Piya Albela 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren inches closer to his birth truth

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The Episode starts with Naina asking Pooja about the donor. Pooja says what is important that the bone marrow shall match with Naren. Doctor tells Harish that they got the donor and made arrangements for operation. Harish thanks him and asks about the donor. Doctor says donor refused to revealed the identity. Supriya says whoever she is, she is an angel for us. Harish says yes. Supriya gives angry look at pooja and goes.

Rahul comes to Ashram and asks a man about treasure. Man says there is no treasure here. Rahul thinks where is the treasure. He sees the poster about family and says he found the treasure.

Doctor tells that the operation is successful and says wine is dangerous for him. Supriya says she will not let her son in wrong hands. Harish asks can we meet donor. Doctor says you can’t meet because of hospital policies. Pooja thinks Maa shall keep her hand on his head.

Rahul digs the land and search for treasure. He gets a box buried inside and also gets the paper.

Pooja comes to Chandrika and says don’t know if you will meet him again or not, and asks if he don’t deserve your love even for a moment. Chandrika keeps her hand on Naren’s head and gets teary eyes. As Naren gets consciousness, Pooja takes Chandrika out. Naren sees her glimpse. Chandrika says I will go. Pooja says I will take you. Harish sees Pooja taking Chandrika and says if this ghungroo woman is the donor and hopes not. Harsha asks him to come and talk to Doctor. Pooja leaves Chandrika at her place and thanks her. Chandrika asks her to keep her words. Pooja asks where is Naren’s father. Chandrika gets angry and asks her to sit in car and leave immediately. She says she don’t want to talk to her. Harish gets upset when Naina informs her that ghungroo wali woman’s bone marrow has matched with that of Naren. Harsha says she might be a dancer like Pooja. Neelima says else she might be a pr*stitute.

Rahul gives injection to Dada ji and asks who is illegitimate. Dada ji in sleepy state tells that the secret shall not come out, and the illegitimate guy is within the family. Rahul asks what is his name? Pooja comes back to hospital. Supriya taunts her and asks her to take care of Naren. Pooja comes to Naren’s ward. Naren sees her and asks Naina to send her in. Pooja happily comes inside. Naren asks who was the donor. Pooja says she didn’t know as hospital kept the identity hidden. Naren sees the CCTV footage and sees her with Chandrika. He asks if she is hiding one more secret. Pooja says no. Naren says we are life partners, but you always lie to me. He asks Pooja to leave.

Naren comes back home from hospital. Supriya says she will take care of him. Naren says I am fine. He asks if my courier came. Naina says no. Neelima asks Pooja to take him to room. Naren brushes off his hand and is about to go. Harish comes there and tells that Dada ji’s idol is ready for the placement/sthapana. Neelima says Rahul can do this as Naren is still weak. Harish says my son, my blood only will do the sthapana. Naren calls Inspector and asks him to find about the lady in the CCTV by hook or crook. Pooja hears him.

She gets the courier which came for Naren and takes it from Servant. Naren tells Inspector that the shawl which lady is wearing is sold in krishnapuri. Pooja hides the courier. Naren says you have learnt even theft, progressing so soon. He comes closer and gets the courier from her hand. Pooja asks where are you going. Naren says I am going to search that lady and asks if there is any problem. Pooja thinks I have to do something. Harish tells about the mahurat of murti sthapana. Naren says he is busy tomorrow. Pooja asks him to do it tomorrow itself. Harish says ok and asks Mayank to do all the arrangements of doing tilak of the heir. Naren asks why Pooja is stopping me.

Rahul announces in the temple infront of all that Naren is an illegitimate child. Naren comes to meet Chandrika. Chandrika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. See what I am talking about all pooja is doing is setting more and more obstacles between her and naren my gosh will this dotish girl ever come to her senses and learn that two wrongs don make a right and stop hiding the truth about things all the time from naren whom she claimes to love and be a life partner; what the hell is wrong with pooja; it is lie after lie after lie she has become a Compulsive Pathological lier now and that sort of behaviour is not acceptable; naren always is to treat pooja with love only until she started messing up things with the horoscope after marriage ok i blame supriya for that because it was she who made pooja leave naren and disappear out of his life for a year and then all hell broke loose after that; you want to tell me this couple married sooooooooo long and have not one day show love to each other or consumated their marriage what the hell is wrong with these indian serials all these writers portraying is evil acts, adultery, murders, lying, property stealing, hatred and more hatred for one another but not one time LOVE TRUE LOVE is being displayed tell me what is the purpose of these ZTV Serials my gosh is it to encourage people to do wrong all the time and to believe and carry out despicable acts of violence and hatred in everyone of these serials; no way man this is not right please writers change your way of thinking and start giving us some worthy watching serials another thing noticed is that anytime some thing bad happens the person is never caught or revealed so that they could be punished the writers just cover it up all the time and so the evil deeds continue without being ever exposed so what is the use of these serials tell me when nothing is ever solved and then when the writers are lost for storylines they just writer any crap/shit that enters their warped minds; I say to ZTV end all these damn serials ESPECIALLY KUM KUM BHAGYA we the viewers have had enough of this crap now how many times people will die in these serials and come back alive man it is one unbelievable shit after the next

    1. Sapphire! i agree with you 100%, and i blame the producers and writers of these shows, the actors only do what they are handed and i don’t know how much input they have with the development of their characters, but i see this problem with and lets use KumKUm as an example….Pragay and Abi have phenomenal chemistry, it’s obvious that they genuinely like each other, the problem is that they keep the same two villians being Aliya and Tanu..this is not good for the show, to keep the stories going and to let the viewers have satisfaction is to get rid of the bad guys and bring in new stories and bad guys…keeping the same old people doing the same old thing time and time again is just stupid..are there no story tellers out there? there are thousands of source matierals all over the world, take it and make it your own, by that i mean put your own cultural twist to it…i have seen some wonderful Indian shows that were taken from the American market for instance the show 24 with Kiefer Sutherland..i watched Indias version and it was really really good…so take some plot lines from other shows from around the world and make it relevant to your audience…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and an endless fountain of ideas.

  2. I am tired of the secrets and lies from Pooja which she has brainwashed herself to believe that it’s an act of selfless love… Everyone in this serial with the exception of Harish, is brainless. I hate Naina…what’s it with some females in these serials?? Always lusting after their brothers in law…as if men are scarce.

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