Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura feels Omkar loves her beauty only

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura comes to her room and cries. Manjali gives water to Omkar. He throws it away. Omkar says maa, they all saw Mayura with their dirty eyes. Manjali says everything is fine. Don’t worry. Mayura cries and says how could I do such a big mistake. Mayura recalls what happened. Megha comes and hugs Mayura. She says forgive me. Mayura says I have made a huge mistake. Megha says it was my mistake. Bt why is he so mad. It wasn’t your mistake. The way he said yo wanted to present your beauty it was so disgusting. Does he talk to yo like that often? Mayura says you’re getting him wrong. I made the mistake. Megha says I am your sister. It isn’t a big deal. The way he spoke to yo, I didn’t like it.

manjali comes and says the home stuff shouldn’t be told to outside. Outsiders can listen but shouldn’t comment between hose and wife. Why is she speaking between you and your husband? Megha says you’re right bt Mayura is my sister as well. Manjali says you can meet her yo but you can’t talk about my son. Don’t give ys lectures in this hose. And Mayura you have hurt Omkar and you are here speaking behind his back. You are his wife. Keep up to your name. She leaves.

Scene 2
Ashu says all wedding expenditures are done for the wedding. All PF was done. Surekha says you spent all PF on it? He says megha did double expenses and Mayura did one fourth. But it doesn’t matter.

Megha says to Mayura the way they spoke to you isn’t okay. Mayura says you’re getting them wrong. Please go. Megha leaves. Megha says I didn’t like it. If you think from right mind you will also see what is the reality. She leaves.

Scene 3
Omkar does pooja. Megha looks at Omkar. He is doing pooja. Mayura says he said he loved me as a person. He didn’t love my face. Piyush is standing with her. Mayura says it mattered the most to me to find someone who loved me and not my face. Piyush says if Ashu asked you not to go out at night was he being selfish? mayura says he cared for me. He has seen the world. Piyush says Omkar was also saving you from the same world. He had the same vision of the world. He was also protecting you like your father. He is very nice. Every girl wants a husband like Omi. But he only loves you. I will charge for more lectures. I know you will handle the rest. See you.

Omkar is doing is meditation. Mayura walks towards him. Manjali listens in. Mayura says I made a mistake, I will fix it. Manjali says she understood on the right time. Hope she handles herself and Omi as well.

Scene 4
Mayura packs the saree and says whatever disturbs my married life, I will lock it forever, I will never repeat this mistake. Nothing is more important than my family and husband. Nothing can come between us. I will fix this mistake.

Omkar comes to the room. It’s all decorated with petals. Mayura makes a heart on the mirror. She gives him a cake with sorry written on it. Mayura hugs Omkar. Mayura says I am completely stupid. Please forgive me. Omkar says don’t call my Mayura stupid. He kisses her forehead. Mayura hugs him. Omkar gets a call. A girl says I am calling from the glam magazine. Sorry for disturbing at this hour. Some reporters say that your wife is very pretty. Can I feature you and her on our cover photo? Can I get an interview and some photos? Omkar says never call again. Mayura says thank God you are not angry anymore. Omkar shouts you don’t want me not to be angry. All reporters, all media is talking about you saying how pretty are you, how fare are you. They all want your photos and interviews. I know what kind of pictures do they publish. I told yo not to come out. What will I do now? Mayura cries. Omkar says I told you never to cry. It dulls the face. Why dull such a beautiful face? He leaves. Mayura says please listen. He says don’t come after me, I will come home when I am calm.

Mayura looks at her shadow in the water. Mayura recalls everything Omkar said. Mayura says Omkar didn’t care about my beauty then why did he say crying dulls the face?

Precap: Omrak tells Mayura he cannot see any stain on her face and washes her face. Later, Mayura thinks Omran loves her beauty only. After knowing that truth, she must take a decision for herself. She steps out of the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Did I read it write? Magazines want Mayura to feature on their cover because she is FAIR? Wow.

    1. And here I enjoy going to the beach and getting a nice tan….darker the better…

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