Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura and Piyush get stuck in a shed

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manjali says the performance team is here right? All my friends are waiting for them. Omkar says to sanjay you tell them. A girl comes as Seeta? She does Tandav. It’s Mayura. Everyone is happy to see her. Then a guy joins her as Ram. Omkar tries to see who that is. Mayura and Piyush perform. Omkar is angry to see it’s Piyish. He comes as Ram and does pooja with Mayura.

Mayura and Piyush dance together. Omkar leaves in anger. Mayura says where did he go? Piyush says he was just here.

Omkar breaks coconuts in anger. Mayura looks for him. Mayura sees him breaking coconuts. Mayura says what are you doing? What happened? Is everything okay? A coconut hits her. Mayura screams. Omkar runs to her. Mayura says what happened? He says bhog isn’t ready. What will we give as parsad? Mayura says I will handle everything. He says when? Omkar says I told you maa isn’t well you have to handle all this. Why did you had to perform? you must have prepared for it all night how would you get time? You have to understand your responsibility but you forgot and everything and went on stage with Piyush. Mayura says I didn’t forget anything.

Megha looks at them and says it’s done. Mayura cries. She says what is wrong with Omkar. Megha says congrats Mayura. Piyush comes and says what happened? Mayura says I forgot other things in the performance. Omkar is mad at me. He says relax, you will handle it all. Mayura says you’re right. I will not let there be any shortcoming. They walk together to store to get things.

Mayura and Piyush come and see the Chunri is torn. Mayura says how did this happen? All chunris are torn. What will we do now? Megha did this. Piyush says where will we get chunris from? Megha comes in. She says how did all this. Mayura says I don’t know. Megha says there’s only one way now, the market must be closed. There is one worker, you can find it in his shed. Piyush says I will bring it. Megha says Mayura you should go and pick the best ones. Piyush says she’s right. We will save time if we go together. Mayura says yes let’s go. Megha says no one will know if you’re here or not. I will handle everything here. Mayura says thanks di. Mayura and Piyush leave. Megha cuts Omkar and Mayura’s photo.

Scene 2
Jagrata starts. Omkar is doing pooja. Mayura and Piyush sneak out. Mayura looks at Omkar. Piyush says let’s go. Mayura says what if Omkar finds out? Piyush says nothing would happen. Don’t worry. They leave. Megha looks at them and smirks.

Omkar gets a call. Omkar looks around. Mayura isn’t there. He notices Piyush isn’t there either. He calls them but their phones are off. Omkar looks around the house. Mayura and Piyush are at the shed. Mayura says it’s almost 12 and we are still stuck here. I don’t know what it do. They are locked in the shed.

Omkar looks at the clock. It’s 12. He recalls Piyush and Mayura being close. Omkar is angry. Manjali sees him. She is scared. Omkar comes to the temple says I am going and leaving this pooja but I will make up for it. He says maa I will bring and Piyush back.

Omkar leaves the house. Manjali says he never left pooja like this. Omkar leaves the house barefoot in anger. Omkar gets into his car.

Mayura cries and says whenever I try to do something good something wrong happens. I think something wrong is gonna happen. Piyush says we are stuck here by mistake. Just relax, Omkar will understand. Mayura says God gave me a sign not to go. Why did I come here? She cries. Mayura says I am really scared. Something really bad will happen. Omkar will be so mad. Piyush says don’t cry. Everything will be fine. When Omi finds out we are stuck here, he will come running here. Just relax.

Manjali says this Mayura has ruined my son’s liffe. Everyone is worried. Megha looks at her parents sorry papa mama, I had to do this.

Mayura cries what will we do now? Omkar arrive outside. He sees Piyush’s car. Piyush says you came in my car at this dark place. What are you doing with Piyush, Mayura?

Precap-Mayura sees fire alarm. Piyush tries to ring it. He falls on chair Mayura is sitting on. Omkar enters the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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