Piya Albela 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren worries over his behavior

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The Episode starts with Pooja praising Bela’s talents. Bela says my dad made these dolls in my childhood and gave me, I always keep this with me. Pooja says you will make such dolls, I will talk to Naren, join our handicraft department. Bela says who will like to see a widow around, I won’t go anywhere, I don’t want to become a burden. Pooja says I understand your problem, I have a solution. Naren gets down the car and sees Bela at the betel store. He eats the betel leaf just like Praveen. He enjoys the betels and eats more. He gets shocked seeing the vendor. He runs and spits the betel leaf. He thinks why am I behaving strange. He messages Pooja and asks her will she come on a date with him. He messages her to wear red saree, it suits her. Pooja asks Bela to take any saree she likes. Bela says

but colorful saree….

Pooja says life doesn’t stop when someone leaves, Praveen will be hurt seeing you like this, accept colors for his sake. Supriya takes Pooja for a talk. She asks what are you doing. Pooja says whatever happened, it was not Bela’s mistake. Rahul greets everyone and asks did meeting not start till now, there is no heir except me, so shall we start the meeting. Naren says definitely Rahul, but can meeting start without company’s MD. Harish smiles. Naren asks him to excuse them. Harish says so sorry Rahul, your place is waiting. They all see the presentation. Rahul leaves from there. A song plays in the video. Nain ladjaiyve……plays… Naren relaxes hearing the song which Praveen used to sing. Harish asks how did you like the presentation.

Naren talks like Praveen and says it was a great one, what was that song. He sits over the table and sings. Harish asks Naren is this any joke. Naren says no, its just a talk. He sees her phone and comes back to senses. He looks around and gets down the table. He leaves from there. Pooja and Bela come to office. She asks Bela to sit and goes to see Naren. Naren doesn’t see her and worriedly goes. Bela comes to Naren’s cabin and sees his pic. Naren throws the files and thinks of his behavior. He sees Bela in red saree and thinks she is Pooja. He says you did good to come Pooja. He holds her hand and says I fought with you and even then you have worn red dress, thanks. Bela holds his hand. He sings the same song. Pooja comes there and gets shocked. She calls out Naren. He turns to her and gets shocked. He then sees Bela’s face.

Bela recalls checking Pooja’s phone and reading Naren’s message. She takes the red saree. Pooja asks her to keep that saree. Naren asks Pooja why did she give her saree to Bela. He throws things and asks Bela to go home to change saree. Pooja stops him from scolding Bela. He says I told you not to get her to office. Pooja says I got Bela here to keep her engaged. Naren says ask her not to come in front of me. He scolds Bela. He goes. Pooja asks Bela what’s all this.

Bela plans to give an electric shock to Naren. Pooja gets electrocuted. Harish and Bela get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Writer will you please stop this track. It’s so weird and boring. Let us see how husband and wife are living. Be an example for us and the youth.
    Guys today is my birthday 45 years old???
    I’m getting old my god.

    1. Cathy

      Happy Birthday Geeta!! your still young! hope you enjoyed your day.

    2. Happy Birthday Geeta. There only one thing left in this serial that is Naren Pooja true love but the writter will definitely destroy it.

      1. Happy birthday to you geeta.i wish you get all the happiness, success and love from everywhere.live a happy life.
        Once again happy birthday.

    3. Happy birthday Geeta… We are both in April and 2 days apart ….high five!!! God’s blessings to you dear and may you enjoy a hundred more to come…nd you aren’t old!!! It’s now that you really start to enjoy life!!! Age is just s number…the heart is always young!!! And I’m older than you, so don’t feel a thing!!! 53 and counting and young at heart….

  2. Writers, if Praveen is so evil and mistreated Bela for the times they were together, why on earth did she marry him??? As for Pooja…i don’t think she has s normal functioning brain because from right under her nose, Bela is making a play for Naren,’s attention.. by playing a helpless widow…and I was thinking that she just wanted to kill Naren because of Praveen’s heart,!! Maybe she’s seeing a man of loving nature and is changing her mind on killing Naren…

    1. Naz, ‘Albela for Bela’ Naren will become blindfolded extrimist and will do mad like things without bothering others. Soon this story will be a love triangle where both Bela and Naren will fall in love. This is suggested by news segments and Articles.

    2. I think Bela or CVS of this should tell us what kind of person Praveen was.then only we can know who is right and wrong,by only seeing Bela anger towards Praveen we can’t say he is wrong too.we should learn about Praveen before judging either Bela or praveen.but here what Bela is doing with Naren and pooja is totally unacceptable.

  3. The cv’s itself forgets the story line. Now there is no common sense also left in this story. Naren was speaking Bhojpuri so fluently, do the heart also contain data that is automatically transferred to Naren. Praveen heart finds Bela but what about his parents, don’t his heart misses them. That Bela suddenly learnt to use smart phone so easily and read it’s content too, isn’t she a villager. Also Bela became electrician too. Naren after his heart transplant lifted heavy Bela, but after a simple operation also it’s hard for a person to lift themselves only, atleast they should have given some time for Naren to get recover. And that Pooja has left even Naren in doing foolishness, now Pooja is behaving so dumb and senseless. Pooja is behaving like Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya.

    1. I love this comment.. You are 100% correct… Writers have memory lapses at times.. Lolllllll…..nice one

  4. This serial has lost its charm now it has become boring serial. When you see that bela’s face and her spoiling dirty tricks the innocence of that serial gets disturbed and lost and that serial looks like serial of Balaji Production (which they simply drag and makes it monotonous and boring)

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