Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ashu exposes Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manjali says wake up on time from tomorrow Mayura and don’t get late for the arti. Piyush says new bride, keep up. Omkar hugs Mayura and says it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Piyush says Omi is on the other side. Manjali says we have to do the ritual. Omkar says Mayura shouldn’t have a problem.

Shankar asks the maid where are all the servants? Omkar says we will have only female staff now. Male staff would stay out of the house in out house. Shankar is shocked. Piyush watches the video of the wedding.

Manjali says to Mayura this is kitchen. Only really likes sweets. Manjali says Piyush told me. Shankar and Omkar watch the video together. Manjali says we will make kheer today. Omkar peeks in. Mayura’s hand is about to burn. Omkar rushes in and says Mayura you could burn yourself. He shouts and says I asked you maa not to trouble Mayura. Mayura says I am fine. It happens in the kitchen. Omkar says it’s a big deal. What if anything happened to you. Mayura says why do you love me so much. Mayura says why do you love me so much. You cared about me not my beauty. When I used to play with colors dadi used to tell me that it might blacken my color. But you said you were worried that something would happen to me not my beauty. She hugs him. He says in heart you and your beauty are the same thing.

Scene 2
Rinku and Monu are leaving. Ashu asks them do you remember anything? Monu says we told you what we saw. We might miss our bus.

Shankar says to Mayura promise me you will be wise on every step. You will handle this house, your husband and yourself well. Mayura says I will try to do my best always. He says stay happy. She says thank you papa ji. He says no thank you. She leaves. Shankar says Omkar’s wife, you don’t know what do you have to face here.

Ashu comes. Shankar says welcome. He says wanted to meet Mayura and Omkar. He hears Mayura saying Omkar ji no.. Ashu runs inside. He sees Omkar has picked up Mayura. They are smiling. Everyone looks outside. Mayura is happy. Omkar looks at everyone. Mayura is awkward. Mayura says papa is everything okay? Is Megha fine? Tell me what is it. Ashu says after I speak truth someone else will be worried not me. He says I lied to you. Rinku and Sonu were in the hospital. Mayura says what happened to them? Are you they okay? Ashu says they are okay now? Ashu says yes they are. But the one who’s not okay is Omkar Sangemarmar Sartaj. Omkar is responsible for what happened to them. Everyone is shocked. Mayura is confused. Mayura says what are you saying papa. He says they told me it was a tall lean man wearing golden shoes. See the photo. He says the color on his shoes in these photo is the one we had in the washroom.

Ashu says to Omkar don’t do this drama. Tell everyone that you did this to Monu and Rinku. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Some people show something and are something. Mayura stands in front of Omkar. Mayura says I am sorry papa. You taught us to call right right. I knw Omkar was wearing golden shoes. But so was everyone. The entire family. Piyush papa ji everyone was wearing Golden shoes. It was a dress code. You shouldn’t have said all this without knowing the truth. You taught me that so why.. She cries. Mayura says Omkar can never do that. Ever since I got married he has been only taking care of him. She cries. Ashu says no.. Manjali stands in front of Mayura and holds her hand. Ashu leaves.
Precap-Manjali says on call to Ashu forget what happened. Come to the house this evenign. Mayura will be happy. She says it will be fun insulting them. Mayura hugs Omkar and says forget what happened.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this series is interesting l think it might be like beyhadh and omkar shall kill mayuras dad

  2. i don’t know why but this serial has caught my interest lets hope it will keep on impressing like this

  3. I just don’t want anyone to face the same fate as of kundan..I want mayura to become her own shield..that’s how I’ll love this show more nd more

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