will fall for this. It will be completing disgusting and unbearable.

  9. Can someone plz tell me when the news of Pooja’s pregnancy was shown .As I stopped watching this serial & reading update only.

    1. Pooja pregnancy n That is never shown. Maybe u heard in some rumor in telly article which they predicted when Pooja fainted when Naren heart about his birth truth and decided to abadon Pooja and everything, so in shock she fainted.

  10. I also think Naren is possessed by Praveen’s spirit ? because why else would he be behaving this way for!!!!! Friends… I’m so depressed when I look at Naren’s plight, he looks so sad, so lost. Thank goodness he got to spend a night with his wife before this sad state of affairs…..but this current track is woefully pathetic… Naren singing in a different dialect is hilarious, just because of a heart transplant!!! Couldn’t writers get a little more original than that!!!! And….. Emma, happy to know that I have a partner in Japanese stories. If you want a good read, the book author I mentioned above, has several… The Miko, the Black Ninja, Shan….and others… You’d find them on Amazon and trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the novels. Do some research and start with the first novel then work your way down to the rest. The are huge books though but I always think if a book isn’t thick enough, it’s not good reading for me, stories should be indepth….BTW…Emma, have you read books by Stephen King and Robert Ludlum? All three are my 3 most revered authors on suspense / thriller /horror …and Barbara Taylor Bradford on romance, from a Woman of Substance down to the last in the series… Check them out if you want a good read…..

    1. Yes Naz, I will definitely read the novel’s suggested by you after completing my course syllabus. As the frustration this serial has taken tons of my time.

    2. And yes taking about Naren life then after the day when Pooja got to abut her horrorscope he never enjoyed his love life, happiness or peace. After that first he was emotionally tortured by Pooja then she broken him completely and left him shattered. He remained in intense pain and he was burning in hatered, even he lost his mother love. After leap she came and again broken him then irritated and frustrated him without ever trying to remove his misunderstandings. He burnt in hatered, then died in guilt and then again broken badly by Pooja. And then finally everything got sorted and one day also he didn’t remained in peace then Pooja became mad again his life became full of tension guilt, pain and problematic and also he got health problem. Again he was left shocked and shattered when he knew Pooja was faking again he remained in pain and anger. After again he burnt in hatered and anger and pain due to Supria condition, brother death and was left alone by Pooja. Again she came and frustrated him and finally he realised his fault and even when they consumed their marriage he was dying in guilt. After he again got broken by his birth truth. After then everything sorted, he again married Pooja and before he could realise some peace again he got accident and had heart transplant. Now also he living in guilt, pain and fear. Anytime he could loose himself.

    3. Emma dear, you couldn’t have said it better.. BRAVO!! That’s it in a nutshell!!! I don’t like Pooja anymore, she’s the reason for Naren’s suffering…. Supriya is the architect of her son’s current situation… I agree with your comment 100%

  11. I feel so sorry for naren. He always looks so sad and lonely. He deserve a happier life.

  12. I took a step back and my conclusion is that when Pooja came into Naren’s life, she took him downhill. All his actions thus far was a knee-jerk reaction to all the stupid things Pooja has done for Naren, all because she was pretending to be so concerned about him but everything achieved just the opposite and the poor guy can’t seem to be happy at all. In short… She’s jinxed!! It’s best I go with this angle, I really do feel sorry for Naren because Pooja just came and made a mess of his life. In the beginning, we saw him having fun with his friend but now his life looks wasted.

    1. Yes dear, but if we come to the conclusion of this point of Naren life being ruined then the one and only person I could see is Harish. He in real sold his own son for just business. And from this only that witch Surbi entered his life and his bad luck actually started. Otherwise Pooja was always ready to support him on his own way. But after that Surbi coming incident Pooja also begained to torture Naren. And all villians became determined to destroy Naren. That Pooja was ready to take the curse on herself but that Supria smartness spoiled it. After Pooja broken Naren he didn’t had his mother support too and that also due to Surbi. This Car accident of Naren happened due to Harish. Rahul also became villian in one way as he deserved share but Harish done partiality and he became Naren enemy. To Mayank father also Harish insulted him to extent that he also ended up becoming Naren enemy. Due to Supria drama he became cold hearted in 2nd leap. Pooja always end up taking wrong decision and her careless activities ends up making Naren broken. So the conclusion Harish selfish activities, Supria stupidity and Pooja oversmatness always costs Naren.

  13. Can anybody tell me in which episode/date pooja tells naren about her pregnancy???pls..

    1. They is no pregnancy track in the show sid.isnt that right emma and naz.

    2. Yes, no pregnancy track ever came.

    3. Nope, no pregnancy.. Don’t know where that came from but Pooja and Naren consummated their union only recently just before his birth crap came out so she can’t be pregnant so quickly but I hope to get the good news soon though…

  14. Emma, in all, if Pooja didn’t keep Naren in the dark about all the things that were happening with the excuse that she was protecting him, all these things wouldn’t have been an issue now but then we wouldn’t have a story either. In this case Pooja’s silence on a lot of issues has killed Naren inside and because it’s his wife, Naren is hurting, I hope she doesn’t do that from now on… I wish most characters could be like Sahil in AKAS….his words are like a gunslinger from the wild wild west…sharp and fast, no holding back…

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