Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura is making Megha’s brows when she sees a man eyeing her from the window. Mayura thinks I feel like someone has been keeping an eye on me. Dadi jokes with Megha.

Omkar’s mother tells the chef to make Omi’s favorite food. Omkar comes there. His mother says Piyush is working on your property project. His father comes there and is embarrassed. He greets Omkar. Omkar touches his feet and sits down. His father says I am sorry.. Omkar says I am sorry, if you want to change then change your life, I am working hard. Your daughter in law is coming soon, you have to become the best father in law for my Mayura. He gets a call from his manager that Mayura went to the market. Omkar leaves. His father says his ego will destroy him, his habit of controlling everyone is going to go against him.

Mayura comes to the market and sees a team disinfecting the market. They don’t let step on the garbage to save her foot. She asks a seller if some big shot is coming? He says it’s all God’s way. Omkar arrives there and smiles seeing Mayura. He imagines Mayura dancing around him. Pagalpan plays as he imagines pulling her closer and hugging her.. His imagination ends when he sees some guys eve-teasing her. Mayura ignores them and tries to leave. They ask if she wants to go with them. Omkar gets angry and is about to go to them but Mayura sees him and says Omkar Ji? You here? Are the sanitizing it for you? He says no it’s for you.. I mean for common people. Omkar thinks I am sorry to call you common, soon you will know how special you are for me. Mayura says I am sorry for that incident. Omkar says everything happens for a good reason. Mayura says you are a nice man otherwise someone else would have thrown me out of the college. Omkar thinks nobody can do bad with you till I am here. He asks about her foot. She says it’s fine. Omkar thinks once she marries me then I won’t let her come to a filthy place like here. A guy taunts Mayura, Omkar is about to beat them but Mayura says they are dogs so let them bark. Omkar smiles and says dogs.. She says I came here to get some veggies. Omkar says can I take you and your friend pumpkin to your house. Mayura laughs and says no I can go with him. Omkar says see you in the evening. She says what? Omkar says bye Mayura. She smiles and leaves. Omkar thinks we will meet today. He turns to glare at the guys who taunted Mayura.

Scene 2
Megha looks at the safe and recalls all the taunts she got. Her mother comes there and says whatever happened till now, forget about it, trust your fate. She says I trust Kundan but not my fate. Her mother says everything will be fine.

Omkar brings the guys who taunted Mayura to the mandir. He asks the priest to get them married. They all sit in his feet and says don’t get us married forcefully, Mayura is our sister now. Omkar says you thought that if Mayura ignores you all, doesn’t say anything so you can do anything? Wrong. She is my Mayura. The guy says we didn’t know she was yours, I am sorry. Omkar says you were eve-teasing them. The veggie seller says but I didn’t do anything. Omkar says but you laughed when they were eve-teasing her. He brings some dogs and says Mayura was right, you all are dogs so you will get married to dogs, if you don’t take care of them then I will not spare you. He forcefully gets them married to dogs. He says Mayura is mine and nobody has even right to look at her.

Scene 3
Mayura’s family members welcome Kundan’s family.
Omkar’s mother dances around Omkar and says today is a good day, I am going for my Omkar’s proposal. He smiles at her. She prays for him and says we will crush the lemon to save him from the evil eye. Omkar thinks I am coming Mayura to make you mine.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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