Piya Albela 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj plans to get Naren beaten up by Pooja

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The Episode starts with Harish telling that he will call Police. Angraj stops him saying Danish’s life will be in danger then. He asks Satish what Danish said. Satish says Danish was telling one thing. Just then Pooja comes and stops him. She asks him to tie black thread on her head and says someone black eye is on me. Angraj thinks Satish and Pooja are together. Supriya asks Pooja to come when she wants. Satish tells Pooja that there is something for sure and she is fighting alone. He offers his support. Pooja thanks him and asks what Danish said. Satish says he said Qabila. Angraj hears him and thinks she will go there and he will catch her red handed. He asks Pooja to come to hospital, but she tells that she has important work in her constituency. Angraj follows Pooja in his car and calls the tribal head. He talks about the attack in the Qabila and asks if he understood. He thinks he is behind her. Pooja sees many men lying on the road and ask her to do justice with them. Pooja asks them to tell everything.

The tribal head comes and tells Pooja that injustice has happened with his daughter and asks her to get justice for her. Pooja says I will help you. Tribal head asks her to come to his tent and says you are like my daughter. He signs Angraj. Angraj thinks what you will do. Pooja thinks how to search Naren? Tribal head wife tells Pooja that she is her daughter Kiran and tells that her son in law beats her etc. Kusum asks Satish where is Rachel? Satish says I have dropped her to her mayka. Kusum says she is carrying our Anuj’s baby and says she will call her Papa. She tells that her parents might get her married or abort the baby. Pooja assures justice for Kiran’s husband. Tribal head asks her to punish his daughter’s husband and bring Naren there. Mora Piya plays….

They bring Naren there while his face and body covered. Pooja asks Kiran if he is your husband. Kiran nods her head. Naren stands silently. Pooja sees black thread in his foot and thinks if he is her Naren. Pooja asks if he is Kiran’s husband and asks why did he hide his face. Tribal head gets tensed. His men push Naren down. Pooja feels his touch when his hand touches her feet. She moves back. They show her video in which she told about the punishment for a torturing husband. Angraj thinks if Pooja refuses to beat him with hunter then he will expose her. Naren looks at Pooja.

Tribal head shows Kiran’s injury. Pooja covers her with blanket. Tribal head wife asks her to punish the guilty. Angraj thinks how Pooja will be saved now.

Pooja takes the hunter and goes to Naren.

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