Piya Albela 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Psychotic Bela kidnaps Vyas family and attempts to kill them

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The Episode starts with Harish asking Bela to let them go and says he will give her everything which she wants. Bela says I am getting what I wants, Naren is coming towards me. Turban cloth is removed from his way, but he covers it again. Bela asks her gang to let them go to their family. Neelima, Supriya and Hardik go to them and see woman gang there. Neelima asks why did you become over smart. Bela says you will get betrayal with betrayal and removes cloth from anuj’s face. Women goons bring Harsha and Rahul. Bela tells that she will show why woman picks weapon. She asks do you know who are these women (goons), and tells their miserable stories. She is taking advantage of the devastated women for her own selfish motives. She says they all got humiliation and insult because of marriage. She says your Naren has my Praveen’s heart, I will cut his chest and take it out. She says she will start new resolution and tells that she will kill Harsha. Harish says it was his idea to bring Anuj there and asks her to leave Harsha. Bela says she will kill bela and says you had objection to let me stay at home. Harsha apologizes. Bela asks her to see her family for last time. Harsha apologizes. Bela says justice is happening with my mayka and slits her neck. Everyone is shocked. Harsha gets unconscious or dies. Crazy Bela says it is just a start and says until Naren comes here, she will kill them one by one and asks women gang to take the dead body. Pooja breaks her rope and goes towards Bela.

Bela asks her women gang to take Pooja inside. Dada ji asks her why did she kill his daughter. Bela says I am not accountable to anyone’s lives. Pooja cries and thinks she can’t let any of her family members die. Harsha gains consciousness and coughs. Bela goes to her and says you was someone else daughter, and that’s why my hands got loose. Naren tries to open the doors. Pooja is also locked in the room. Naren asks Charan to open the door. Bela says she will kill Rahul next. Surbhi asks him not to kill her husband. Bela asks her to keep her baby safe from father like him. Naren tries to break the glass, but fails. Pooja manages to break the window. Naren thinks if family members are in problem because of Bela. He kicks the glass door and falls out.

Neelima asks Harish, what he will do now, and says you didn’t care for your sister’s life. She says she will call Naren here. Harish asks her not to call Naren. Neelima says I don’t want to take risk with my Rahul’s life. Supriya says we will not let anything happen to Rahul or Surbhi. Neelima says why you have so much attachment with him, and says if anything happens to naren then adopt someone else. Supriya slaps her. Pooja comes out of house from back side and sees Bela’s father calling her. He asks who is she? Pooja says she is bela’s friend. He touches her hand and asks her to bring first aid box. Harish assures Neelima that he will not let anything happen to Rahul and he loves him equal to Naren.

Bela’s father bandages her hand and asks her to talk to bela, and says she is staying here for long and said that she will go to her inlaws home when he comes to take her. Pooja thinks Bela didn’t tell her father about Praveen’s death. Naren scolds Charan and says I told you to open the door. Charan says I didn’t know anything. Naren asks him to call Papa. Charan calls Harish. Harish picks the call and tells Naren that he will talk to him after reaching home. Neelima snatches phone from his hand and tells that Bela has gone mad and kept everyone captive, and have killed Harsha. Naren is shocked. Neelima says she wants to see his loyalty. Harish tells that he will surrender himself so that she frees everyone. Neelima says psycho Bela wants naren and she will not leave us. Naren takes out fun and says you haven’t done right by kidnapping my family and says either you or me.

Naren comes to Bela’s house holding kerosene oil. Women gang try to beat him. Naren tells Harish that today he will not leave Bela.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Looks like this track is going to end very soon?. That will be so good ?, enough of this irritating psycho ?. Now want some interesting track with no love triangle or misunderstandings ?. But I am scared ?as every serial has taken long leap, is PA planning the same after few tracks. But wait PA want to create some different always ??then, will it turn back the time in the story, like the time when Pooja Naren were unaware of each other and will again start their love story in new way ?. No no no that can’t happen, I am thinking to much ??.

  2. Cathy

    Massacre the whole lot of them and end this farce of a show.

    1. Amen……

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