Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manjali says get up. Let Omkar work. You come here and help me. Piyush leaves. Omkar comes for pooja. He says every woman is a devi. All women must be respected. I do their pooja. Mayura smiles. Omkar says I can’t do every woman but I can respect the ones that are in my life. Omkar makes all women wear chunris and does their arti. He starts with Megha and recalls what she said about Piyush. Omkar makes Manjali wear chunri and touches her feet. He does her arti. Omkar does Mayura’s arti. He recalls Mayura close to Piyush and her hair on Piyush’s shoulder. Omkar says Mayura bring pooja coconut.

Manjali asks everyone to leave. Mayura brings the coconut. She faints on the way. Omkar picks her and takes her to the room. Omkar caresses her face and says I have to find out once if you’re a virgin or not. Doctors come in. Omkar gives them 50 lacs as donations.

Scene 2
The doctor says to other there’s no way to find out. He’s making us do all this. The other one says people still believe in such myths. We are getting so much donations.

Megha says these people are planning something? Where did everyone go? Sanjay says Piyush you look worried. He says did I make a mistake? Did omi say anything? Sanjay says he loves you. Piyish says he’s mad at me. Megha looks around. Manjali says why are you flying here and there? Go and help your husband. Piyush says I was nothing God. I was an orphan, he is my God. He made me who I am. When God is upset with you, life is upset with you. Please fix it all. I hope it all comes out so we can clear it. I hope all that is in his heart comes in front of me.

Manjali says what is happening? The doctor says what will we do if she wakes up? Manjali says hurry up. Piyush comes to Mayura’s room looking for Omkar. Manjali says bahu open your eyes. Piyush says what happened to her? Mayura says what happened? Manjali says you were weak. Manjali leaves. Mayura says I felt so weird. I don’t get it. How did I faint. Something is wrong.

Omkar says I will only be at peace when I find out if she’s virgin or not. Piyush says do you feet better? She says my head hurts. Mayura sees a doctor’s card. She says they called a doctor for? Omkar gets so worried for me. I am so lucky. Manjali says we will find out everything tomorrow. Omkar says I have to find out if Mayura is completely mine or not. Or if she’s virgin or not. I prayed with all my heart. Mayura comes and says I got to know everything, what you did. Omkar is shocked.

Precap-Omkar says you have to prove your virginity. Mayura says I loved you and you accused me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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