Piya Albela 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren feels guilty

Piya Albela 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul asking Surbhi to be on bed always and says now he will tell Pooja who has a bad sight. Pooja is about to check the fuse. Bela comes there and asks her not to check the open wire. Pooja asks her not to worry and says fuse is fine. She holds the switch and gets electric shock. Bela helps Pooja using wooden rod. Pooja falls down unconscious. Naren comes there. Bela gets electric shock. Naren runs towards Bela leaving Pooja. He asks bela to open her eyes. Bela opens her eyes. Naren asks are you fine. Bela thanks him, calls him Praveen and keeps her hand on his heart, says you thought of me before Pooja. Naren recalls everything. He goes to Pooja and asks her to open her eyes. Harish calls doctor. Supriya goes to bring water. Naren cries and his tears fall on her face. Pooja gains consciousness. Naren hugs her. Harish says thank god. Supriya brings water and makes Pooja have it.

Supriya helps Bela get up and thanks her for saving Pooja. She says I will make sure that you don’t have any problem here. Bela smirks and thinks I can’t let your son alive, he have to die. Naren sits at Pooja’s side and cries. He holds her hand. Pooja shows faith on Naren and says your tears will heal my wounds. Naren feels guilty. Pooja says I know you won’t let a scratch come to me and asks about Bela. Naren asks her not to worry and thinks why did I do this. Bela tells that she will not let her husband’s heart beat and will kill naren, and says I asked Pooja not to take my husband’s heart, but she didn’t agree.

Naren brings breakfast for Pooja. Pooja teases him and asks what did you hide in your heart. Naren recalls running to Bela. Pooja asks are you fine? Naren ties her hand with his hand and says since I returned from hospital, I am feeling strange, and says whenever you are with me, I am fine. Pooja kisses on his hand and says our candle light breakfast will be candle light dinner. Mora Piya albela… Pooja says we don’t need any bandhan/

Precap: Naren and Pooja dance on the Nain lad gayi re…. song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. like we have a ‘dil ne jise apna kaha’ on our hands,hmmmm ran out of script? i do not really know what is going on so there is not much i can comment on,my blo*dy sugar level have touch the ceiling a whooping 491 i know i know that is very bad but i did not eat any sugary stuff and i do not have stress so if there is any home remedy anyone has it will be most helpful my medication is not helping

    1. Relax, think about nice things u experienced today.breathe in breathe out. See some funny movies which will release you from the stress.
      I know how u feel, anyone blood will boil if they see these stupidity they are showing.
      Relax ok.

    2. ??……btw Hiyori, are you Japanese? I don’t know why it your name looks like a Japanese one…. Sorry if I offended you… ??

    3. …I mean… But, your name…

  2. Cathy

    Jayashree….i have a home remedy that i take for my Osteoarthritis that has kept me off prescribed pain meds, has done wonders for my BP Cholestrol, kidney and liver functions and is highly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes which is i am assuming that you have, it’s very cheap to make and you probably already have it in your kitchen. TUMERIC or Haldi here’s a link if you need to read more and i have a recipe for “golden paste” i take 1 tsp 3 times a day, it’s been like a miracle let me know if you want my recipe. https://foodrevolution.org/blog/turmeric-diabetes/

    1. Dr Jayashree, I’d like to know the home remedy paste…. I’m health conscious and I try to do what’s best and it’s always good to know of alternative medicines…. Please take care of yourself dear…your health is your wealth… And please don’t take on these illogical serials, they aren’t worth you doctor’s bill at all..all they do is cause people to suffer from depression and anxiety and high BP levels…I gave up on them, I’m watching light hearted serial called Aap ke Aajane Se….its male lead makes me laugh and I fell in love with his character , Sahil!!! The guy with the sharpest tongue ever in soapland and nothing escapes his mind…so far. So……

    2. Sorry Cathy… I wrote Dr Jayashree instead… It’s Dr Cathy…

  3. yes Naz we are all aware of the heart being donated but it was not donated from an outside source it was pravins heart which was still in his body hence the reason of pooja going there to get the body before they burnt it now what sense does that make none at all if you remembered bela and the mother said NO so his body was not touched at all so then where the hell the heart came from not pravin well he was already on the pyre for burning no way after all that simi dimi could a heart still be able to function we have a lot of Doctor friends in the family i spoke with one he laughed saying it is just a serial thats why but anytime an organ is donated must go on ice at the quickest possible time; to tell the truth these writers just aint no what they writing.

