Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Mayura’s wedding night

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura is scared. Omkar comes and says what are these wires? Manjali says I got them placed for your safety. There have been many robberies. Everyone knows this is a wedding house, so there would be jewelry. She says a lot of rituals are left, let’s go.

Ashu is worried. Dadi says you liked Omkar, what’s wrong now? Surekha says what happened suddenly at the wedding? He says my heart is sinking. Dadi says your daughters were your heartbeat. He says that isn’t the case. I don’t know what to do. I have to find out. I am going to the hospital to see Rinku and Sonu.

Omkar says to Mayura if you are not comfortable with the rituals. I can stop them and pick you and take you to the room. Imagine how it would be in the room. Mayura is shy.

The doctor says looks says looks like someone did this delibrately. Mayura says I am putting this key in the milk. The one who finds the other will rule them.
Omkar and MAyura try to find the ring. Manjali says no cheating. Ashu sits worried. He says I hope nothing goes wrong with my daughter. It’s her first day there. I can’t call her. Omkar finds the ring. Manjali says see Omi has the key of your life. You will have to do all he asks. What will you do now. Mayura shows another key and says I wont as well. Manjali says let them rest.

Scene 2
Mayura calls Ashu. He says are you okay? She says yes very happy. He says are you fine? Mayura says yes all is good. how is Megha? Manjali calls. Mayura says I will talk to you later. ashu looks at her injured cousins. Manjali says I knew you would be talking to you family. Come with me. Manjali says all the best. Congratulations on being married and being a part of our family.

Mayura is in the room. She says should I go inside the room. Piyush says should I shove you inside? He says I am your friend. She says thank God I have a friend. He says all will be good. Go inside. He shoves her inside. Omkar says Mayura.. Mayura is scared. Omkar is on the bed. she says everything is reversed. Omkar pulls her close. Omkar says nothing has been straight in our story.

Mayura texts Megha I hope all is well in your new life. Love you. Sanjay comes in the room.

Omkar gifts a locket to Mayura. It has a bird on it. Mayura says this is so pretty. A free bird. I should have gotten you a gift as well. He says nothing is more precious than you. He pulls her close. Omkar takes off her Chunri. He unties her hair. Omkar takes off his sherwani. He takes off Mayura’s jewelry and sees a scar on her neck.

Omkar says what is this scar? It wasn’t here before. He falls down. He says Mayura.. He panics. Mayura says it’s okay. It must be from the jewelry. He says what is this scar? Mayura says this could be an allergy. He says this isn’t nromal. He gets a panic attack and says we have to do to the doctor right now. I can’t let anything happen to you now.

Precap-Omkar rushes to Piyush and panics, he says call a doctor. Mayura is confused. Manjali says this way she will get to know his reality. Ashu asks Monu who did this? He says a tall slim man entered the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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