Piya Albela 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja announces herself as Chandrika’s daughter

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The Episode starts with Neelima talking to Rahul on phone and telling about dancer’s bone marrow matching with Naren’s bone marrow. Rahul thinks of Dada ji’s words and thinks he is illegitimate. Naren and Pooja bring the idol in the temple. Pandit ji says they will start the sthapana. Rahul comes there and stops the idol placement and asks Harish why he didn’t call him. Harish says it is about family matter. Rahul says I will not let you do and says I shall get the major importance.
Harish says everyone is getting their share of importance. Rahul says I am going to give heir to family. Harsha says elder son becomes the heir always and says Hardik gave all the responsibility to Harish. Neelima says Rahul is different from Hardik. Supriya says mahurat is ending. Rahul says let’s decide who will do Dada ji’s idol sthapana Naren or Rahul Vyas. Harish asks him to stop it. Rahul says I might expose the truth and says Swami maharak kicked Naren and didn’t let him touch him. Supriya asks what is he saying? Rahul says no family member’s bone marrow matched with Naren’s and says may be Bhai is….Pooja slaps him.

Naina is there in the temple covering her head with the ghunghat. Naren asks Rahul to complete his words. Rahul says not today, I don’t want more slaps. Naren asks him to come to the point. Rahul says you know me well and says you are all witness that Naren forced me and that’s why I am going to say. He says Naren Vyas. …..Pooja throws candle stand on his feet and tells Harish that they shall do the sthapana. Harish says driver will take Rahul to doctor and asks Naren and Pooja to do the sthapana. Rahul tells Pooja that truth will be out. Pooja asks God to give her strength to hide the truth. Naina thinks what Pooja is hiding. Naren gets Inspector’s call and leaves. He thinks about Chandrika keeping her hand on his head and recalls Pooja’s lie.

Naren comes to the brothel and calls Chandrika ji, but the woman is someone else. Pooja manages to take Chandrika out. Naren sees his pic in the brothel and gets surprised. Pooja tells Chandrika that she won’t let the truth come out. Naren thinks he will enquire what his pic is doing here.

Harish tells Hardik that he can’t digest the fact that the dancer lady’s blood is running in my son’s blood and says he will find about her. Pooja gets tensed and thinks before they reach her, I have to send her away from Krishna puri.

Pooja is shocked to see Naren making Chandrika’s sketch and telling Inspector that if someone had told the truth then they don’t have to work hard to search her. Pooja gets tensed and thinks how to keep this as a secret. She comes to Naina and says she came to deal with her. Chandrika prays in the temple and says she is leaving the city.

Naren manages to meet Chandrika and asks why did you give me your bone marrow and have my pic in your mehfil. He asks what is our relation? Pooja comes there and says she has a relation with you, which a saas have with her Jamai. Naren asks what and asks what she wants to say? Pooja says she is my Maa. Chandrika is shocked.

Pooja tells Naren that she is illegitimate and not Naina. Chandrika says I won’t let you ruin your home. Harish says a big betrayal and says Gupta have to answer us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am done with this, it was the last episode I bothered to watch, all the characters are dumb, blind, insensitive and irrational. This show had so much charms with the initial well written characters , unusual, amazing and heart touching story line. These Writers destroyed everything.

    1. I totally agree, am so done watching this 🙁

  2. I am sad with how this show has turned out.

  3. OMG…. really pathetic what this show has turned into. It wasa great show but just crazy direction now

  4. Nigerian girl

    I smell another kumkum bhagya

  5. Drama to the hilt:- Pooja is trying to keep the truth about Naren’s parentage to save the family. Rahul on the other hand is bent on getting the Vyas riches by the hook and crook. Naina wants Pooja’s husband and will suck up to foolish Supriya. Naina is just as shameless as Neelima, Rahul and Surbhi and will stop at nothing to destroy Pooja’s happiness. Pooja is sworn to secrecy to save Harish, Supriya and Naren’s lives. I hate it when Pooja takes the family’s problems on herself. She deserves a better life and happiness.

  6. Sumaiya khanz

    I love this show lottttt no matter wat I m gonna support dis serial and love u naren n Pooja u guys a fab ..??? lov u both

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