Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Neil informs Omkar about Mayura’s memory loss

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar fainting and falling down in shock, as Mayura slaps him. Neil comes there and asks Wardboy to take him on stretcher. He asks Mayura what was it? Mayura says she slapped him as he misbehaved with her. Neil says he is not in a position to stand and you are saying he misbehaved with you. He goes.

Aishwarya comes to the Organizer and asks if he saw this girl in the event, showing Mayura’s pic. Just then she gets a call and goes to attend it. Organizer talks to his Assistant and says first MP Ratan and now his wife came to ask about this girl. Assistant asks him not to tell her, as Omkar didn’t tell her about Mayura. He says we shall inform Mayura’s family and refuse to know her. Aishwarya comes back and asks did you see her. Organizer asks who is she? Aishwarya says its ok, if you don’t know her.

She asks did Omkar speak to you about her. Organizer says no, he didn’t speak to me about her. Aishwarya thinks Omkar didn’t know about Mayura, so she shall reach her and kill her. Neil find Omkar’s condition deteriorated and gives him injection. Omkar takes Mayura’s name in unconscious state, but Neil couldn’t understand. Neil says he is still not out of danger. Mayura thinks why did she feel strange when he touched her and thinks who is he? Neil comes out and confronts Mayura for slapping him. He says the patient has internal injuries and don’t know what will come in CT scan. Mayura says he was behaving strangely. Neil says you are a doctor yourself and you gets anxiety attacks, and says he must have hold your hand as he was feeling drowsy. She remembers and tells that he took my name and called me. She says I don’t know this person and got tensed. Neil asks what did he say? Mayura. And says he must have seen your name tag on your hand. She says he must have misunderstood you. Mayura says I slapped him and did a big mistake. Neil says he will be fine. Mayura insists to meet him. Neil says I don’t think that he will like to meet you, as you slapped him hard. He says I shall maintain distance with you, if we have a fight. He says sorry. Mayura asks him not to say sorry. She sees Akhilesh and asks him not to move as Papa came. She hides infront of him and goes to her ward.

Organizer comes to the Akhilesh’s house and asks about Mayura. Surekha says she was unwell and that’s why we admitted her in the hospital. She asks why are you asking about her? Assistant is about to say, but Organizer stops him and says we came to ask about her. They leave. Assistant asks Organizer why didn’t you tell them about MP Ratan and his wife. Organizer says they were already tensed.

Akhilesh meets Neil and tells that he has brought something for Mayura and asks about the patient, whom he was treating. Neil says he is recovering. Akhilesh asks can I see him? Neil is about to take him to Omkar’s ward, when Mayura shouts. They run to her ward. Mayura tells that the medicine fell down. Akhilesh says you got consciousness. Mayura says yes. Akhilesh feels bad to take her out, when she was unwell.

Omkar gains consciousness and takes Mayura’s name again. He takes out the syringe from his hand. Nurse tries to stop him. Omkar says I need to go. Mayura asks Akhilesh to go home. Akhilesh asks her to take care and don’t talk to strangers. Nurse comes there and says ward no 7 is troubling. Neil goes to Omkar. Omkar says I want to go. Neil asks what important work you are having that you want to go? Omkar asks him about the girl in the corridor? Neil says sorry on her behalf and says she had misunderstanding. Omkar asks do you know her? Akhilesh stops at ward no 7 and then leaves from the hospital.

Neil tells Omkar that he knows Mayura, as he is treating her and is her doctor. Omkar asks what happened to her, if she is fine? Neil says she is now recovering, but she had a major hospital few months back. Omkar asks when and where he met her? Neil says he found her on the shore of Narmada river and brought her to the hospital. He says she was in coma for three months and then I asked her about her. A fb is shown, Neil asks Mayura to tell about herself and her family. he gives her pen and notedown, asking her to write down. Fb ends. Neil says Mayura gave her dad’s number and when he came to know about her, he came to Bhopal and her treatment is happening here since then. Omkar says she must have felt so much pain. Neil says yes, infact due to this accident, her memory is affected and she has forgotten an important part of her life. He says she has forgotten some months before the accident, which was very painful for her. He says every body’s way to deal with mental trauma is different, and says even her family didn’t try to get back her memory and that’s why they shifted to Bhopal. Omkar says if she gets back her memory. Neil says I don’t want it to return and tells that if she gets back her memory, then it will be dangerous for her body and brain. Omkar asks if she is fine now? Neil says she has moved on and now a homeopathic doctor, will start her practice in some days. He asks Omkar, if he knows her, as Mayura was telling that he knows her. He asks do you know her? Omkar thinks until I apologize to her, I can’t tell Neil. He says I don’t know her. Neil says I will inform your family that you are fine and asks for the number. Omkar says I will call myself. He cries and thinks of his bad behavior and torture, which he gave to Mayura. He thinks his brain thought it is better to forget him. He thinks to break his injured hand and it injured her face. He cries and thinks she is infront of me, but I can’t tell her about me and can’t remind her about me. He thinks he couldn’t even apologize to her and thinks he deserve this. He says how did you forget me Mayura.

Precap: Mayura asks Omkar whether he knows her… whether they have any connection. He smiles. Her phone rings. She looks at her phone and he disappears. She wonders what’s happening to her. He says to himself after seeing her, it’s hard to keep himself away from her. She decides to go and see him. She stands up and bumps into Neil who catches her in his arms. Omkar looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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