Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Megha to marry Sanjay and Mayura to Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashu says ma make kheer. I will go to pray. Ashu says bad days are over. Erveything will be fine. He has a chunri in hand. Light goes off. Mayura opens light. When she comes back Megha is wearing a torn chunri. Ashu says what is this? She says Mayura got her prince charming and I got that servant? Mayura got that red chunri and I got this torn cloth. Mayura says Sanjay is Omkar’s brother. Omkar touches his feet. Megha says he’s a servant. He opens doors for them. Ashu says don’t think so negatively. Megha says you made Omkar do all this right? Megha shoves Mayura.

Piyush says everything will be ready. He says I would have given the day to my Mayura and me only but that Megha has a habit of ruining everything. Anyway I only care about my Mayura. Mayura says try to understand her heart. Mayura says don’t do this acting or become an actor. Ashu says it’s Kundan’s mistake, not Mayura’s. It’s society. We felt your pain. We aren’t letting you go. We are thinking you will be with your sister. You can say no to the wedding if you’re not happy. I won’t let you ruin your sister’s life. Tell me your decision. Megha says I will marry. Ashu says go, He says ma get their hands full of mehndi. The wedding is tomorrow.

Ashu says I am done with her bitterness. He says Megha your life is ruined by Kundan and this society. Mayura has no fault in it.

Mayura says di, please forgive me. I am sorry. Megha says think about yourself not me. She shows her a golden cage. Mayura looks at it. She says because of you my life has been caged all my life. My curse will follow you. You and your beauty will be caged forever. Mayura looks at the cage. Ashu is upset. He says I know Megha’s pain. I hated society more than her. She is my daughter. I care for her. He cries. Surekha hugs him. He says how can I see my daughter taking a wrong decision. What will happen? Surekha says they are wise. They will manage. Our daughters won’t disappoint us. They will take care of themselves. They will leave this house forever tomorrow. He says it had to happen one day.

Scene 2
Mayura sees the shadow of the cage in the mirror. She sees herself in it. Mayura cries. Omkar calls her but she can’t speak. Mayura says why has God made her life so difficult. Why are people so after physical beauty. I am getting married tomorrow to a man like Omkar. I want to be happy but I can’t separate myself from my sister’s pain. When my face is responsible for her pain. Omkar comes there. Mayura says you. Omkar hugs Mayura and caresses her face.

Piyush is downstairs. Megha looks at them as well and goes inside and in ager. Omkar hugs Mayura. He comes close to her and kisses her face. Mayura says I am fine. You come tomorrow as a groom and then come close to me. He smiles and is about to kiss her. She runs, Omkar says I had to always make you mine. I waited so long for this day.

Scene 2
Mayura says I miss him. First I asked him to leave and now I miss him. Omakr’s goons call him and say Kundan ran again. Omkar says no one can come between me and my Mayura.

Precap-Manjali burns the papers and says Omkar’s truth should never come in front of Mayura. Omkar and Mayura get married. Omkar says I will never break your trust.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Am i the only one who thinks Mayura is not even that beautiful? she looks cute and chubby in a charming way, but there have been far more good looking actresses in the TV industry. And everyone in the show keeps calling Megha ugly but i find megha to be good looking too. The only difference between the two sisters is Mayura is fair skinned and Megha is dark skinned. The show simply perpetuates the stereotype that fair is beautiful, dark is not. If the show was called Pinjara gorepan ka, then i could have given the benefit of doubt that the show would later address how dark doesnt mean ugly. But no, nobody in the show makes the distinguishment that only fairness is not beauty. even Megha’s father said that it is society’s fault that they celebrate beauty in big hoardings, indirectly again saying that fair is in fact beautiful and Megha is in fact ugly since she is not fair. Why does nobody tell Megha that she is very beautiful too?
    Obviously Megha herself will never feel beautiful because since her birth everyone has called her racist names like taunting her as gulabjamun and made her feel ugly everyday. I would have loved if Megha was a strong, confident woman who didnt care about the society and was comfortable in her skin. It would have been great to see a dark skinned developed character in indian TV. But it seems dark skinned people can only get side roles, or roles of negative character where they have to be mean, jealous, scheming back-stabbers.
    Also, how many times have indian shows shown sisters being married to the same family and being enemies? One sister will be miss goody goody two shows who never does one wrong thing in her life, while the other sister be a complete evil incarnation who leaves no stone unturned to ruin her sister’s life. Swaragini was based on same concept. Saath Nibhana Saathiya had a similar plotline, Kumkum Bhagya currently has Rhea hurting Prachi at every turn… What is the show people’s problem against sisters?
    even marriage is shown like a fickle matter. Meet a boy today, get married next week in a hurry. No need to finish studies or establish oneself first. Does anyone else feel that Mayura is more comfortable with Piyush anyways? When she went to their house to postpone the marriage and Omkar stood silently, Mayura looked at Piyush for assurance. But Omkar is rich and famous, so Mayura’s family has no objection to him at all. But what about Megha? Megha was absolutely right today. Omkar’s family ordered a random guy to marry Megha and he, like a servant, agreed. Sure, he came and said two big lines. But he has never even met Megha before. All he knows is her engagement broke and she tried to kill herself. Which sane person will decide, okay, the girl looks good enough to get married tomorrow? Nobody. He is following his master’s orders. And Omkar is getting Megha married to get rid of a nuisance. How can the rest of the family not see that getting Megha married like this the very next day is wrong? No emotional attachment, Megha and Sanjay didn’t even talk for 5minutes, but lets get them married.
    Lastly, i am also sure Omkar will be shown to have some mental illness. Who knows if he will be given treatment or mental illness will be portrayed as another source of evil. Like Mayura will find out and start hating/fearing Omkar. Mental illness is portrayed in such a tone deaf manner in TV. Overall, I find this show regressive on another level.
    Also, please dont tell me to stop watching the show if i have a problem with it. I just shared what i felt about it. When i was young, i liked these type of shows too because TV always portrays harassment and abuse of women as romantic. I remember the show Madhubala showed RK and Madhubala as the most romantic couple but in truth RK only abused her again and again, even keeping her tied in his house. But who cares? these type of shows teach wrong things to girls and boys. Dont know when the content will change in Indian TV

    1. Yeah you are right… they have shown omkar with flaws which I liked. .I don’t like a typical selfless hero who does not exist in real..but Mayura is not that beautiful as projected and Megha not at all ugly…the hurriedness in marriage is unrealistic but this is what a typical daily soap is…

  2. I think your observations are absolutely correct. It is high time to change plotline which are used many time . The show makers don’t show positivity but spread negativity .

  3. @Dhara I completely agree with you on whatever you have said. I really wish the makers could have made Megha into a strong woman who doesn’t give a damn to the society. But no, instead we see a jealous and inferiorly complexed girl.
    And these Indian serials show us that money is everything. Mayura is a doctor and Omkar studied only till his 4th class, but no one has any problem with that, just because he is rich. No one has any problem when an unknown but rich man keeps coming to your house frequently and keeps bumping into you every now and then. And also none of the characters have been written properly except for maybe only Omkar.

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