Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar fires Nayan/Mayura from her job

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mayura sitting in Omkar’s car with Tara. Tara asks Omkar if she can open the window. Omkar says there is much pollution. Mayura thinks he has caged our daughter even here. She plays the song and says this is Mamma and Papa song. Omkar looks at Mayura. His car stops on the way. Manjari comes to Nisha’s house and asks her father if Nayan is his daughter. He says yes. Nisha sees her and hides. Manjari is about to check inside, when the guard said that they have to leave as Omkar’s car stopped on the way. Manjari leaves. Tara asks Omkar to bring icecream. Omkar says no. Tara says coconut water, it is healthy. Omkar says ok and asks Mayura to take care of Tara. He asks Tara to be in the car and asks Mayura/Nayan to do as he said. Mayura says ok sir ji. Tara sits on Mayura’s lap. Mayura thinks this is the good chance to take Tara now and thinks if he returns back, then it will be a problem. She thinks to wait for holi. Tara feels like vomiting and asks her to take down the window glass. She then asks her to take her out. Mayura takes her out. Tara feels like fainting. Mayura gets the water from the car, when she turns, she don’t see Tara. Omkar returns and gets angry on Mayura, seeing her not there. Mayura asks him to scold her later, but first search Tara. She runs and finds Tara playing. She hugs her and says your Papa got so worried. Omkar takes Tara in the car and tells that Nayan will come by herself. Mayura runs behind the car. Omkar brings Tara home. Tara tells that it was not Nurse fault, as she herself insisted. Mayura comes there running and tries to clarify. Omkar says she is fired. Mayura requests him to give her a last chance and says she will not do any mistake. Omkar says you will get your money, but I can’t let you stay in the house. Mayura apologizes to him.

Shankar asks Omkar to forgive her. Omkar asks him not to interfere. Mayura asks for a chance. Omkar says this is work for you, but my daughter is my life, this house don’t need you, you can go. He asks her to go. Omkar walks towards her, making her go out. Tara cries and runs towards the door. Omkar closes the door. He takes Tara and says I will tell you a new story. Tara says she wants friend nurse. Omkar says she will never return again. Guard asks Mayura to go from there. Mayura says please. She comes back home. Akhilesh says I told you not to get flown in emotions. Surekha says she couldn’t bear her daughter’s pain. Dadi says don’t know what God wants. Mayura goes to room and thinks why did I agree to Tara’s sayings. She cries and says I have lost my daughter.

Shankar comes to Omkar and asks him to call Nurse for Tara’s happiness. Manjari asks him not to interfere. Shankar asks Omkar to snatch her happiness and smile. Manjari says I will make Tara understand, don’t worry. Omkar says papa said right, I scolded my Tara very badly and she had cried for some stranger today. He says she cried a lot today and that’s why I have taken decision to go to other city. Shankar asks where we will go. Omkar says we will go to a new place, but you will stay here and take care of business. Manjari says Tara will play holi and leave in the evening. Omkar says Tara will stay away from colors. Shankar asks what about her treatment. Omkar says wherever he is taking Tara, there will be good doctors and good treatment will be given to her. Shankar informs Mayura. Mayura asks why didn’t you stop him. Shankar says he is not taking me with her. Mayura comes out and prays infront of holika fire. Omkar comes out of his house with Tara and thinks to take her out of the city tomorrow.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mayura should go for face surgery for her daughter so that a child will not remain without mother

    1. I agree with you Shaliza, besides, this mark was not from her birth that she should hesitate to remove it! It was given to her with pain, so she get rid of this mark that reminds her of all those painful moments.

    2. I agree with you ! Besides, this mark was not from her birth that she should hesitate to remove it! It was given to her with pain, so she get rid of this mark that reminds her of all those painful moments.

    3. She’s so stuborn, what’s the point of taken her daughter away to stay with her ,instead of agreeing to the face surgery and come back to stay with her child ,omkar loved her in his own way she wanted to asked for forgiveness he has done that already,with his love for her she can change omkar perception for good,her parents are not helping her in that directions,to stay and win her husband over,am so piss off already, with that idea of taking her child away .she should do the surgery and get her family together ,omkar needs her too ,if not he should have married another wife since. She started the whole trouble from the beginning of the show that idea of escaping lead to the cage drama,talk things out with him in love,put sweetness in your marriage the house is still yours go back mayura,and make this show more lovable to watch .

    4. Manjari is another despicable character, mayura should come back put her house in other .

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