Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura and Omkar fight over the ladies only board

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashu Surekha and Dadi come. Ashu says Omkar called and said there’s a surprise for Mayura. Dadi says she’s so lucky. Surekha says this Minti’s dream. Ashu says he’s gold. No one can be like him. Megha says he must have done some new drama now. Mayura says to Piyush I am so happy.. Nothing can go wrong now. Dadi and everyone come and see the clinic. They’re very happy.

Megha reads the complete board that says for ladies only. Surekha hugs Mayura. Mayura says he made your dream come true. Sanjay says I am so proud of my brother. Mayura says we have a double relation, you should give me your blessings. He says stay happy. May your relationship grows stronger. Megha enters. Megha says I don’t have to cry every time Mayura. This is your turn and I have my weapon. Everyone makes Mayura eat the sweets. Megha says this is so much fun. She looks at Mayura and Piyush being close friends. She says this will be used later.

Mayura makes Megha eat sweets. Megha holds her hand. Sanjay says is all okay? Mayura says di is all okay? Dadi says what happened? Surekha says say it. Megha says come with me. Megha takes Mayura out and shows her the board. Mayura is shocked. Mayura recalls there was another curtain Omkar didn’t take off. omkar and Manjali come with pooja stuff. Manjali says why do they all look shocked? Omkar sees the board. Omkar asks Mayura what happened? You were smiling when I left. Why are you crying now? Did anyone say anything? Why is everyone silent? Omkar says who has made you cry Mayura? Mayura says you. Omkar is shocked. Omkar says what did I do? I opened this clinic for you. Mayura points at the board. Omkar says this is your clinic’s board. What’s wrong with it? Mayura says this is a homoeopathic clinic not a beauty parlour that you had to write ‘for ladies only’. Why? Omkar says I know it’s a clinic but only women will be treated here. What’s wrong with that? Manjali says what’s the problem. Piyush says maa ji.. Manjali says yous hut up. So many people are here, you don’t have to speak.

Mayura says Omkar ji you don’t find anything wrong with it? Can’t you see what’s wrong? Omkar says I don’t see any problem with this board. If you do, you can say it. Mayura says I am a doctor. Not a salon owner that you had to write this. Anyone can need medicine. I am treating patients whether they are men or women. I have to serve people. I want to serve people, do we have to see genders for it? The clinic is like a temple, anyone can come there and pray. As doctors, we vow that we will serve people without any discrimination and you wrote ‘for ladies only’. Why? I don’t understand why. Manjali says Mayura don’t do drama in the street. Mayura says I am trying to understand what did he think before writing this? I always appreciated your thoughts but I don’t understand this. I don’t get this. Where was I wrong in understanding you? I never knew your mentality is so small. How could I not get it?S Surekha says what are you saying? Mayura says I have to say it before I suffocate.

Mayura says my papa has worked very hard to make me a doctor. You ruined that hard work in 2 words. Only for ladies. Why? I really respect you, you’re my husband. But this is my profession. I decide what to do it not you. It’s only my choice. You wanted to keep me away from me? How can you mentality be so small and disgusting? I am sorry but I am disgusted by your mentality. Omkar is angry. Mayura takes the board off. Omkar leaves in anger. Ashu and Surekha try to stop him but he leaves. Everyone leaves. Mayura stands there crying.

Scene 2
Omkar comes to the garden and breaks the pipes in anger. He recalls what Mayura said. Dadai says to Mayura are you out of your mind? Dadi says is that how you talk to your husband? Mayura says no one does this to their wives either. Dadi says all these insults and questions look better in the rooms not on roads. Mayura says he could also discuss and tell me what is he thinking. Did he even ask me or not? If I am okay with it. He could share with me. But he didn’t. Mayura says and you people are blaming me? No one cares about how I feel. How hurt am I? I didn’t ask Omkar to open this clinic. I could find a job. What’s the point of such a clinic to shatter my dream in front of my eyes? Mayura cries.

Manjali comes home and says Omkar.. A servant says he didn’t come home. Piyiush says where did he go?

Ashu tries to console Mayura. Megha says Mayura is right. He didn’t do a favor. She didn’t ask him. Dadi says you better not use your mind. Surekha says the right things should be said in the right places. Mayura says the wrong thing is wrong no matter where it’s said.

Omkar stands under the fountain. He says you didn’t do right Mayura. Mayura says you didn’t do right Omkar. Megha says Mayura you come home with us. We will handle everything. Megha says in heart he will lose his cool and that would be fun. Megha says come with me Mayura. Mayura doesn’t walk. Mayura says I won’t go. Why should I go? What have I done? It’s his mistake. He will have to face me.

Precap-Mayura goes for an interview. She says how can you say I am not qualified? Mayura leaves. The woman calls Omkar and says Mayura came and I told her she’s not qualified enough as per your directions. Mayura overhears. Omkar says I will never let your face go away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Now this is much..
    This should try to work in the ladies clinic..
    And then she should try to convince Omkar!!
    Omkar’s past is horrified & Mayura should understand that!

    1. This is toxic behavior. She shouldn’t work in his clinic and then have to explain to him. She should just leave. Mayura isn’t doing too much, Omkar is.

  2. Mona146

    megha is pathetic im worried for kundan but happy he didnt get married to megha

  3. Ekta Kapoor serial will show the relationship in bad ways always now this time two sisters relationship – mayura is gud n her sister Megha is bad n fun n feel gud only to watch her sister in pain n hurt only because she is beautiful. Today Ekta Kapoor show Megha is happy to her sister in pain n suffer but after the 4 to 5 month when they show the mayura beautiful face ruin by her own husband , Megha turn into gud sister n love her lot n feel her pain like she never want see mayura in bad state in her whole life. Wtf if the director show gud bonding b/w the sister then their show doesn’t ruin but no they always show these type of pathetic role.

    1. Shesha485

      It’s not Ekta Kapoor’s show BTW but what you said is true. It is from the makers of Madhubala.

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