Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar opens a clinic for Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush tells Mayura she topped. Ashu says it’s such a big day for Mayura. I am sure she has gone to college to get her result. Let’s go to meet her. Mayura says to Omkar I am so happy. I am a doctor now. She says Dr. Mayura Dubay. He says congratulations but you forgot your name. Your name is Mayura Omkar Shukla. Mayura says I am so happy. I will serve poor people and do a job in a government hospital. Omkar says you won’t work.. Mayura says yes I meant the same. Mayura says to Megha remember we used to play doctor doctor in childhood. I used to be a homeopathic doctor. Dada ji said there was magic in my hands. Mayura says to Omkar I am not doing all this for money. I want to help people with my heart. Mayura says why are you stopping me. It was my dream. Piyush says you also made your dream come true. You know value of dreams more than anyone.

Omkar says Mayura you’re a doctor. You can do practice in the house, take care of all of your family. You don’t have to do a job. You have to handle this house as well. Mayura says I studied to work. I can handle both. I will do both I promise. Maa ji please convince Omkar ji. Mayura says I am requesting you. You can’t tell me if I can work or not. Surekha comes and says Mayura what is happening. Is this how you will talk to your husband? Do you have any shame? Mayura says I was just.. Surekha says we didn’t teach you all this. Dadi says to Megha couldn’t you tell her she’s wrong.

Mayura cries. Surekha says we are sorry if Mayura said anything wrong in the emotions. Mayura says papa I was just.. Ashu says this is no way to talk. We didn’t teach you this. Omkar says it’s okay. It was a house matter. He says Mayura don’t cry. Let me know when you stop crying. I will come back home. Ashu says Omi stop. He leaves. Manjali says our daughter in law has passed, we are happy as well. But we can’t let her do a job. She doesn’t understand the family she’s married into. She marrid Sangemarmar Sartaj. He isn’t an ordinary man. We have to think twice before doing anything. Big families DILs and daughters don’t work here and there. Reputations has be to made and handled. She got it, at least she can handle it now and not talk about little things like job. We have spoken to her, you better do now. She leaves. Piyush leaves as well.

Surekha says this wasn’t a way to talk Mayura. Mayura says should I shatter my dreams? I didn’t become a doctor to shelf my degree. I want to practice as a doctor. Ashu says you could say that with respect as well. You don’t have to angry. You both are life partners. It’s for two people. It shouldn’t happen between people. Dadi says all this sounds good in the father’s house. Ashu says Omi is understanding and nice. Be like him and you two can solve anything.

Piyush says to Omkar you’re right, you dont’ want her to work in a hospital because there are weird people. But it’s her dream. We have to do something about it. Piyush says bachay I won’t listen to any excuse for her job. Piyush says no excuse, just one question. Can you do this for your brother and Mayura? Omkar nods.

Scene 2
Mayura comes to the room. She sees perfume bottles with sorry please written on it. Omkar comes in. Omkar says smile a bit please. Omkar says so much anger. It still can’t reach my height. He picks her and says get me down. He says orders to Sangemarmar Sartaj? Mayura says yes order. Please get me down. Omkar takes her to the pool. Omkar brings her to the garden. He takes off the curtain from a huge thing. It’s a homeopathic clinic for Mayura by her name. Mayura is shocked. Omkar says smile now please? Mayura smiles. She hugs him in tears. Mayura says my own clinic? I thought you don’t want me to work but you.. I don’t know how to thank you. You have made my dream come true. Thank you so much and sorry for yesterday. He says let’s go in. They hold hands and walk in.

Omkar turns on the lights. It’s a complete setup clinic. Mayura is very happy. She looks at her nameplate Mayura Shukla. Mayura sits on her chair. Omkar says Dr. Madam your chair. Mayura says thank you won’t work. She kisses his cheek. Piyush says sorry I didn’t see anything. Omkar says come in. Mayura says no shyness in friends. Omkar gives her a flower and says congrats. Omkar says to Piyush you stay here with Mayura and see if she needs anything. I have to go for some work. Omkar says congrats Mayura. Mayura says thank you.

Omkar comes out. He looks at the clinic and says I have seen many people misbehave with ma when she used to go to work. I couldn’t do anything back then. People used to hit me. This scar still hurts. I won’t anyone even look at my family’s women. I don’t want you to suffer like ma did. For your smile I listened to Piyush. This clinic is opened for you but will run as per my will. He throws other part of the curtain that has a board under it ‘for women only’

Precap-Megha says Mayura I don’t have to suffer anytime. I will make you suffer as well. Megha brings Mayura outside and show her the ‘only for ladies’ board. Mayura says to Omkar don’t you find anything wrong with it? He says no I don’t.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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