  4. Of course Cathy I will welcome any kind of home remedies.And I will check out the link you have there.Since 2004 I have diabetes and have lost a lot of weight it’s hereditary from my grandma straight down to the rest of the relatives.Thank you once again hun I will try ANYTHING.

  5. come on ztv i made a comment today why is it not published it was there earlier on and you took it off please put it back now

  6. Cathy

    So long story short, i was diagnosed with Osteo about 10 years ago in the hips and spine and i was given a prescription for Naproxen for pain i was on about 1000 mg aday, now my pharmacist would insist on taking my BP prior to filling my script and one day as i read off my numbers she came down at sat with me with this weird look on her face, had me take the test again to make sure, my BP was so high that she literely going to shut the pharmacy down (it is a small independent store) and drive me to the hospital..i talked her out of it and promised i’d see my dr first thing in the morning…mean while i got home and fired up my computer and started researching alternatives for pain management (i was very scared i thought i would stroke out any moment) what i came across was a youtube video on Tumeric and Arthritis diet..that sort of thing..so i put myself (with the dr. blessing) on an elimination diet to see if i had any food allergies and discovered that dairy was a big no no for people with arthritis..and i had a wheat sensitivity..which then lead me to being a Raw Vegan for 8 weeks as you can imagine that was an experience, im glad i did it because that was the beginning of me finding this Golden paste..because i had eliminated all processed foods from my diet the paste worked very fast on me within a week the inflammation that causes the pain had all but disappeared, i couldn’t believe it..jumping forward within that year when i was taking the paste i went for my full medical examination..blood tests, heart, kidney liver…i wish i had thought to take a picture of my Doctors face when he read me out the results, it was amazed and he has fully supported me in this…by the way i couldn’t stick with being full vegan but i ended up Vegetarian with vegan leanings. so that’s my mini story. recipe to follow.

  7. Cathy

    A warning before you make this, if your on any blood thinner medication you should find out if it is compatible with taking Tumeric:

    Golden Paste:

    1 cup of simmering water + a little more in case it gets to thick
    1/2 cup of Tumeric

    combine Tumeric with the simmering water, this will thicken up quickly so don’t leave it. Cook over low heat for aprox 8 minutes this breaks down the starch in the Tumeric to make it digestible. let cool for 10 minutes.

    add to the cooling mixture:

    1 tsp of Cinnamon or more to taste.
    1/4 cup of healthy fat (coconut oil or Extra virgin olive oil is best)
    3 tsps of freshly ground peppercorns. (this is really important that you grind peppercorns, the skin of the peppercorn is called pepperine and this is what activates the bioactivity of the tumeric if your pepper sensitive you can cut back or not use it but it will affect how long it takes for you to feel the benefits. store in a glass container in the refrigerator if you take the 3 tsps a day like me this will last a week, i suggest you start with 1/4 tsp to see how you tolerate it. do not keep past 2 weeks. Oh and it should be a spreadable consistency.

    I take the paste right off the spoon i’m kinda hardcore but you can mix this in your milk or spread on bread mix it in a hot dish whatever you like i’ve even talked to a someone that just stirred into her Tea. Any questions just let me know.

    1. Thanks Cathy… I try it. I’ve been drinking turmeric tea for ages but the paste sounds interesting so l’ll try it…we commonly call it haldi tea in the homes of folks of Indian heritage…

  8. cathy what is the golden paste you are talking about explain

    1. Cathy

      Look above your last post.

  9. Girl Cathy I do not use any form of peppers I am like my dad ulcer I tried using pepper one day and nearly die,the heartburn was so severe that I was not getting to breathe properly so I do not use pepper I hardly ever eat curries I never eat stuff with sugars I do not yield to temptation when I was in Michigan my daughter told me to just indulge for just one day we were on our way to Cedar Point I said no my diet compromise of mostly fruits and vegetables I do not eat fish shrimp prawns duck beef pork turkey egg yolk mutton and the list goes on I was born into a vegetarian home my parents and eldest are strict vegetarian me and my other siblings were introduce to meat at the age of eight I only eat chicken once in while and I find when I eat I sometimes I wanna puke I will try your remedy someone told me yesterday Tulsi leaves are very good it reduces the risk of sugar by 55% so I will try that where my health is concern I will try anything that is palatable thanks once again Cathy.

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