Phir Subah Hogi 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Naganiya threatening Suman to take care of Hukum and massage his foot and feed him. A frighten Suman agrees. Nagaiya further tells Suman that she that she has to also serve Reva. Suma closes her eyes and clasps her hands and agrees while Naganiya takes her saree and sneaks out of the room.
At the Khota, Aama knocks away a glass of water offered to her by Kali and cries and berates her men for not finding Chubili, the men say they are looking all over but can’t find her. Amma tells Bunty that if Divakar just looks human but he is a monster and if he finds Chulbuli he will distroy her life and she won’t be able to face any one ever.
Vickram has an uncounciouse Chulbuli in his jeep and is splashing water in her face. At the dsame timDivakar and his men are out looking for them. A drunk man passes by and Vickram asks him directions for a hospital nearby. The man takes Vickram ring as payment and tells him where to go.
Back in the Havali, Suman goes into Hukums room and starts massaging his feet, she tells him she wants to stay at his feet and serve him for if she dose not her sins won’t be forgiven. He tells her she did not commit any sins, but he did. She tells him she has to serve him. Hukum laughs and tells her that she is tickling him. Suman thinks she has no choice but to listen to the ghost, and serve Reva to, and leaves Hukums room after he falls asleep. Naginiya is outside the room observing.
At the hospital the Doctor checks over Sugni and tells Vickram he finds it seriouse that she is not waking up. He ask if She was under any mental stress. Vckram gets a FB of his telling her who she really is and how she fainted. He tells the doctor that she was in an accident and lost her memory.
The Doctor says that she should not be forced. And mistakenly says that He should treat his wife with a lot of love and affection and let her memory return on its own, otherwise her brain could should down and she will become brain dead. Vickram is sad and shocked.
At the Haveli Suman goes into Reva’s room who is pretending to be asleep. She wakes Reva and tells her that they should forget the past and treat each other equally. Suman and Reva agree to split everything 50/50. Reva then tells Suman than she wants her to make her some milk in one hour. She says that is payback for all the things Suman made Reva do .
Suman is in the kitchen making the milk thinking she wishes it was poisen instead. She sees Nagainya in the yard who is trying to walk ghostly, but her Pallu gets stuck in a plant and rips. Suman is observing this and thinks how can a ghost Saree rip.
Divakar Reaches a Villages and tells his men to break down each door until they find them. the drunk man comes to him, and wants to sell him Vickrams ring, the threathens him and the Drunk man tells Divakar that they are at the hospittal.
Vickram is watching Sugni sleep and he sadly thinks that she will hate him but he will love her for life and he wishes that for a while at least she loved him like he loves her. He sits next to her and says that he will take her back to the Khota and her world where at least she would be happy and healthy. Sugni wakes up and ask him who is she, if she is this Sugni. He tells her sadly that it was just his misunderstanding and that she is not who he thought. She askes why he seems so familiar to her , how do they know each other.
He evades and says he is going to call the doctor and gets up to leave , she holds him back and they star at each other sadly.

PRECAP: DIvakar arrives at the hospital , but Sugni is not in the bed , he sees them leaving and follows them on the highway with his men.

Update Credit to: Vinnie79

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