Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Megha informs Omkar about Tara’s location

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 21st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mayura telling Vishaka that Tara is very happy seeing her and made greeting card for her and also gave her a toy. Vishaka asks her to enjoy and take care. She asks her to return soon. Mayura says ok. Tara calls her. Vishaka sits on the sofa and says someone bring my tea. Megha comes there in veil and brings the tea. Vishaka asks who is she? She calls Kajal. Kajal says she is our maid’s sister, and was in need of money after her husband passed away. Vishaka asks her to remove her veil and is about to lift her, but Megha moves back. Vishaka gets a call from Mayura and goes. Megha thinks she has to snatch her luxury life to make her own life luxurious. Mayura asks Vishaka to let her stay with her for tonight. Vishaka says she can’t allow, as security is not tight in hotel. Tara asks her to ask Aunty to let her stay. Vishaka agrees and asks her to drop her to hostel tomorrow. Megha hears and calls Omkar. She informs him that Mayura is with Tara in the hotel and the latter stays in hostel now a days. Omkar asks her to find out about the hotel and then she will get the money. Megha says ok. Omkar makes a call and asks to search all hotels. He says he will free Tara from Mayura. Mayura asks Tara not to believe on strangers and tell a story. Tara asks her to tell a story. Mayura tells her a story. Tara sleeps.

She hopes no trouble shall come on Tara and if she gets caught in any trouble, then shall get saved. She herself sleeps with Tara. Vishaka comes to her room and goes to take bath. Megha comes to Vishaka’s room and checks her phone, but realizes it opens with finger prints. Vishaka comes out of the bathroom and wipes her face with towel. She doesn’t see Megha. Megha sees Kajal coming there and hides. Vishaka doesn’t see her still. Kajal keeps milk and goes. Vishaka opens the cupboard, in which Megha is sitting, but goes to see the message. Megha thinks she will get the money when she enquires about the hotel. Omkar sees Servants bringing welcome home Tara and thinks Megha will do anything to find out about the hotel. Megha sees Vishaka sleeping and comes out of the cupboard. She holds her finger. Vishaka talks to Omkar in sleep and says she will not leave her. Megha opens the phone with Vishaka’s finger and gets to know about the hotel. She goes. Vishaka wakes up and thinks phone was on charging. She gets doubtful. Mayura wakes up seeing a bad dream that Omkar is taking Tara away. She sees Tara beside her and asking for water. She calls hotel reception, but they don’t pick the call. Mayura thinks to go herself to get the water. She goes out.

Omkar beats the staff members and then asks asks Manager, asking him to tell where is Tara and Mayura? Mayura comes out and takes water, but she don’t see Omkar there. Manager takes Omkar to the room and finds them not there. Omkar looks at the window and thinks of Mayura’s words. He gets upset. Vishaka tells Mayura that Tara is secure and safe here. Mayura says if Omkar had taken Tara then what would have happen. She says I saw him at the right time and took her through window. She says you asked me to drop her to hostel, but I didn’t listen. Vishaka asks her not to think which didn’t happen and says we shall think how Omkar came to know that you both are there. Just then Megha comes there and says your tea. Vishaka says keep it on the table. Mayura asks who is she? Vishaka says new maid. She asks how did you spend time with Tara, you people must have enjoyed. Mayura senses that tara is having danger with this maid and thinks if she is the one.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Honestly, didn’t anyone slap Megha in her childhood

    1. yeah i think so but dont worry i will do the honours

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  2. yes, megha is not worthy of being a child, a nephew, a wise sister is not worthy of motherhood an extremely selfish person with his family cruel to his own brother live carelessly before the pain of blood and pus need a payment for the sins of megha sanday to say megha is more evil than omkar many times

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