Piya Albela 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayank bringing Pooja home and says Naren must have come home. Supriya asks Pooja about her hand. Pooja says she is fine and asks about Naren. Harish says you shall know. Mayank says Naren was hurt seeing Pooja’s pain and left from hospital. Harish fears Naren might do something. Mayank calls Rahul.

Rahul brings drunk Naren to the brothel. Naren asks where are we? Rahul says we are far from the noise, and says welcome to rang gali. He asks Naren not to think and says you will get all answers inside. A dancer is shown dancing in the brothel. Naren and Rahul come there. Naren is drunk fully and recalls Pooja getting her hand burnt in the fire. Hardik tells Harish that they shall search Naren, and says Rahul is not picking the call.

Rahul comes home. Harish asks where is Naren? Rahul says Bhai was worried about Pooja’s wound. He got up and left. Harish asks where did he go? He asks do you know where is Naren? Rahul says Bhai is in Rang Gali. Harish is shocked. Rahul says he was fully drunk, I tried to stop him but….Neelima smiles. Harish turns to Supriya with a sad face. Naren is lost in thinking as the flashes of the fire in the farm appear in his eyes. He drinks again. Neelima gets a chance to speak and asks Harish, how he will punish Naren now. She says afterall Naren went to see dance only. Rahul says Bhai is concerned about his farm and Pooja was injured today, and today is Thursday too.

Pooja tells Neelima that Naren might have forgot the way being drunk and says wherever he is, he will not forget his limitations. Neelima says you trust your boss so well. Harish asks her to stop it and says he wants to talk to Pooja and Supriya alone. He scolds Pooja for diverting his mind. Pooja says she didn’t know that the shed will be burnt and shows trust on him. Supriya asks shall I go and bring him back. Harish tells that this is happening because of Pooja and asks her to go and bring Naren back. Supriya is shocked. Pooja comes to Rang gali and thinks about Harish’s words. She thinks about Kusum’s warning, Naren bringing Police to get Rahul arrested. She hides her face and goes inside. Malanga re plays…She goes inside the brothel and sees Naren there. She calls his name and runs towards him. Dancer stops dancing and looks at Pooja.

Harish asks Supriya what is the use of praying to God and says your God have spoiled our son, and says shall I send my son to rang gali on the name of Thursday, says I can’t see anymore. I can’t tell him anything because of the contract clause, but I hope you will fulfill your duty as a mother. Naren gets up and asks pooja about her hand. Pooja says she is fine now. Naren gets emotional and hugs her tightly. Pooja looks on surprised and clueless. She reciprocates his hug and holds him. Pooja tells him that they are fine and says this place is not suitable for you. Dancer looks on angrily.

Anuj comes to Rachel’s room and says shall I take my books. Rachel says it is kept here and asks him to take. Rachel says Pooja is lucky to have you as a brother and says who cares for cousin this time. Kusum comes and asks Ritu who is Rachel. Ritu says I can tell you. Kusum says I will come later and goes. Rachel thinks Anuj’s mum makes delicious food.

Pooja brings Naren home. Everyone is shocked to see him drunk.

“Apni Soch Ke Sab Hai Bandi
Nazariya Apna Hi Suhaye
Kabhi Nazariya Badalke Dekho
Shayad Insaan Hi Badal Jaaye”

(Everyone is caught by their own thinking
Likes own perception
Ever change the perception and see
May be humans be changed)

Malanga Re plays….

Pooja tells Rahul that her eyes will be on him now. She comes to Naren and asks him to come to make shed. He says he needs to mediate. Pooja says she got all the stuff for organic farm. Naren looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesome..

  2. Nyce episode

  3. awesome episode.
    bt how can harish blame puja for everything wrong?

  4. Super ……

  5. Amazing..

  6. Hii All malanga fans,
    Hope you accept me in this page.

    Today’s episode is quite good but not reached at that point of deaspiration for which viewers and waiting from Friday to Monday.. Naren emotional hug is cute moment for the day… Pooja is now comes in her attentive look for that villain rahul….
    Somehow I feel that dancer create some trouble between their relationship.

    1. Welcome to malanga fans page…..

  7. Abisha stannis

    Harish always blAming Pooja is not good… But lovely episode..

