Piya Albela 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren gets arrested, Supriya throws Pooja out of house

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The Episode starts with Naren apologizing to Supriya and says I couldn’t save my brother. Supriya says Naren has promised me to keep my heart safe and says Naren can’t break my promise. She cries and asks Naren to stop joking and call Angraj. Naren says Angraj will never comeback now. Supriya calls Angraj and asks him to come. She asks Naren to call him. Naren says my brother is dead. In the hospital, Pooja gives Anuj’s clothes and belongings in Kusum’s hand. Kusum checks his wallet and sees Satish and her remarriage pic inside. Naren tells Supriya that Angraj can’t come back and says I couldn’t save your heart, sorry. Supriya cries and is shattered. Naren hugs and pacifies her. Supriya cries. Kusum asks Pooja to stop shedding fake tears and says your tears can’t bring back my son. She accuses

her for getting her brother killed by her husband. Pooja says Mami…and cries. Kusum says he died while saving you.

Supriya asks how you couldn’t save your brother and pushes him. Harish asks her to handle themselves. Supriya says I got my son back 4 days back and I lost him again. Satish tells Kusum that Anuj’s time was over. Pooja says I couldn’t forgive myself. Kusum says I won’t let your reflection fall on his dead body and asks her to go. She pushes her. Shivani helps her get up. Naren tells that it is difficult to get Angraj’s body. Supriya says he came to meet me and asked to get his last rites done. Harish says we will get his last rites done. Supriya says I know where is his dead body and says Pooja’s mayka people have hidden his dead body. She asks Naren to bring Angraj from there. Shivani comes and says Mr. Naren Vyas, you are under arrest. Harish asks why you want to arrest my son? Shivani says because he has killed Anuj Gupta. Rahul says what nonsense? He is bhai’s Saala. Shivani says this statement is given by only eye witness and Anuj’s sister and your bahu Mrs. Pooja Naren Vyas. A fb is shown, Shivani asks Pooja to give her statement and asks her to give the statement. She asks who shot your brother. Pooja says Naren has shot Anuj. Harish asks Naren to speak up and say that it is a lie.

Dada ji asks him to say. Naren says Pooja is saying truth. He says I am her brother’s murderer and surrenders himself. Supriya asks Shivani where are you taking him and says I have lost one son and can’t lose other. Shivani says I can’t do anything. Naren says I shot him as he shot my brother. Supriya says Angraj was right that Pooja’s mayka is behind him. She asks him to check angraj in Pooja’s house. Harish asks Supriya not to worry and says I will bring Angraj’s dead body and will not let anything happen to Naren. Shivani takes Naren with her. Pooja comes home shocked and cries. She looks at the blood on her hands. Supriya comes to her and slaps her. She says you got one son killed and other jailed, and pushes her out of house. Shivani puts Naren in the lock up and asks why did you shot Anuj. She says you shot your Saala, Pooja will punish you before Police. Naren says I don’t want to kill him.

Pooja sits down on the road shattered and crying. Supriya asks Harish to save Naren and says only he can bring Angraj’s body back. Harish says we couldn’t get his bail before morning. Naren worries for Pooja and asks what did I do in anger. Pooja comes to the Police station and cries. Constable says you have just 2 mins. Pooja gets inside the cell and hugs him. She cries. Naren says Anuj shot Angraj and I shot Anuj in anger. He asks her to tell something. Main jogiya plays…constable says Shivani called you. Pooja goes. Naren cries.

Present time:
Pooja lifts the cloth from Anuj’s photo frame. Naren bangs his head in the cell.

In the morning, Rahul and Harish come to the Police station and bails out Naren. Naren hugs Rahul. Shivani says you can take Neta ji home. Harish thanks her and asks Naren to come home. At home, Naren asks Supriya to have food. Supriya says she will not eat until he brings angraj’s body. Naren says rescue team is searching his body. Supriya asks him to get Angraj’s body from Pooja’s house.

Shivani stops Anuj’s last rites and tells that Naren has filed complaint against Gupta family that they have hidden Anuj’s dead body inside house. Naren comes there and tells that Anuj’s last rites can’t be done until Angraj’s dead body is found. He pushes Pooja and goes inside the house to check for Angraj. Pooja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sorry but this serial is real shit, I have never seen so much bull shit in my life, the two most stupid people are Naren and Supriya. God they know this Angraj for a New York minute and believed in him like he is the second coming of Christ and that stupid Naren pushing Pooja on Angraj serve him first etc.

  2. Narens character is always same. Nothing has changed. People can very easily wash his brain. Earlier Angraj was doing it now supriya is doing. Supriya had done it earlier too in chandrika track. He never uses his brain, never respect her love. Hopeless dumb character. Easy to manipulate. Believe in 2 days brother over his wife. He himself proved he is not vyas blood. Vyas boys are smart be it Rahul or Angraj. Naren had to change himself in such a long journey but not. He is same torture his own love then later on apologize. Stupid

  3. Supriyas character is worst she uses naren as she wants. She decides whether to maintain good relationship with pooja or not. Naren always becomes her puppet. Never respect daughter in law. She decides whether she can live here or not as if it not poojas home.

  4. Sorry to say this serial is a shit ,I think they should stop this one

  5. omg i cant believe where this serial is going….
    I watched the initial episodes they were really good….
    I stopped watching when poojas kundali came up and she left to US as I found it worthless….
    Now when I tried to catchup I feel I made a great decision….
    Now it seems to have crossed all limits of shit….

  6. Time to end this serial. Pooja and Supriya can commit suicide, Naren can rot in jail, Angraj can be eaten by fish or whatever.. Story is going from bad to worse!

  7. Mona146

    pooja should never go back to naren for killing her brother. How can someone kill others and tell others to follow law. Is he the so called leader and saint shown in beginning as no saint can lose his character so much. but i doubt tv serials will ever maintain dignity of anyone.

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