Piya Albela 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj swaps his life with Naren

Piya Albela 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul thinking why did Surbhi haven’t switched off the lights yet. He plays the drum. Angraj scolds the Doctor and tells that because of her stupidity, he can’t take Naren’s place. He says if Rahul kills Naren now then everything will be over. He calls Rahul, but his phone is away. Surbhi takes off the fuse and thinks few time left. Electricity goes. Naren and Pooja looks at each other. Rahul thinks it is last time as you will romance with Angraj. Rahul asks Naren to come and check fuse with him. Surbhi diverts Pooja so that Rahul takes Naren with him. Supriya asks Naren to be careful. Naren gets happy.

Pooja sees Naren going and stops him. She asks him to wear the garland which she brought for him. Naren asks her to make him wear it. Pooja makes him wear garland

with tracker in it. Her bracelet gets stuck to his. He says I am sorry, I don’t want to wait. Zalima song plays….They come to the fuse box. Naren sees fuse down and says someone took it out intentionally. Rahul closes the torch. Naren asks why did you switch it off? Rahul says so that you couldn’t put on the fuse and Vyas vamily heir dies. He hits rod on his head. Naren falls down. Pooja senses something wrong and is running towards there, but Surbhi and Neelima stop her and take her away. Angraj is with Dr. Kiran and waits for Rahul to bring Naren.

Rahul brings unconscious Naren there. He asks Angraj to kill Naren and says two bullets are enough as he is unconscious. Angraj says this doctor has foiled our plan. He says we can’t kill Naren as of now and asks Rahul to take Naren to Dr. Kiran’s tribe. He tells Naren that he will snatch his everything just as he snatched his everything in his childhood. He says I will snatch your relations and everything and also your face. His face is shown, he got his plastic surgery done and got Naren face after the surgery.

Angraj laughs and says good bye Naren. He says from today I am Naren and Angraj and darkness and light too. Rahul says I will drop Naren and this girl to that tribe. Danish tells Pooja that Naren is not here. Pooja says she can’t take risk with Angraj. She tells him that Angraj is alive and he never died. Rahul packs Naren in the bag and is taking out. Pooja sees location changed and runs out. She doesn’t see Rahul dragging the tied bag. Pooja sees the garland there and picks it up. She thinks where did you go Naren? Angraj comes and talks as Naren. She looks on.

Pooja runs towards him, fall and get hurt. He doesn’t hold her. She gets thinking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Nobody knows naren like pooja so theres no way angraj can pass himself of as him to her. Just by his touch she would b able to tell d difference but his family is another matter. Atleast now naren knows rahuls truth and hopefully is conscious enuff to hear angraj. ImI just amazed at rahul though after all d tings angraj doin just to get pooja didnt he even wonder once if angraj did trick wit him concernin naren sendi thugs to beat him or doesnt he even care. And surbhi didnt pooja rescue her and bring her back home. She also has done alot of schemin yet fell easily into angraj plots maybe dey both were lookin for a reason to revert to their old ways

  2. Wow still showing these writers are so unpredictable I tell you. Anyways just came here to see what is happening nothing has changed same old crap.

  3. Linthoi Thongam

    I am really fed up of watching the evil rules over the good.

  4. This show has become total crap same old story line where duplicate person takes place of main protagonists I started watching this show as I liked the concept initially it was about of Vishwamitra and meneka i felt this is a fresh concept but after few episodes the show became hay wire back to that plotting and evilness and jealousy shown between brothers and later on protagonists knowing he is an adopted child all serial r showing same story be it of any channel as a viewer want a change in television genere instead of showing same things over and over again be it a misunderstanding between the protagonists or their families and same kitchen politics attempting to kill one another v r in 21st century the show which they are showing is more like a 19th century

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