Piya Albela 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj’s most dangerous attack on Vyas family

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The Episode starts with Pooja telling Danish to take care of Dr. Kiran. He assures her. Neelima and Surbhi think Angraj have stolen the things in the vault. Rahul comes there and says don’t know where did he go? he says now see how I will fool you. Pooja calls Naren and thinks where is he? She calls Danish and asks if he reached. Danish says he reached and met Mama, but Naren is not here. Satish takes the call and tells that they will search Naren. Kiran thinks if something happens to Naren then she will not forgive herself.

Hardik tells Arjun that he wants to see Neelima, Surbhi and Rahul death. He asks him to fulfill his last wish and tells that they have treated him badly. Arjun promises to kill them.

Pooja searches for Naren and prays to God for his safety. Main tenu samjhawa ji plays….Rahul searches Angraj and thinks where did he go? He thinks if Naren’s ghost made him vanished and then thinks he was a humble man and haven’t killed even an ant when he was alive. He thinks Naren can’t do something. He calls someone and asks to search Naren. Angraj is at Tantrik’s den. He makes fun of tantrik and asks him to make him fly. Tantrik gets angry.

Pooja sees Satish and Danish standing near Naren’s car which is burning. They tell that villagers found his car there, but he is not here. Pooja worries for him. Danish says nothing will happen to him. Tantrik tells Angraj that his soul will leave his body and enter Harish’s body and will kill everyone. He does something.

Hardik paste Arjun’s pic on his family pic and thinks nobody can think that his other son can be more bad than Rahul.

Arjun speeds up his bike towards Rahul. He makes the bike fall. Rahul helps him get up. Arjun removes the helmet and smiles. Pooja calls someone and asks to search Naren, and says she wants him in 2 hours.

Arjun says I was ringing the horn. Rahul says I was lost. He asks him to come to his house for treating his injury. Tantrik tells that time has come for son’s soul to enter father’s soul. Harish and Supriya are having food. He teases her for making him eat oily food. Suddenly he gets an attack and falls down. Supriya runs out to call help. Tantrik says now destruction will happen. Harish opens his eyes as Angraj’s soul enters him. Satish asks Pooja to go home and be there, says Naren might come there. Pooja worries for the unseen danger.

Rahul brings Arjun home and tells Surbhi that Arjun hurt himself while trying to save him. Surbhi bandages his hand. Neelima comes there. Arjun greets her, but she ignores him and leaves. Surbhi says don’t mind, mom is always busy. Arjun goes. Surbhi asks Rahul to find Angraj. Arjun thinks when I made my blood flow for Rahul, I will make everyone’s blood flow. He peeps inside Neelima’s body. Angraj in Harish’s body tells I have come in your body Papa. He tells that Dada ji left him after birth, so first he will kill him.

Tantrik thinks angraj’s soul has created havoc in the Vyas Mansion. Harish tries to kill Supriya. Pooja runs home thinking she is needed at home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    Really!!!!!! Dis is d only rubbish dat these wtiters could think about to portray for right thinking intelligent viewers. No sah now dey treated d viewers as fools who will swallow watever crap dey put infront of us to watch. Best dey start terming these serials as science fiction or in our term sci-fi cause these shows are out d realms of reality. I no longer get upset wen watching these sci-fi movies but at times even I does be astonished at d sheer audacity dat these writers have to actually show crap like dis . I mean how low can dey go..for as now d bar isnt set too high its ay d bottom where even d best limbo dancer cant even past.

  2. Charmin Anderson

    are you Jamaican?

  3. Gosh please someone kill all of us than showing such stupidity in todays day and age…Stupid writers thinking we are fools and such things on TV even increases the superstitious beliefs.

  4. What madness is this. Why do they have to continue separating Naren and Pooja? I am getting sick and fed up of this nonsense and sickening scenario. How many more Vyas abandoned and outside children will they keep inventing. How many husbands will they find for Pooja. I don’t want Pooja and Naren to be separated

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