Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27h August 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar asks his mom to take his proposal to Mayura’s place

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura says are you mad at me? He says I am happy. Mayura is shocked. She says no, I am really sorry. I made a huge mistake. Omkar says thank you? She says why? He says for breaking the idol. It wasn’t good, I got a chance to make it better. He says in heart you don’t know what you have done for me. I wasn’t breathing without you. He says will meet soon. Mayura is confused.

Megha says Mayura is safe because she didn’t have to come here. You could spare me to. Surekha says Mayura meets people, you don’t. It doesn’t look good.
They are at an engagement. Megha says as if you don’t know why I don’t meet people. The woman comes and says where is Mayura? Due to Corona, the engagement is so boring. People fear coming to a place. Megha says safe. A woman says Mayura didn’t come? Surekha says she has a function in college? She says could you find a suitable match for Megha? Megha says to get at the test for my marriage, I will clear it. The woman says she talks a lot. Surekha says she’s funny. A woman says in this fun, she will get old. I know a guy in a village. Megha says I am a lawyer. The woman says you must be a lawyer but not pretty like Mayura that someone will rich will come and marry you. Dadi says things will happen when they are bound to. You go attend the function. Megha says this is why I don’t come. You attend the function. Dadi says she left. The woman asked her to bring her, there would be a guy. Megha says as if Mayura is the only girl. As if I am not a human.

Omkar says we will meet soon. He cleans something from her hair. Omkar goes out. Surekha calls Mayura and says please come home as soon as possible.

Scene 2
Mayura comes home. Mayura comes and says what happened dadi? Papa? Her dad says how was you function? Mayura says I broke the statue but tell me what happened? He gives her water. Mayura says mummy asked me to come fast at home. He says your uncle told us a guy for Megha. Surekha says but she isn’t agreeing. Can you please convince her?

Megha is standing. Someone sprinkles flowers on her. Mayura comes there as a groom and says your dream groom is here. She makes Megha dance but Megha is angry. Everyone dances around Megha. Megha says stop it. Don’t make false hopes. She cries. Mayura gives her a coldrink and says my heart says hopes never go in vain. You have to decide if you want to open door or not. She leaves the drink there. Megha opens and drinks it. Mayura smiles. Megha gives it to her. Mayura is happy.

Scene 3
Mayura says I have to go. I won’t come to the house until the family is here. I can’t ruin another proposal. He says you are not a thing, you are her sister. She says don’t be upset. I am fine. We will see it later. She says to Megha to get married and leave this house so I can have the room to myself. Burn it. Dadi says is she asking to burn the guy? She says my di’s hotness can make him burn. She leaves. Mayura says bye. She leaves. Mayura is at the door but the bell rings. It’s the family. Mayura runs in her room. She says I can hide in the room don’t worry.

Megha’s parents serve the family refreshments. The guy’s mom says the kids should talk to each other and try to understand each other. Dadi says yes those times are gone when you used to see each other after the wedding. Her dadi says Megha, show Kundan your room. Dadi says yes go. Surekha says Mayura is there. She says go to the roof, it’s better. The weather is good. Kundan says are you okay with that Megha? She says yes.

Scene 4
Omkar does pooja and recalls Mayura. His mom comes. She says since Omkar has seen her, his craze for her is increasing. She says what are you doing with this shagun? He says you have to go to Mayura’s place with a proposal. You will have to take the Shagun.

Megha spills tea on the guy’s shirt. She says I am so sorry. She says you can wash it there.. The guy goes in the room. Megha says in heart he will see Mayura and then won’t marry me. Mayura is in her room. The guy walks there. He stops and looks in the mirror.

Omi says you have to take a proposal to Mayura’s house. She says that college girl? He says yes she’s the one I was looking for. If you didn’t take me to college I won’t have found her. SHe says will take the proposal, but you should speak to her first. He says I don’t need to. I have decided to marry her, so I will. She says Guru ji said tomorrow is a good day. He says Guru ji also said Mayura isn’t in my destiny. I made my own destiny so I will make the good day o my own as well. Nothing can be better than today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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