Piya Albela 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja gets hurt, Naren feels guilty

Piya Albela 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shooter telling Naren that he talked to his secretary around 10:30 am and she confirmed the attack. Pooja picks his call and is shocked to hear Naren’s plan. She asks Shooter to go ahead. Anuj feels bad for hurting Pooja. Harish asks Satish to take Pooja with him. Naren says I will not let go anywhere and says whoever want to go can leave. Naren comes to Pooja and asks her to talk to him. He says why your love is so immense and asks why did you do this. Pooja says she was testing her love, testing herself if she can bear more. She asks him why did he make fun of her love and spent a night with her and gave her happiness which he tried to snatch away. She says if you had told me then I would have gone. She says she will go far away from him and coughs. Naren is about to give her water, but Chandrika comes and throws the glass. Rahul gets Anuj kidnapped and tells him thief thief are brothers. Chandrika slaps naren and says it is good that you are not my son.

Rahul tells Anuj that he knows about his attack on Naren. Chandrika tells naren that she won’t let his reflection fall on her daughter, breaks ghungroo thread and asks him to leave. Mora Piya plays….

Chandrika tells Pooja that Naren has ashamed his birth. She tells Pooja that this wouldn’t have happened if she had not left house. Pooja says fights are common between husband and wife. Chandrika says you will stay in krishnapuri. Danish asks Naren why did he ask for wine.

Pooja says until she proves Naina’s crime, she won’t go. Chandrika says it is good to take the blame rather than seeing Naren doing this. Naren recalls the happenings, takes gun from Danish. Pooja tells Chandrika that she want to support Naren in elections. Rahul asks Anuj to kill Naren, and says if you refuse then will be killed, else you will be caught for attempt to murder him.

Chandrika says I will not agree to you. Pooja says why did you do this Naren. Naren comes to Pooja and tells that he is a guilty of his wife. He says he never realized when did he become guilty. Naren asks Pooja to shoot him and aims gun at his neck. Pooja pushes him and he falls down. She asks him to think about her and asks him to live life with her hatred then she will see.

Naren asks Pooja if she wants to go away from him. Pooja says my broken bangles, dreams need answer. Naren cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Now Naren will pay for what he did.pooja don’t back out from teaching that idiot a lesson. let him live with poojas hatred then I will see how can survive.

    1. He survive with poojas hatred.

  2. So she gets a chance to leaves but “she want to support Naren” despite this attempt on her life she still wants to support him? how pathetic. oh and shall we do a pregnancy countdown? i say the end of next week she’ll faint because we all know that’s “the first sign of having a baby”.<<<(sarcasm)

    1. So right you are Cathy.. She may be pregnant in no time…or we might see another leap.. I’ve never seen a woman who loves abuse more than Pooja….she keeps going away from Naren but comes back to the same damn thing…

    2. It’s all so silly. lol

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