Piya Albela 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Hardik’s Son Arjun enter the show to take revenge

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The Episode starts with Neelima telling Rahul that ghost don’t have blood and says he might be Angraj or Naren. Angraj is in the Servant’s quarters and hits on mosquitoes. He thinks to open the window so that he can kill the mosquitoes. Naren and Pooja talk about Angraj and Rahul. Neelima and others see blood on Angraj’s foot. Angraj shows them video and tells that he has burnt his body. Naren says Rahul was scared and gave the file. Pooja checks the file and says it is wrong file. Naren is shocked. Rahul tells Neelima that he gave wrong file to Naren’s ghost. He tells that he will go to tribe and get Naren’s finger prints. Surbhi says then we will get everything. Angraj smiles. Naren and Pooja see Rahul going. Angraj tells Neelima and Surbhi that let Naren’s ghost come, he has made the arrangements. Dr. Kiran thinks to delete Naren’s finger prints, but Rahul comes and stops her. He asks tribal man to kill Dr. Kiran once angraj gets Naren’s finger prints. Dr. Kiran thinks she can’t save Naren. Tantrik comes to Vyas Mansion and tells them that he can feel that the soul is here. Angraj says we will do as you say. Tantrik does some puja.

A man is shown who tells that he is coming to meet in 5 hours. Angraj, Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi come to the vault with Tantrik. Tantrik says he did puja and no soul can come here. Angraj keeps his hand on the vault and asks Rahul if the finger prints is processed rightly. Just then the vault opens as the finger prints matches. Angraj smiles. They see the vault empty and gets shocked. Rahul calls security and asks who came here before us. Security guard says Naren came. Angraj says Naren’s ghost must have come. Tantrik says it is impossible. Naren and Pooja keep the treasure in the almari locker. Pooja asks about its password. Naren refuses to tell. Pooja says you have kept my birthday as password and refusing to tell. They recall how they saved the family treasure. A fb is shown, Naren asks Security guard to go. He thanks Pooja for helping the family. Pooja says it is my family too. Rahul asks Angraj to tell where did he keep the treasure. Angraj says that ghost must have taken as he is very powerful. Rahul beats Angraj. Neelima asks him to stop it. Pooja tells Naren that nobody can harm their family, even this house son. The mysterious man comes to meet Hardik in jail. Warden says he is a dangerous criminal. Hardik is brought there. He sees the man and calls him Arjun beta. Hardik tells Arjun that he is innocent and trapped in rape case. He hugs him and smirks. Arjun asks him not to worry and asks when to ruin Vyas family. Hardik says they will be ruined.

Dada ji misses Hardik and says I hope you wouldn’t have done the crime. Pooja senses something wrong is going to happen and something is going to leave.

Rahul beats Angraj. Pooja comes infront of them as if she is possessed by Naren’s soul. Tantrikl tells Angraj that pooja is fooling them and has no ghost in her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Disgusting show

    Wow what a crap????
    Means is there any limit of disgusting Ness they have. Crossed it .a beautiful show ruined into a shit. Naren killed Anuj to protect anaraj and after knowing angraj is the culprit he didn’t even apologize
    And the Pooja she is such a stain on women hood she let’s her husband insult her humiliate her yuckkkk
    A brother who scarified his life for her sister she only want to romance Naren a shameless woman I am feeling so good that they are ending this bull shit
    A man who decided to give up on world for the death of goat killed a man but still no repentance
    A woman who stand against Naren for her self respect always gets humiliated and still live with that man .
    This show gives msg whatever happens if u are married then leave everything to protect your marriage ???????????????????????????????
    Just hate this serial and pity on the writer???????

  2. Now who is this villain of the story? Any ways what I am trying to say that Angraj was not enough villan for this show? Hope they end this crap show! Enough of this now!!

  3. Hardik has a son who’s a hardened criminal that he kept hidden from his own flesh and blood. Angraaj was trying to outsmart everyone and he got outsmarted instead. Now its time for the drama to heighten

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