Piya Albela 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja accuses Anuj to be guilty

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Piya Albela 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren telling Harish that Mr. Goenka got the trust shifted on Kunal’s name. Kunal says I haven’t signed on any papers and don’t know about it. Naren slaps him. Rahul asks why did you lie? Pooja says why did you go to Meghna’s room with that anklet. Naren tells Meghna that Kunal knows that you loves him a lot and will not let anything happen to him. Kunal says if you all thought me guilty, then no matter what, I can’t give proofs of my innocence. Meghna asks Pooja to let Kunal give clarification. Naren says fine, for Meghna’s sake. Kunal tells that he came to give anklet to Meghna, but didn’t tell anyone as he thought they will think him guilty. Shivani says she will take him to Police station.

Pooja requests Inspector to give her 5 mins and asks Meghna to think about some proofs against criminal. She asks her to think of anything which she remembers. Meghna says I have scratched on his left side of back. Shivani says now every men of the house have to get shirtless. Harish says it is enough, you are crossing your limits now. Shivani says you got worried when asked to remove shirts. Naren says I will do the honors and removes his shirt. Shivani checks his back. Naren asks her not to tell that he did his cosmetic surgery and got the mark removed. Rahul asks her to check his back also. Shivani says both brothers are clean chit. She asks Danish to show his back. Pooja recalls seeing mark on Anuj’s back and stops Danish. She asks him to remove his tshirt. Satish asks what you are saying? Pooja says I have seen mark on Anuj’s back. She asks him to remove his tshirt. Anuj removes his tshirt. Nobody see mark on his back. Kusum scolds Pooja.

Pooja asks Anuj to remove his tshirt again. She wipes on his back with her pallu and the mark is clearly visible. Pooja slaps him and cries. She shouts and asks why did you do this. She asks Rachel why did she hide mark with make up? She tells Shivani that Anuj is Meghna’s criminal. Anuj says I am innocent and tells that he was with Naren. He tells Satish that he is innocent. Shivani says Naren was missing for an hour, then how can he tell about you. Kusum scolds Pooja for blaming Anuj. Harish says all proofs are signing towards Anuj. Satish says we didn’t tell when Naren and Rahul was accused.

Pooja asks Hardik to tell and asks if Anuj was with you on marriage day. Hardik says I was doing dance performance rehearsal. Pooja asks Danish if Anuj was with him. Danish says no. Kusum says they are trapping our son to save their sons. Rachel asks Shivani to test the nail marks. Pooja tells that they can check Anuj’s phone location. Shivani says good idea and tells that she wants all men’s location. Harish asks Satish to leave with his family. Dada ji asks what you are saying, he is our samdhi? Neelima asks how can you support them? Kusum says we don’t want to be here. Shivani says he will be in house arrest. Kusum tells Pooja that she was right that she is Paraayi/like a stranger to them. Harish stops Pooja. Naren says he will take Pooja to her mayka.

Shivani brings the report of the location. She tells that Hardik, Danish and Naren were in resort, but Anuj’s location was shown of Vyas Mansion. Everyone is shocked.

Shivani says Anuj’s phone was here in Vyas mansion fropm 4-5 pm. Anuj says I didn’t move from resort. Naren comes to Anuj and takes him out. Anuj tells Pooja that you know me well, and says I can’t do this and swears on his would be baby. Rachel tells that her pregnancy reports came last night. Shivani arrests and takes him.

Dada ji tells Supriya that he is worried for Naren. Neelima asks Supriya why did she go to court? Supriya says she wants to see justice happening to Meghna. Harish asks her to send Meghna back. Surbhi comes there and tells that Meghna is crying and blaming herself.

In the court room, Satish tells Kusum that he has convinced a lawyer with much difficulty. Anuj is brought there, and asks where is Pooja?Pooja is in the car and thinks Anuj can’t take wrong promise and thinks whoever is the culprit must have gone to nearby tailor.

Pooja is going to court with tailor when someone comes and hits on her head. She faints. Man kidnaps tailor and takes him. Naren reaches there. Pooja tells him about the attack. Naren says it means Anuj is innocent and criminal is someone else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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