Piya Albela 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantrik tries to escape with Naren captive in a big trunk

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The Episode starts with Pooja worrying about Supriya and thinks don’t know what Angraj made Papa do to Maa. She calls her and comes to kitchen hearing the phone ring tone. She tries to make her gain consciousness. Arjun comes to mental asylum to meet Hardik. Hardik hugs him. Arjun says he has killed Neelima, but Pooja rescued Rahul and Surbhi. Hardik asks him to kill Pooja first. Dada ji cries and blames himself for Angraj’s anger. He then thinks about Harsha and goes out. He finds her on ground. Rahul gains consciousness and sees Surbhi unconsciousness. He tries to make her come to senses and asks if she is alright. He takes her outside the room. Dada ji cries and says don’t know what happened to my daughter. Rahul and Surbhi are shocked. Pooja asks Supriya to gain consciousness and asks her to get up. She calls and asks for ambulance. Satish tells Danish that don’t know where is Naren? Danish gets a call that Naren’s lookalike is in Dehradun. Satish tells Danish that he will go there.

Surbhi bandages Harsha’s head. They ask who attacked her. They run to Dada ji room and see Harish unconscious. Surbhi gets worried about Neelima. Rahul goes to her room. Danish gets a call and the informer tell Naren went to jungle. Danish stops the car and thinks if Angraj have done some black magic on Naren. Rahul comes to Neelima’s room and sees her unconscious. He checks her pulse and says nothing will happen to you. Pooja tells Supriya that she will be fine. Rahul brings Neelima outside. Pooja tells that ambulance is on the way. Rahul says who is doing this. Tantrik tells that Angraj’s soul will be back once his aim will be fulfilled. Angraj’s soul comes to his body and tells that he couldn’t do anything. He tells that Pooja and Dada ji know about him. Tantrik does something and Dada ji and Pooja forget knowing about Angraj attacking them.

Pooja asks what happened to Neelima and Supriya. Rahul says you said that you have called an ambulance. Danish finds Naren’s purse, wallet, mobile and comb in the jungle. Doctor checks them and tells that they are fine. Surbhi and Pooja hug each other. Surbhi realizes and breaks the hug. Rahul goes from there and tells Surbhi that it was Angraj who wanted to kill them. He says we are fools to help Angraj. Pooja thinks it is good that they are parting off from him. Danish calls Pooja from Naren’s mobile and tells about finding his stuff in the jungle near to the accident site.

Pooja sees a baba and asks about him. He tells that Supriya used to give him charity since 30 years and tells that he was away since some years. Pooja looks on. He turns to go and thinks you don’t know that I am the same tantrik who made Angraj’s body enter Harish’s body. He thinks Naren was kept captive here and that accident was just to misguide them. Pooja sees Naren’s kurta and stops them. He thinks if she thinks then Angraj will not leave him.

Pooja prays to get Naren.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. again there goes another good serial which has escalated into a whole lot of Shit/Crap all because of the simple reason just like all the others where the writers fail to bring them to a happy ending; writers see what you keep doing not giving the viewers what they want and so there are hardly any comments.

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