Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar says to Piyush you handle the work. I want to be here with Mayura. He says but she’s at her place. Omkar says I have to be with her all the time. Piyush says, romantic guy. He says it’s a big meeting. Please come. He says I don’t care. Mayura is a lot more precious to me. It’s okay even if there’s a loss. He hangs up. Piyush says I won’t let any loss happen to you.

Mayura sleeps next to Megha. She says go there. Stick to your husband. Mayura says no why would I. Megha says go there. Mayura says how is Sanjay? She says that night.. Mayura says Manjali ma told me a lot of good things about him. Omkar knocks at the door. He pulls Mayura. He says I can’t stay away from me. Sit with me and have tea. Don’t ignore me or I won’t let you come here. She says you can’t stop me. He says I am not joking. she says take me from here first.

Ashu brings popcorn and says let’s play. Surekha says Mayura would be all happy. Omkar pulls Mayura and says let’s go. He makes everyone sit in the car and says sit in the AC. Omkar says to everyone talk. Why is everyone silent? Dadi says you have such a good husband. Omkar gets a call. He says can I take a call? He says yes I will do a live press conference. Everyone has to come live. Ashu gets a call. He says when will our light be restored? Not before morning? He gets out and says let’s go. How long can we sit in the car. Mayura’s door is locked. Omkar says say bye to everyone. He says we have to leave at 5:30. It’s 4, we can go. Mayura is confused. He holds her hand and says please don’t go. Ashu is holding her other hand. Mayura is confused. Dadi says go with your husband. He treats you so well. Omkar drives and takes Mayura away. Ashu says he didn’t even let us speak to her.

Scene 2
Omkar brings Mayura home. He says you’re upset because I got you back home. It was so hot there. It wasn’t good for you. He goes to his room. Manjali comes. Omkar goes to his room in anger and says I took her there in first place.

Piyush calls Ashu and says we will find out what happened to Mayura’s cousins. I have requested a video. Omkar walks in anger. He leaves.

Manjali says Omkar cares so much for you. Husbands in this country don’t care about their wives until it’s night time. You are so lucky and you hurt him. Don’t do that again. Omkar is angry in room. He takes off his shirt.

Scene 3
Surekha says what are you thinking? Ashu says Omkar is weird. Surekha says don’t ruin it again. He says this is my house. I can talk here. She says don’t overthink.

Piyush receives the USB with wedding video. Omkar recalls what happened.

Omkar hits himself with the bat. Mayura sees it. She comes in. Mayura says I have hurt you a lot. I know you’re mad at me. Please forgive me. Omkar says it’s not like that. He wears his shirt. Mayura says I am very sorry. I have hurt you. You care for me that’s why you brought me here. Mummy and papa also said I shouldn’t have bene mad. It’s okay, I can stay there later. He says no, ou willl go there with me only and come back with me only.

Precap-Mayura faints. Omkar runs to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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