Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura fails to run away with Tara

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar telling Nayan/Mayura that whenever he looks at her, she reminds him of Mayura and tells that she was his life and was very beautiful.. He says why do I feel strange. Mayura pushes him and says she couldn’t understand his strange love. Tara asks Mayura, why everyone is dancing strangely. Mayura says everyone is dancing and enjoying and says they shall also do some adventure. Tara says we shall take Papa along with us. Mayura says we will go out, make friends and then will request them to let Papa play too. She says your Pari Maa is at the place where we are going. Omkar comes to Tara. Tara says we are going to meet Pari Maa. Omkar kisses Tara and says my daughter. Mayura takes her in her hand. Shankar diverts Omkar’s attention, as Mayura takes Tara away from there. Omkar looks at Tara. Mayura feels apologetic to keep Tara and Omkar away from each other. Omkar is under the bhang effect and says Taru……while Mayura takes her out. he says we are playing holi and not hide and seek. Shankar looks at him. They come out. Akhilesh is standing outside. Mayura looks at him. Akhilesh looks at her and opens the car door. They sit in the car.

Some sevika comes to Omkar’s house. Manjari asks where is Gurumaa. Sevika says she had gone to play holi and asks the sevak to make them come out of bhang effect. Tara asks Mayura about Akhilesh. Mayura says he is your Nana ji, your mother’s father. Tara gets happy and asks about her mother. Akhilesh says she is good and tells about Mayura. He says they shall go to the bus stand. Megha asks Surekha and Dadi if they are not happy. They tell that they are happy, but worried about Mayura. They make her have Gujiya. Megha hears Sanjay talking on phone and thinks something is wrong. Gurumaa’s Sevak make everyone drink something to make them come out of bhang effect. Omkar and everyone get worried for Tara. Akhilesh drops Mayura at the bus stand. Mayura asks her to take care. Akhilesh says he will go. He leaves. Mayura tells Tara that they will meet her Pari Maa. Tara gets excited. Mayura asks the bus conductor about bus. He says it will come after filling diesel and will leave after an hour. Mayura thinks if Omkar comes in his senses then. She sees someone coming in the car. Shankar pretends and says he had a bad headache. Manjari says even me. Sevika asks who brought the bhang in the house. Omkar asks where is Nurse and recalls Manjari’s words. He says that nurse took my daughter too and asks the guards to go to Nurse’s house and check. Mayura sees the guys coming to her and trying to apply the color. Mayura asks them to stay away from them and slaps the guy. The guy falls down and tells that they will not leave her and will play holi with her. Mayura runs from there. Omkar is searching Tara and thinks why did he agree to Tara’s sayings. Manjari scolds the doctor for sending thief nurse to them. Shankar calls Mayura and tells that Omkar went to search tara. The guys come to Mayura and ask what is her problem, they want to just color them. Mayura thinks her make up will come out and requests them not to throw water on them. She asks Tara to run and she falls down. Tara calls her. Mayura asks her to be there. The guys surround her. Mayura requests them not to put water on her.

Akhilesh comes home. Megha asks how is Minty? Akhilesh says she is fine, says good report came. Megha insists to meet her. Akhilesh refuses to send her there. The guys throw water on Mayura. Mayura finds her make up uneven on her face. Omkar comes there and hugs Tara. The guys run away seeing him and the color packet fall from their pocket. Omkar comes to her and sees her colored face. He accuses her for trying to kidnap Tara and says if she was in need of money then would have asked him, he would have given her for Tara’s happiness. Police reaches there. Mayura asks Police Inspector to arrest Omkar, as his daughter got afraid seeing them in bhang effect and went out of house. She says she had followed Tara as she sat in bus and came here. Omkar says she is lying, she has brought my daughter here. She herself gave us bhang and was kidnapping my daughter. Mayura looks at him.

Precap: Same as Friday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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