  8. Lovely.

  9. Roumya

    Hi durga zoya ooshi mama aanya geeta jyoti abisha Anne Shristi madhu and others… Sry I don’t remember more… Interesting… Does any one feel that there would a love triangle btw mayank pooja naren ?? I feel that coz of the recent episodes… First mayank does pooja’s jasusi and then he meets her first in hospital and if anyone saw 21st episode u could feel the way mayank called pooja in hospital and the way he looked at pooja’s hand… And today he was the one who brought pooja’s home and moreover when pooja fell down in the farm, he went to her first and she handed him bholu and later on when she fainted naren went… So based on these I feel there might be a love triangle…. Comment your opinion guys…

    1. Roumya

      *Brought pooja home

    2. Devga

      Hi yea I strongly feel so….

    3. If there is no love triangle between them means it vil b good…. Malanga Jodi the best jodi….

  10. Abisha stannis

    Omg new weekly promo is so disguisting..?

    1. I feel so sad for that promo….i think after this scence pooja realise her love for naren…..

      1. Abisha stannis

        Me too. S may be she realize her love…

  11. Abisha stannis

    I think there may be no love trangle.Mayank like Pooja because of Pooja’s pure heart.. so may Mayank he her aftr knwng her truth..nt sure…

  12. Abisha stannis

    I think there may be no love trangle.Mayank like Pooja because of Pooja’s pure heart.. so may b Mayank help her aftr knwng her truth..nt sure…

  13. Devga

    Oh my god …. So depressed Naren … Can’t see him Ike this…. Hope sab teek ho jayega ….. Pooja has many responsibilities her family’s respect… Harish’s promise …… But Naren is in front of all her responsibilities.,…

    From the beginning I have a doubt y Harish always counts days ?? V have only 3 months and already 15 days are over … Wat is it ??

    Rachel will fall for anuj I think so….

    Hi Sri mama and all MALANG family members …..



    1. To make naren the Managing director of his company …. Harish counting the days

      1. Devga


  14. It is surprising that Naren wanted alcohol to come out of emotional grief!!! A man of principles and daily meditation… this is not expected. He may run into some temple/church/mosque and pray for days but not run to alcohol followed by rang gali. Rahul is not be blamed here. When the little goat died, he went on theerth yaatra, ab kya hua? Bottle and brothel??? oh no no no

  15. Mayank is seriously getting drawn towards Puja and I like him and his parents.. all are very decent and cultured unlike, arrogant Harish Vyas and ever plotting Neelima and useless hardik and helpless supriya. Puja may be drawn towards Naren.. foolish girl!! Logically, she will be happy if she marries Mayank.. 😀 what say friends!!?

    1. Roumya

      well said…

  16. Good episode, atlast known that Naren has feelings for Pooja, looking forward to the good scenes.

  17. Nce epi especially the hug was suprb.

  18. Hi guys i am anu from tamil nadu..can i join u guys…will u accept me..Lastest promo is shocking……naren is going for that brothel for meeting that girl for marriage……i am so shocked seeing that promo…what u all guys think about upcoming promo.

    1. Devga

      So u might b knowing Tamil …. Hi I and roumya here knw Tamil …. Welcome to malanga Family….

  19. Hi Anu yes of course u can join us.So welcm to the malanga family.hope u will enjoy commenting here.

  20. Helo gys.amazing epi.bt feeling poor for supria nd harish ji.gys haris blames pooja bcz he know very well that she is only one who can change NV [email protected] i also wonder nd i think his sister-in-laws also want to know right [email protected] i also think that bt it wouldn’t [email protected],zoya where r u gys.m here jst for u nd u gys mising.

    1. Devga

      Yea ananya ,.. let’s wait and watch ….

  21. Nice epi hoping upcoming ones r more interesting. …

  22. Hi gys
    @shristi u r right i also think that y harish blames pooja for all this but when he will come to know that rahul is the one behind all this prblm then let’s see hw he will treat him.
    @Aanya I am here say wt happen.
    @Devga I think harish counts 3 months may be he have planned naren’s marriage somewhere, u remember new york gifts and clothes.
    @Roumya I don’t want that any love triangle happen but it is a serial anything can happen.

