Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar plans to test Mayura’s loyalty

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 20th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura picks the stool and holds it. Piyush gets on it. She says carefully. We would need some smoke to blare the fire alarm. Mayura looks for a matchstick. She says carefully. Piyush falls. Mayura screams. He falls on Mayura. Omkar enters the shed. He grasps Piyush. Mayura hugs Omkar in tears. Omkar recalls what Megha said. Piyush also hugs Omkar and says thank God you came. Omkar recalls them together. Mayura says we were stuck. I was so worried. We came here to get chunris for pooja. Piyush says we got stuck. I fell while trying to blare the alarm. Piyush says God sent me here with you. Omkar sees Mayura’s hair on his shoulder.

Scene 2
Everyone is worried at home. Mayura comes home. Omkar comes as well. Mayura’s feet leave red color. Omkar comes in too. Manjali looks at piyush in anger. Surekha says where were you? Ashu says does it look good? Surekha says don’t abuse Omkar’s niceness. We are leaving. They leave.

Manjali says wow, what an amazing wife. You even ruined his pooja. Queen. We couldn’t find another one like. People beg for a husband like you. I would pray no one gets a wife like you. Mayura is in tears. Omkar is angry as well. He recalls Piyush on Mayura. Megha calls the worker and says well done. You will get good money.

Omkar sees Mayura and Piyush running around. They are playing. Mayura says I would fall. Piyush runs after her. Mayura says I would fall. Stop it. Omkar was imagining. He says I know this isn’t real. But what I saw in the shed was real. Mayura touches Omkar’s feet and says I am sorry. I don’t know how many things will I apologize for. You had to walk on a dirty stone because of me. Your feet hurt right? Omkar says in heart you and Piyush broke my trust. It hurts when someone close does this. Mayura says please forgive me. I shouldn’t have gone to take chunris without telling you. Omkar caresses her face and says yes, you shouldn’t have gone with Piyush. Everything is ruined. Mayura says I am sorry. It’s Kanya poojan tomorrow. I have to do a lot of preparations. You should rest. Tomorrow is special. Manjali looks at them. Mayura dresses wounds on his feet.

Scene 3
Next day, Kanya poojan starts. Omkar serves them. Mayura says I have never seen such a great human. See how he’s serving the kids. Omkar looks at them smiling together. Omkar prostrates to Kanyas. Omkar says I have to find out if she’s even loyal to me. I have to called the doctor. Mayura says doctor? Are you you okay? Let me check. Manjali says no he was worried for others. Omkar says everything has to be perfect. Mayura says everything will be as you want. He says I won’t be at peace if everything isn’t perfect. Omkar says in heart you stayed all night with Piyush. I have to find out if you’re virgin or not.

Omkar looks at Piyush preparing the dias. He says you do it so well. He says we will do it before you Mayura. Mayura says so you will help your brother and not me? Are you not a good friend. He says I was with you in the shed all night. She says you only blared the alarm and fell down. What did you do? He says okay I can help you. Omkar is a genius he won’t need help. Piyush’s hand is in oil. Omkar drops matchstick in the oil. Piyush screams.

Mayura runs to him and says are you okay? He says I am fine. Mayura holds his hand and says show me. Manjali comes. Omkar is looking at them in anger. Piyush says as long as Omi is with me, nothing can go wrong. He says I am fine. I was gonna help Mayura I didn’t pay attention. Omkar says pay attention then. I am there, she’s my wife, I will help her. You pay attention.

Precap-Mayura says you have to prove your loyalty Mayura. Mayura says I loved you and you stained my character? You call me Durga and you insulted the same Durga?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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