Piya Albela 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj Escapes

Piya Albela 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pooja shows mirror to Angraj and tells that the artificial skin mask of Naren will soon be pulled off. She tells him that she is marrying Arjun tomorrow. Dada ji tells Angraj that he did wrong with Naren.

Surbhi asks Rahul if he is not happy. Rahul says Arjun is not suitable for pooja. Surbhi says we have to find clues against him. Rahul leaves. Dada ji asks Kiran about Naren. Kiran says he is better and will gain consciousness in a day or two. Pooja says Naren will return home.

Arjun comes to Hardik and tells that he has found bahu for him. He shows pooja’s pic and says now he will get Naren’s property also. Hardik says if anyone follow you. Arjun says nothing will happen and tells that Rahul doubts on him and followed him, but he fooled them.A fb is shown, Arjun breaks glass pieces on the way to punctured their car tyre. Fb ends. Arjun says next time, I will make his brakes failed. Hardik asks him to do whatever he wants after marriage, till then enjoy.

Neelima tells that she is happy with Pooja’s return, but she can’t accept Arjun and Pooja’s relation. She says Arjun is my husband illegitimate son. Dada ji and Harish try to stop her. Rahul tells they will never accept this marriage. Supriya asks them to agree and come to the marriage. Arjun and Rahul hug each other and think against each other.

Kusum comes to the secret room and sees Angraj, says you are alive Naren babu. Arjun thinks once he marries Pooja, all Vyas Mansion will be his. He pushes Naren’s photo frame. Rahul and Surbhi hold it. He challenges to expose him in 24 hours. Pooja comes and stops Kusum from opening the rope and says he is not Naren, but Angraj. Angraj smiles. Kusum faints. Pooja holds her.
Supriya talks to Naren’s pic and tells that she is handing his Pooja to Arjun and is sure that he will take care of her.

Kusum asks do you all know? She asks where is Naren? Naren gains consciousness and says he is here. Pooja, Dada ji and others run to him. Pooja asks him to rest. Naren comes to Angraj and says you didn’t think before doing this.

Supriya senses Naren’s presence and asks him to tell if he is happy with Pooja’s marriage. Arjun gets worried. Rahul thinks Naren’s pic will help them to stop Pooja and Arjun’s marriage.

Kusum asks them to tell what happened? Naren says when he was going to tribe, Tantrik looking as a saint made him unconscious. Then he took him to Vyas Mansion and then with him in the box. Pooja says when they heard news of Angraj burning himself as Naren, Mama rushed home and sees Angraj fleeing. He called Danish, and reaches tribe and saw Angraj trying to kill Naren. Pooja says God sent Dada ji there. Dada ji says no evil powers can stand infront of God’s powers and read some mantras. Tantrik faints. Angraj is shocked. Satish hits Angraj and he faints. Fb ends. Pooja says they brought Angraj and Naren here, and since then I have been acting of memory loss, so that we can get some time to expose Angraj. Danish comes and says Angraj fled.

Arjun says if Rahul and Surbhi do something to stop his marriage. Hardik says your marriage will happen surely. Angraj comes to Tantrik’s place and tells him that his face is ruining and asks him to do something. Satish says Angraj is escaped again. Pooja says Angraj knows about my marriage and will come there surely. She tells Dada ji that tomorrow is celebration for them and says she is not worried as Naren is with her.

Precap: Kusum tells Naren that they shall leave as Angraj might be coming there. Someone sprays in the house and Naren and Kusum faint. Angraj reaches to Vyas Mansion and tells that how can Pooja marry when her husband is alive. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Angraj is up to tricks again, Arjun is in revenge mode, its up to Naren to save the day and expose Angraj and his cohorts.
    Kusum is a foolish woman and was fooled by Angraj now she and Naren are in danger.

    Pooja has to be very gutsy to go through witb the wedding with Arjun and now Angraj has turned up to play Naren.
    Pooja is the only one who can identify the fake Naren. Now the real drama begins

  2. ya u r right susan

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