Piya Albela 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sorry for mistakes as I saw show after many days….

Pooja say to Rahul that i freed Naren by doing wrong in right way. Eat prasad and stop going behind Naren. Phupha ji say that don’t know what magic pooja did on Neelima and Hardik.
All do janamashtmi pooja and naren look annoyed. Pooja try to talk but in vain.

Naren eat food and neelima and hardik think about pooja. Pooja give fake files to them and say I shall sign it on Gauri Visarjan. Naren hears them and take Pooja aside.

Rahul beat driver and ask about his doing. Driver say he gave lift to pooja and guru ji came and than he don’t know what happened.

Naren scold Pooja about her doings. She says that it was neccessary. Naren say you did bad. I always followed my principals. Pooja say that if everything is done by principals than krishana was not required in mahabharat. Naren say i shall tell truth to neelima and hardik. Pooja say I swear to you about our love not to tell anything to anyone. Naren say if you are stubborn than listen to me to I shall even not drink water and goes.

Pooja cries and think what to do. Naren goes in Mandir and challange god that till time you not end bad things I shall sit here and if you did not act I shall believe that even God is same.
Pooja talk to mamaji and he say you have to act fast as you have only Gauri Visarj day time and say sorry. She say don’t be sorry, its all faith and luck. Naren and My stay was this long only.

Naren father health get bad and doctor come planted by Rahul. Surbhi take care try to become good bahu. Rahul ask phupha ji to give me live report and wait what can pooja bhabhi do.

Naren do pooja to end bad things. Pooja come and get worried. She say even I shall sit here till your pooja ends. She pray to God to show her way so that she can Teach Naren that if you are Ram then you are Krishana too. And hear some sound.

A lady falls down and pooja goes to help her and ask someone to bring water. Lady say no, i have kept Nirjala fast. I can’t drink. Naren say it too. But lady say I can have it only when my son feed me prasad and water. Naren give her prasad saying it was send by your son and feed her prasad and water. She bless and goes.

Mora piya albela plays…….

Pooja ask Naren that prasad was send by her son? He denies saying it was kept here. Pooja say so you lied? Naren say what.. i can’t let her die. Pooja say so you lied.
Pooja say its good as you lied was for good. It means you are selfish. Who can lie as per your wish and if other do same you say bad.

Neelima show video to Pooja and ask her to sign. Hardik, Neelima and Rahul ask her to sign otherwise your father in law and you shall die and where is naren?? Naren say here.

  1. Thx sharadha .. I can’t understand who is so. ?Where is he? Naren gave some sweets which was sentby her son but that cause is good and explanation given by pooja is alsogood ….tomorrow. bagavatgeeta


      Who is so?? I don’t know what you are saying or if asking than even i don’t know.

  2. Thanks Shradha sharma.nice update.

  3. good episode.

    good night dr frnds …..

  4. KaunHuMein

    Naren needs to stop being so naive. AND WTF! Pooja is leaving Naren!! That’s messed up. Why are the writers trying to separate Narja??

  5. Naren has to wise up in order to save his wife and family. Pooja will have to use her brain to expose those evil money hungry family members and shameless Surbhi too. Good will triumph over evil. Its sad that Pooja will have to go away from Naren in order to keep him safe

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