Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura saves Omkar’s life again

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aishwarya welcomes everyone to the bollywood theme party and tells that tonight will be such that will be remembered always. She says lets see what ends tonight and what starts today. She says lets start the party in Bollywood style. She dances while Omkar is standing. Mayura thinks Aishwarya might have planned to kill Omkar in the party. Manish searches for Mayura and thinks how to tell you about Aishwarya’s plan. Mayura comes to Omkar and removes her veil. Omkar sees her face. They dance along with Aishwarya on the stage. Mayura asks Omkar to listen to her. Aishwarya goes off stage and thinks to make the disco ball fall on Mayura too. Manish thinks take Omkar away from the stage. Aishwarya pull the rope and makes the disco ball fall. Mayura shouts Omkar as it falls on her… Light goes. Omkar and Mayura save each other. Light comes back. Manish says they are saved. Aishwarya says you have betrayed me. Manish says your game is over and smiles. Mayura tells Omkar that she won’t let anything happen to him, even if anything happens to her. Manjiri asks Omkar if he is fine. Aishwarya hits on Manish’s head and makes him faint. She thinks nobody can fail my plan. Mayura searches for them, and is about tell about them. Manjiri says you have done this and tells that she will get her arrested. Shankar tells that Mayura has saved him and tells that they shall be thankful. Mayura asks Omkar to trust her and tells that if she wanted to kill him using disco ball and its lava then why she would have danced so closely with him. Shankar asks who has done this? Mayura says you will not believe me, but we have to search Manish. Omkar says I will search Manish. Mayura says I will come with you. Omkar says no and goes. Manjiri makes Mayura fall down. Mayura tells that Omkar has danger to his life. Mayura says he has danger with you.

Aishwarya drags Manish from there and thinks we did all the planning and you shook hands with Mayura at the last moment. Omkar comes there and looks for Manish. Shankar asks how to make you understand that Mayura is not wrong. Aishwarya hears Omkar calling Manish. She hides. Omkar finds Manish unconscious. Aishwarya is hiding and thinks Omkar gave me a chance himself. Mayura asks Bali to understand that Omkar’s life is in danger. Manjiri takes Mayura to the room and locks her. mayura asks her to believe her and asks her to open the door. Manjiri asks her to keep her mouth shut and says the door will be open when Police comes. Mayura says I need to go to Omkar right now, he is alone and says you will repent much. She says he needs me, let me go. Shankar asks her to let Mayura go. Manjiri says my son is in danger, today is the 7th day of the markesh, I will not let her go. She warns him. Shankar asks Mayura not to worry. Mayura asks Mata Rani to save Omkar’s life. Omkar asks Manish to get up, when Aishwarya comes suddenly and sprays on his nose. He doesn’t see her. Bali tells Manjiri that Police will come in the morning, as the farm house is away and it is new year. Omkar faints. Aishwarya thinks to hide them for the night and kill Omkar in the morning. Mayura worries for Omkar and thinks tonight is the black night, do something that tomorrow morning brings some hope.

No Precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hoping for best.
    Lets pray mayura and Omkar reunite tomorrow.
    May omkar will find Aishwarya truth tomorrow.
    Hope evil Aishwarya game will end tomorrow.
    Love this serial.
    love you mayura and Omkar..
    Happy new year!!!2021..

  2. I wish tomorrow should not be what am thinking is about to happen

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