Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Megha slits her wrist

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Megha breaks the vase. Mayura says di.. Megha says when I was born dadi said ma ate jamun when I was born. I have only tolerated taunts. So many people saw you and rejected me. I kept caps of their bottles in the vase. This was Kundan’s. It was the only one that didn’t go in the vase. Even he rejected me today because of you. I don’t deserve to live. Megha slits her wrist. Mayura hugs her and says di no, please. Omkar says made my Mayura cry. She will get dark circles. Mayura cries and screams. She opens the door.

Everyone comes in. Ashu says what happened to her. Megha says everything is over. Megha is losing her breath. Mayura screams. Mayura begs for Megha’s life. She prays in the temple. The doctor dresses her wound. He says it isn’t deep. She will be fine. I have given her tranquilizer. Mayura sits in her feet. The doctor says I have to inform the police. This is an attempt to suicide. Dadi says please we can’t do that. Surekha says she’s a young girl. He says I have to. Omkar says no you won’t do anything like that.

Scene 2
Manjali says why didn’t she die at once only. Shankar says check with a doctor, your poison is coming out without filters. She says my Omkar is suffering in all this. If this Megha delays the marriage, I will burn her down.

Omkar says in heart you look so dull Mayura. He says your hospital made a mistake. I gave a chance and didn’t tell the police. So you give them a chance. She’s human. The doctor says yes I will leave. He leaves. Omkar says thank God she’s fine, He says in heart otherwise it would have delayed my wedding. Mayura says thank you for the help. He says this family is mine. Mayura says how did you know about Megha? Omkar says staff people from the hospital know. They told me. Mayura says but h was home. Omkar says he has a clinic at his place. Mayura says thank you so much. He says I can do anything for you. He says I will do pooja for Megha. Everything will be fine. He leaves.

Scene 3
Manjali waits for her servant for Omkar’s rewards. Piyush collides with him. He picks the papers. Manjali says Piyush can’t see these papers. Manjali says go from here. These are mine. She picks the medical record. Manjali says I got so scared. She brings the file to her room. Manjali says no one can know this reality about Omkar.

Megha opens her eyes. She sees her wound. She recalls the letter. Mayura comes there. She hugs Megha and cries. Mayura says I was so scared. She calls everyone. Ashu says are you okay? Mayura says why did you do that? What if something happened to you. I never imagined Kundan jeju.. Dadi says not jeju. Mayura says he’s disgusting. We are glad you were saved. Dadi says let me take an evil eye off her. Mayura says this is superstition. Dadi says no this is love. Mayura says if this is love, I will take an evil eye off her. Mayura does the ritual and says I hope my di always smiles. I hope she’s always happy. All my happiness becomes hers. She’s about to burn the spices. Megha throws the plate away. Everyone is shocked. Megha says you are the evil eye on me.

Omkar and Piyush do arm wrestling. Omkar says I really love you but I will win. You will do all the preps as punishment. Piyush says that is a reward for me. Piysuh loses and says in heart I love losing from you. Omkar goes to take a call. Shankar says you lost deliberately right? HE says my win is in Omi’s win. Shankar says sometimes it’s important to make your loved ones realize that defeat is also a reality. Omkar comes back. He says go prepare for the wedding. Piyush says but Megha.. Omkar says the world is still running. I will fix it. Trust me.

Mayura says how is that my mistake? If Kundan was a disgusting man, how is that my fault? Ashu says she’s right. She isn’t responsible. Megha says what is my fault then? Does anyone care about you? She got her price charming. What did I get? He loves her so much but she still took my love from me. She took colors from my life. She took my only happiness from me. Surekha says please calm down. Megha says you hear my screams? Did you hear my sighs? Mayura says I never wanted to create any problem in your life. Megha says your reality is the vase with all the bottle caps. All men who rejected me. Kundan left me because of you. That’s your reality. Ashu says you’re hurt but you can’t blame Mayura. She says you should have let me die if you care so much about her. Ashu says how can you talk about your death in front of your parents. Did you even care what we went through? Surekha says was your world only marriage and not us? Ashu says Mayura has also heard the taunts because of your beauty. Don’t blame her because of that Kundan. Mayura says what is my fault? Tell me what should I do? She says so you’re pretty so you will always be right. It’s all my mistake. Nothing can be wrong with pretty girls. She runs upstairs. Mayura says I know what do I have to do.

Precap-Mayura says to Omkar I want to marry you but I can’t marry you until my sister is also engaged. He breaks things in anger later. Manjali says calm down. Omkar says the wedding has to happen today only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omkar is suffering from some psychiatric disorder. And I guess thats what the medical records in Manjali’s hands were about. Where are Kundan’s parents? Why haven’t they made a complaint that their son is missing?
    Megha’s parents are right. Her whole world revolved around her marriage. She’s a lawyer, yet she has backward thoughts. She always blames Mayura for her sufferings.
    I guess Mayura will be able to see Omkar’s evil side only after getting married to him.

  2. If Megha was taught her whole life that she is ugly and has been rejected by all these people, then it natural for her to blame the source of her anguish. The reality is that all her life she was taunted and made to feel inferior to her beautiful sister through no fault of her own. It doesn’t matter how educated you are but the thought of being rejected for something that is even in your control and facing the cold world is hard. I get this drama is focusing on Mayura’s beauty but I have difficulty digesting it…

  3. I hope he doesn’t ask Piyush to marry Megha..just in beyhadh I was waiting for one twist after the another, I was waiting for arjun to know that maya is obsessed I want mayura to know about this man’s cliche thinking also..right after the marriage though I wanted her not to get married to him nd fight for her survival

  4. Even piyush is somewhat responsible for Omkar”s behavioural disorders. He too is boosting his ego and keeping him in the wrong notion of being victorious. Omkars father was right but i dont know why he never tries use his fatherly concerns to mend his ways.I am feeling bad for Mayura bcoz she will have to face her husband’s psychotic side everyday untill she get access to the reports. I think Omkar has some form of OCD.

  5. This show is discriminatory showing Mayura not only a fair beauty but also fair mind ; but Megha like a dark toned skin colored girl with dark jealous heart. Why Mayura need to be shown so perfect in behavior , if she was so perfect & caring for her sister who always rude to her then how come Mayura got engaged with Omkar when she already knew the same day her sister got a biggest shock of her finance now coming to engagement ! Forcefully show maker trying to make Mayura a gold hearted with no badness at all, when jealousy is within Megha lol this kind of making extreme character definition is sickening!

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