    1. Devga

      Hi zoya …. Yea it may be possible too…. But it’s a serial nothing is in our minds ….. Lol at the last minute one dear can also come alive ….. No twist can b expected….

  23. I didn’t watch new promo yet but after reading your comments… I am shocked.. 😮

  24. Abisha stannis

    Mujhe us promo se nafhrat hai. Shocking promo… naren ! Kya aap us brothel ladikee se shadee karneh ka itna Bura nirnay leneh ke liyeh pagal ho gae tum?Am sure he will never exeed his limits he s a decent man.may b his intension is to give life to that brothel girl. Useh bachaaneh ke liyeh Pooja also goin to brothel…pooja started to love naren ..Even though naren is innocent & kind man ,goin to rangali to meet that girl will spoil his image in front of his family & society. He never goin to marry brothel, their must be a twist but am strongly disliking the recent promo & the entry of brothel gal……

  25. hi to all my dear friends n di. Sorry di n others. nothing like that di . Actually i am busy in some work n for my entrance exam. Today my computer class also starts.
    Episode is supeb bt i can’t enjoy it in tv. I only read in tu page.
    No need to to ask to join us dear anne n anu. U both have become a part of our Malanga family right guys. N welcome to our family.
    Zoya ,really the two hugs r fantastic.
    U know guys i become sooooo much happy when i see POOREN (Pooja n naren) together n when i see the face of naren with so much simplisity n goodness n careness for others which r clearly shown in his expressions n from his deeds.
    For this i love him so much n also i love u all members of this family.

  26. U r right mama he is soooooo simple nd inosnt guy.nd ye rahul or unki maa isii chege ka to advantage lete hai.gys un sare gifts ko dekh k neelima ji ne to yeh kaha tha k harir n supria ji NV ki shadi ko leke tenst ho jate hai to posibly koi or baat bhi ho skti [email protected],zoya i’ve a prob.gys u know na m very poor in english.there r also southindian viewrs so agr mujhe koi que.krna hoga aap busy secdul ki bjha se cment nhi kr paye to.

    1. Naren Ko Apne company Ko managing director MD bananane ke liye only 2&half months r more…but u r ryt while talking about marage both Supriya aur Harish bahut paresaan he…

  27. @anu do u hve the link of that promo

  28. @anu @abisha do u people post the link of that promo

    1. No ….its telecasting only during adds…thank u for all u r welcomes guys…….i know only little bit hindi….

  29. Hello – I’m arch- I have started reading all of your beautiful comments and started watching this show- it is such a lovely show thus far- love the pooka and supriya and naren characters – great forum here!
    Can’t wait for next episode

  30. Aanya aap English mei achi nhi h really I don’t think so.but anyways yaha sab mei se kisi ko toh hindi aati hi hogi aur vaise v aap k liye hm hmesa free hai agr aapko koi v ques puchna hoga toh aap hmse puch skti hai.

  31. meri hindi achchhi hai.aap jo chahen wo puchh skti h.
    aaj k episode k promo ko dekhne k baad mai bs itna kahna chahungi k naren character k sath chhed-chhar na kre.wo jaise h waise hi rahe aur ek normal life bina badle jikr dikhae.
    i hope ki aisa hi ho!
    mujhe lgta h ki kahi aur sb serial k trh hi naren ko v rough & tough bna kr brbad na kr de.
    bt baat ye v h ki negative avi se q sochna.

  32. Ok thnku zoya.

  33. Thnku mama for your warm welcome and zoya is totally right aanya nobody is here who is perfect in every zone but I must say as we all are malanga family so we can help each other..and u can ask any questions everyone supports you here.. Right guy’s.. Apart of all
    Recently watch new promo in TV and it is quite interesting.. Hope well and I am sure there is some strong reason behind this and really as I told you guys yesterday that I think that dancer create something new between narja( naren and Pooja)…:)

    1. @anne Malanga family name suits so good

  34. u r right zoya i also don’t think that aanya di is poor in english. N di, u can ask questions to me. mein dinme time nikale do tin bar cmnt chek karke answer zarur dungi n har din cmnt v karungi. Aab Happy my sweetu peetu di.

  35. Thnku shristi,ek baat puchu aap udaan page pe aai thi its right or wrong dear.sory others m talking about anther serial from another chanel.

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