Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura tells Omkar that you can hear me right? Piyush comes there and asks her to calm down. He tells her that Omkar can never do it. Mayura says you don’t know him well, he is capable of a lot of the things. Mayura tells Omkar that what you want won’t ever happen, she leaves from there. Omkar looks on. Piyush says why didn’t you say anything? Who is this girl? is this.. you love her? you can never do wrong with her, I promise to get your love. Why was she angry? Who did this? The flashback shows how Omkar called the principal and said that I am giving the donation but I need a favor. Then the teacher told Mayura she can’t sit in the exam. Then he called mandir and donated there to stop Mayura’s dadi from entering there. Then he called the market to stop them from sellers from selling to Mayura’s family. Then he sent the bulldozer to her house. Omkar thinks I won’t let anything happen to her family but I have to do all this to bring Mayura closer to me. Piyush says you can never do this. Omkar says actually.. Maa ji comes there and says I did all this. She stared Omkar. Piyush touches her feet and says why did you do it? Maa ji says that girl insulted, denied Omkar so I wanted to teach her a lesson. Omkar is about to say something but Maa ji holds her hand. Omkar thinks she shouldn’t have taken the blame, this is wrong. Piyush says sorry but we shouldn’t hurry in the matters of love. Maa ji says I did a mistake but that girl won’t be pressurized, she has a lot of self-respect and her family is with her, maybe I hurried a lot. She eyes Omkar. Piyush says we can try solving this issue by apologizing. Maa ji says yes, Omkar you should go and talk to Mayura with Piyush. Omkar looks on.

Scene 2
Megha is trying to stop the crane but the driver says we can’t wait for more. They are about to break the house. Mayura runs and stands in front of it. All scream for her. The crane is about to hit her, the driver tries to apply the brakes but it fails, he asks Mayura to move away, they can’t apply the brakes. Mayura says I know this is all drama so you can move me away but I won’t.

The crane is about to hit her and the driver jumps out of the driving crane. Mayura falls down and is about to get crushed but Omkar comes there and puts a hook under the tire. He asks Mayura to move away. She does but sees the crane about to hit the house, she screams no.. Piyush comes there and ties the chain to the crane and it stops. Mayura turns to Omkar and says I am sorry. He tells her family that I am sorry. Mayura says we don’t need your sorry, you think the world revolves around you? You stopped everything and took everything from my family. Do you think you can scare us with your power? You thought you will become a hero now by saving us? Mayura’s father asks her to leave it. Mayura says no I have to teach him a lesson, he might be a big man in his house, you have made an angel image in public but you are cheap and shameless, go from here. Omkar says sorry, he folds his hand to her family and leaves from there. Piyush looks on. Mayura is about to leave but Piyush stops her and says I know you don’t have a bad heart but how can you be so wrong about people? Mayura says don’t start your brother chant. Piyush says you have to listen to me to understand, Omkar didn’t do anything. Mayura says don’t defend his mistake. Piyush says for your kind information Maa ji did all that, Omkar didn’t know about it. He didn’t tell you because he didn’t want Maa ji’s name to be tarnished. He is a nice man, he is a God.

Maa ji tells her husband that I had to take the blame for Omi’s doing because Piyush thinks he is a God and he shouldn’t see his bad side otherwise he won’t be his loyalist. I don’t know what Omkar will do so I want Piyush to pacify Mayura and bring her to Omkar. Omkar doesn’t know how to express his feelings but Piyush will do his work, he will calm Mayura down.

Piyush tells Mayura that Maa ji felt bad after doing all of this when Omkar got to know he came here to say sorry. Maa ji did all this but Omkar likes you a lot, he wants to make a relationship with you, he doesn’t believe in dating and all that but he loves you a lot. I just wanted to tell you the truth. He leaves from there. Mayura looks on.

Omkar is sitting in his car. Mayura knocks on the window. He is surprised to see her. She smiles at him and writes sorry on the window. Omkar smiles at her. Mayura nods and writes thanks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow so Omkar is indeed a devil. Trying to force a girl to agree to marry him by targeting her family. His mother isn’t good either. Hope he doesn’t succeed in his motives.

    1. Well this Piyush and the mother are hell bent on showing Omkar’s good side to Mayura and her family. So she might start liking him initially but may later realise that he is evil.

    2. Seems like Piyush isn’t aware of Omkar’s wicked side either. And his mother is making sure that he never gets to know so that he always remains loyal.

  2. Anjali Sharma

    Man! Oh man what crap!

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