Phir Subah Hogi 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 27th February 2013 Written Update

Chulbuli and Kali’s daughter are playing hide and seek and TVS also comes there. Now Sugni hides but Kali’s daughter finds her and then she goes and hides inside the gallery and TVS comes out Sugni feels the breeze and O re piya instrumental turns but then he is not there but she feels he came and thinks why she is thinking about him. Just then the girl calls her and Sugni searches for her TVS follows again he hides and Sugni cant see him she gets confused and TVS follows Sugni catching her Chunni she goes but then the chunni falls as she turns she is in TVS arms TVS says he wants to talk to Sugni but she says she is Chulbuli and runs off he sees a box in the room and is puzzled.

Suman is dreaming that she is at the burial place of Naganiya and she sees her hand she gets

scared and calls Hukum and she him that he did not bury her properly as her hand came out. Hukum says he did everything properly. Hukum says he will leave the village and go as he did not do justice to her work and his wife is dead so he will go to some temple and spend the rest of the time there. She does not let him go and says we both committed the same sin and both should repent. She tells him on the gun your fingerprints are there and she kept the gun safely and threatens him and asks him for the key. Suman feels happy that Naganiya is killed now she is safe with Hukum.

Kali’s child cries and says she lost her and Sugni placates her
Reva comes to Suman’s room who scolds her as Reva sits there who threatens her how she will fight for her case and Suman looks as Reva reveasl she knows her killing Naganiya.Suman is stunned as Reva threatens her Suman pretends that Hukum killed . Reva tells her she has got all proof and Hukum is innocent and Suman had pulled the trigger and saying she will tell all and puts some conditions that now onwards Suman should follow her instructions.

Bunty and Amma come down and find lot of money and gold and they get happy to see it thinking that Kali got this, but Diwakar says this is the full and final payment for Chulbuli and she is now his and he will do as he pleases with her and she should l also follow him and do as he wants…
TVS opens the lock forcibly and opens the box and finds the clothes Sugni wore when she was shot and The FB of the scene is shown.It gets confirmed to him Chulbuli is Sugni and feels why this clothes are here.

PRECAP Diwakar tells a stunned Chulbuli that her amma sold her and she should be nicely ready as he will come and take her out at 5 in the evening.TVS is hidden and thinks how will he save Sugni

Update Credit to: chalhov

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