Piya Albela 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mr. Goenka cancels Kunal-Meghna’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Meghna crying aloud. Pooja asks them to stand outside. Rahul tells Naren that they have to give sometime to Meghna, and let her be alone now. Surbhi comes to Harish and asks where is Dr. Sharma. Harish asks what happened? Surbhi cries. Harish takes Doctor there. Doctor says it is confirmed that Meghna is raped and says she will start treatment after Police investigation. Harish says Police will not be called and says baraat will arrive in sometime, and asks them to get Meghna ready. Naren says I will call Police. Harish stops him. Harsha says she is blind and orphan, and tells that who will marry her. Meghna hugs Surbhi and cries. Neelima says she will get Meghna ready for marriage. Kunal gets down from the horse and walks with baraat. Pooja asks Neelima to understand being a woman. Rahul says they will not understand, don’t know what happened to elders. He says he will call Police.

Harish says if this news goes out then Meghna have to face humiliation. Naren says I won’t let anything change in her life. Harish asks Neelima to see to it then meghna comes there ready. Naren says I had sworn that day to protect every girl of our house and says meghna will not come. Mrs. Goenka asks her husband if he will get his son marry. Mr. Goenka says come and seethe tamasha. Harish, Satish and Kusum welcome baraat. Harish tells that all family members are sitting with Meghna as she got emotional. Pooja folds her hands and asks Neelima not to force Meghna for marriage. Neelima pushes Pooja. Rahul takes Neelima to side and asks what is her madness? Neelima says that girl shall marry and it is betterment for everyone. Meghna gets unconscious. They call the doctor. Mr. Goenka tells his wife that kand is happened. Mrs. Goenka says lets do something and asks Harish why he is looking worried. Harish says nothing. Inspector Shivani comes there. Harish asks why did she come? Inspector Shivani asks Constables to seal all house and says nobody can go and come. Mr. Goenka asks what happened?

Shivani says she got call from Vyas mansion. Harish asks who called you. Pooja says we….Pooja, Naren, Rahul and Surbhi come there. Harish is shocked. Kunal gets up from mandap and Harish, where is Meghna? If she is fine? Dada ji says I will tell you. He apologizes to Mr. Goenka and says we couldn’t keep your bahu safe, she was raped in her mayka. Kunal removes his turban and is shocked. Shivani says today I have seen both father and son are ditto copy, lie cleverly. She asks Constable to seal victim’s room. Naren tells Shivani that they will cooperate with her. Shivani says your bad past returned after two years and says a blind girl is raped here in this big palace. Mr. Goenka is unaffected. Meghna is brought on stretcher. Kunal tries to make her conscious and cries. Shivani asks him to stay away from victim. She asks Danish to make the list of all guests and says guilty is among them. They take Meghna to hospital. Pooja says they will come with her, but Shivani asks her to relax at home.

Guest gossips that Meghna is London returned and might have compromised with someone and tagged her act as rape. Naren and Pooja take a stand for Meghna. Pooja says nobody has the right to talk ugly about the victim. Rahul asks all guests to leave. Dada ji apologizes and says your bahu….Mr. Goenka says Meghna can’t become our bahu now, it is final. Everyone is shocked.

Shivani comes to vyas mansion and tells that she has doubt on few people. Naren asks who? Shivani says you. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Kavya Chinnari

    I think dierector has completely forgotten how is started this series….

    1. Well said Piya. Story out tracked n no purpose at al. Can close this serial. No need to drag.

  2. I feel like meghna is acting. I don’t trust her

    1. I have a strong feeling that meghna is fake and acting. She is trapping naren. Maybe she wants to be with him. This is the only way when court force him to do so

    2. Even if he is proven guilty, court can’t make him accept meghna as he is already married, to give justice to one victim (meghna) they can’t do injustice with an innocent (pooja). This track looks like bella’s track, promote women rights so maybe meghna is innocent nd it is goenkas who are doing this to kill 2 birds with one bullet ( stop meghna-kunal marriage, and destroy naren career)

  3. And even inspector is helping her. As no rules can stop guardians to go to the hospital

  4. Pia…. Seems u r right. Let’s see how they unfold the story. Just hoping they unfold it positively. Lots of negativity we have already seen.

  5. Sharmistha Ghosh

    Hi could be Kunal himself raped meghna..There might be something hidden in the past.. lets wait and watch…

  6. I also doubt Kunal.

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