Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar tries to enquire about Maya

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar asking what did Maya’s bodyguards tell that she don’t know him and don’t want to meet him. Manjari says Maya did wrong by snatching my son’s deal. Omkar breaks down and cries thinking about Tara. He says one side is my daughter and other side is this new trouble Maya. He says don’t know what is happening with us. Just then he gets message from private number. He hears it, in which Tara tells that she is fine and happy and is with Mamma. Omkar gets happy. Manjari asks him to find out the location. Omkar says this is private number. Manjari says Tara is safe, Mayura will not harm Tara being her mother. She asks him to concentrate on business, as it is useful to search her. Vishaka tells Mayura that they have snatched Omkar’s business, will snatch his position. Mayura asks how?

Manjari tells omkar that she has called reporter to get his pic clicked on the cover page. Omkar says cover page. Manjari says we have to be in news to maintain the position. Vishaka also talks to the reporter Ashok and tells that Ms. Maya is among the top 10 business woman. The reporter tells that he has already fixed Omkar for the cover pic shoot. Omkar tells that he will show Maya, who is he? He comes to Maya’s house and asks where is she? He sees Mayura’s reflection and is about to reach her, but Vishaka comes there and asks who is he? he asks if she is Maya? She tells that this property belongs to her and asks him to leave. He leaves. Mayura comes out and says we are saved. Vishaka says Omkar shall not get saved.

Omkar gets photo shoot done. Later they come to see the photo shoot cover page. Editor asks Reporter if he didn’t tell them. Manjari pulls the curtain to see Omkar’s cover page, but they are shocked to see Maya’s eyes’ pic as the cover pic. Vishaka tells Mayura that Ashok agreed to click her pic, when he met her. She says you have done it. Omkar feels humiliated and goes to sit in the car. Manjari apologizes and says I will not leave Ashok. Omkar says I will not leave Maya. He says she is not the one whom I met yesterday and says who is she? Vishaka asks her to make arrangements for tomorrow, as time has come to get face to face. She says Omkar himself will get trapped in Maya’s jaal. Mayura says do whatever you want Omkar.

Later Vishaka makes Mayura practice ramp walk and asks her to walk with attitude and swag. She tells that the villagers women have grace in their walking, and asks her to think and walk. Mayura falls and says cat and ramp walk is not my cup of tea. She thinks she will fail infront of Omkar. Vishaka says this will not happen. Omkar calls someone asking to find out about Tara. Manjari comes there and says I got the news. Omkar asks where is she? Manjari shows the magazine and tells that she came to know that she is doing fashion show for the charity. Mayura says if I will be show stopper and tells that she can’t do this. Vishaka says you can meet Tara, if you can pull it off. Omkar tells that he will go to this ramp show. Manjari says it is happening on net. Omkar says I will find out the venue and tells that Maya is related to Mayura. Manjari feels otherwise. Omkar says he will do and tells that Vishaka will take him to Maya.

Vishaka asks Mayura to wear the dresses and try doing ramp walk. She then gets a message and tells her that Omkar is enquiring about her. Mayura says he is very clever. She goes to try the dress.

Megha comes home with Sanjay. Akhilesh says Sanjay can come inside. Megha asks why I can’t come inside. Dadi asks what happened? Megha tells that they have money problem so he took a small room on rent, where Megha refused to stay and wanting to stay here. Akhilesh asks if the money got over which Omkar gave and asks her to take more money from him. Megha asks why to live somewhere else, when I have my own house here. Akhilesh scolds her for betraying her own sister and backstabbing her. He says if you had thought this house as yours, and if you had supported Minty then she wouldn’t have roam here and there. He worries for her. Mayura tells Vishaka that she never cared for her face, but today she is using her beauty as tool to fight against Omkar. Vishaka says beauty is weakness of people and tool for you. You will be still the same. Akhilesh asks Megha to go from there. Omkar talks to Manjari and asks her to enquire about Tara. Mayura comes out of house and sits with Vishaka in her car. Omkar couldn’t see her, as her face is covered. Mayura sees him. Omkar asks driver to bring the car and thinks he feels that Mayura is connected to Maya.

Precap: Mayura’s beauty and confidence shocks Omkar. Mayura tells that the money which will be earned through the ramp show, will go to charity for the woman who wants to break the pinjara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Precap please!

  2. I have a strong feelings that mayura will win this time

  3. Hi readers ! Why are u all not commenting?

  4. Anjali Sharma

    Afterrr lot many days… I feel kuch achha horaha

    1. I liked mayukar…after so much time they were together, until this Agrima came, well, I hope they will get together again, bcos I am a fan of Pinjara khubsurti ka and Mayukar! Track is still good, want to see what Mayura does next!

  5. I liked mayukar…after so much time they were together, until this Agrima came, well, I hope they will get together again, bcos I am a fan of Pinjara khubsurti ka and Mayukar! Track is still good, want to see what Mayura does next! (Sorry, first one was accidentally a reply!

  6. Anjali Sharma

    Honestly I never liked how he got her way with her .
    She deserved someone like Piyush.
    Many things were wrong.
    And omkar does not deserve forgiveness for all that.
    Later agrima used him against Mayura which simply means that he really couldn’t understand or love Mayura.
    If Mayura is on her Revenge mode…I am happy

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