Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Mayura get married

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayura waits for Omkar. She comes to the balcony and sees his phone. Mayura hugs it. Omkar comes to Manjali. He shivers. Manjali hugs him and says you’re going to get married to Mayura and your conditon. He says Kundan ran ma. I can’t find him. Mayura can’t go away from me. Manjali says he can’t ruin your happiness.

Injured Kundan comes to the house. He says I have to tell Mayura Omkar’s reality. Someone throws a cloth on him and brings him out. Manjali shows the video to Omkar. Manjali says your mom won’t let anyone come between your happiness and you. He will be far away from you. Your Mayura will your yors tomorrow.

Scene 2
Mayura says would I be able to keep Omkar happy? He loves me so much. His papa calls me beti. Piyush is my friend there. When he says everything will be fine, it feels like it would be. I feel nervous. Surekha says that’s natural. For someone to own you, you have to own them. Don’t keep grudges like you don’t in your own house. Dadi says and don’t label your MIL as your enemy. Dadi says mummy is right. Relationships are based on trust. Ashu says this house is yours and will always be yours. Just don’t mix the word of two house. but when you miss us, or when you’re upset, call us. They all hug her. Megha says who am I? Nothing to them. She says no one can save you from my evil eye. Mayura says I won’t be happy until my di is happy. He says don’t worry. She will be fine. Surekha says today if your last day in this house. Everything will be fine. We will make is special for both of you.

Scene 3
The baraat comes. Guru ji calls Omkar and says you didn’t send me an invite but my blessings don’t need an invite. God bless you. He says I wrote my fate my own hands. He says remember what I said. He said there’s no line of love in his hands. He says your word was past, I wrote my present. Surekha does the arti and welcomes both the grooms.

They come inside. Manjali says same stage for both? There’s a difference between my son and newphew. Ashu says but they are both my DILs and our daughters are equal. Piyush says the beautiful brides are here. Megha and Mayura come. Megha looks at Sanjay. He says you look pretty. She says really? Thank you. Omkar waits for Mayura. Piyush says don’t worry, she’s here. Mayura comes downstairs. Omkar looks at her. Their theme song plays. Omkar gives his hand. Mayura comes up. Megha sneezes, Omkar pulls Mayura. Megha falls down from the stage. Everyone picks Megha. Surekha says are you okay? He says Megha sneezed so I had to save you. I didn’t know she would fall. I really care about you. It’s cold, what of you catch flu. Mayura says she’s my sister. Mayura says di are you okay? Omkar says I am really sorry. Megha says I am fine. It was unintentional. Dadi says all is okay now.

Manjali say Mayura smile as well, in case you forgot in your sister’s worry it’s your wedding as well. Manjali says bring varmala. Megha makes Sanjay wear varmala. He makes her wear too. Mayura makes Omkar wear the varmala. Piyush picks Omkar. Dadi says don’t make our girl fall. Omkar says in heart what if you fall and get a scar. Omkar bows down. Piyush says he sat down. This love. Mayura makes him wear the garland. Omkar is about to make Mayura wear the garland. Her cousins come and say we won’t let you take her so easily. They pick her. Omkar is angry. He says Mayura.. The cousins say what happened jeju? Piyush picks Omkar and he makes her wear the garland. Everyone claps.

The couples are taken to the mandap. mayura sees the mandap covered with polythene. She says what is this? Everyone is shocked. Ashu says how did this happen? How is one mandap covered with plastic? Piyush says Omi asked. Mayura says why? Papa made one mandap for 4 of us. What is this then? This looks like a cage. Omkar says I got it made especially for Sanjay and Megha. So no infection is spread from any sneezes. There’s nothing wrong with protection. Mayura is angry. Mayura says what? This is wrong. Omkar says I care about it. Even if it’s wrong. He says why would I do anything wrong with Megha? I brought this proposal for her. I care for you. What if you caught cold? Or an infection? Mayura says i understand your care. I am not saying you’re wrong but I really love my sister. So let me do somethings right for my sister. Mayura says you’re scared that I might catch cold right? Let me and you be in the polythene covered mandap.
Precap-Manjali burns papers and says Omkar’s truth can never come in front of Mayura. Mayura says this isn’t wedding. This is trust. Omkar says I won’t ever break your trust.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am feeling bad for Megha , didn’t like her husband Sanjay , He’s like a servant to Omkar, Kundan was much better. Mayura chose hastily Omkar without checking properly. Mayuras parent always talk about seeing both daughters equal,, then why when they received both son in laws, why didn’t they receive elder son in law first , that was discrimination right ?

  2. when ever i watch this i can’t stop laughing, i just can’t help it
    covering mandap with polythene haa haa just can’t help it but laugh i think omkar is mentaly unstable he needs a doctor not a beauty, mayura my dea your worst days have started bearing men’s lustful comments and behaviour was far much better than this

  3. Would like to see piyush and mayura together and meghna n kundan

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