Piya Albela 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja decides to face evil for Naren

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The Episode starts with Rahul asking Pooja to sign on the papers and gets Naren freed. Pooja asks if he don’t have shame to do this with his own brother. Rahul acts and asks her to get ready to see drama. He calls Manoj and asks him to take TV to Naren’s room. Harish says he don’t want TV and asks him to take it. Rahul asks him to watch news and switches on TV. Harish is shocked to see the news about Naren’s arrest on carrying drugs. Reporter says if Harish Vyas is also with him. Harish is about to faint. Surbhi comes and holds him before Pooja could hold him. She tries to switch off TV, but Rahul doesn’t let her. They see Pooja there on the TV. Neelima blames Pooja. Harsha says some people doesn’t know that Naren is not meant for office. Rahul says Naren will be in jail for years. Harish suffers heart attack listening to this. Neelima, Rahul and Rakesh smiles. Supriya doesn’t let Pooja touch harish. They rush him to hospital. Pooja tells Rahul that he did wrong. Rahul asks her to sign on the papers and think that this is independence of your husband. She gets Satish’s call and he informs her that Joshi agreed to fight their case. Rahul gets tensed. Pooja goes to meet him. Joshi assures Pooja that he will get Naren freed. Pooja and Satish thank him. Joshi says Naren will be freed from jail tomorrow.

Pooja comes to Supriya and tells that Dehradun’s best lawyer will fight Naren’s case and Naren will be with Harish tomorrow. She asks her to tell something and don’t be angry. Supriya says my innocent son got trapped to praise you. Surbhi comes and asks Pooja why you are stressing her and asks her to stop troubling her and leave. Pooja cries. Surbhi smirks. Pooja thinks about Naren’s words and determines to get Naren freed from the accusations.

Next morning, Anuj thinks she is missing Rachel a lot. Devi comes there and says I will tell you. She promotes her show and asks him to have trust on his love. He thanks her.

In the court, Satish calls Joshi, but his number is out of reach. Judge comes. Satish goes out and tries his number. Naren is brought to court. Satish comes back to Pooja. Pooja tells judge that Naren’s lawyer haven’t reached and requests for 10 mins. Prosecution lawyer tells that it is drugs case and the defence lawyer haven’t reached till now. Jugde permits her 10 mins time to wait for the lawyer. Rahul and others smile. Satish calls Joshi again. Guruji looks on. Pooja sees Rahul signing prosecution lawyer. Neelima goes and sits beside Pooja. She tells her that the men standing there went to give statement against Naren and asks her to think what will happen now. The hired men of Rahul give statement against Naren. Naren says they all are lying and tries to tell judge that he is innocent. He is taken away by the Police. It turns out to be Pooja’s dream. Rahul asks what is she thinking and asks her to leave 100 crores and do puja of her husband. Satish comes and says our lawyer is stuck somewhere and can’t come today. Judge says you can’t ruin court’s time and says next hearing will be after 2 days. Pooja tells Judge that Naren’s dad is in hospital and asks if bail can be approved. Judge refuses citing it is a drugs case. Naren is taken by Police. Pooja tells Satish that she had promised Supriya that she will bring Naren. Satish says why Joshi haven’t come.

Pooja sees Rahul giving money to Joshi. Joshi thanks him and goes. Rahul tells her that money talks a lot. We have bought your joshi uncle. If you have signed on the papers then Naren wouldn’t have felt humiliation and don’t know until when he will be in jail, 5 years, 10 years, all life….

Pooja tells Guru ji that to get Naren freed from jail and to bring lost respect of his parents, she has to defeat those people with their way and asks Guru ji if he will become her saarthi and guide her for this kurushetra. Later she comes to Police station and feeds food to Naren.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Am tired with all this drama of 200 crore malik ….why can’t poooja madam use them to benefit ha family in a Good way other than causing hate among harish n others it’s seems more than crore so she could use it or tell supriya about the money and the evil plans of the gang …..next episode seems scarery to trust guruji

  2. I guess that the writers don’t know where they are heading with this series and is wasting people time this is the most stupidest show I have ever seen

  3. Nice episode.

  4. I cannot trust this cruel guruji. Why don’t Pooja tell about to her inlaws. This serial too is getting like Kumkum Bhagya.

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