Phir Subah Hogi 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 26th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Hukum digging a grave for Naganiya a and Suman comes there Hukum asks her to go and sit inside. Suman is worried and Hukum says she has helped him and Suman takes a oath from him and swears him to silence . Hukum grieves and asks her to go Suman sees someones shadow and asks shouts its Reva who hidden and is taking pictures from her mobile and Suman asks him to hide the body properly and goes. Reva is happy that she has something to blackmail Suman.
Amma and Bunty are going somewhere they are searching for something oe someone but TVS is also hiding. The man in black comes and says that they had given money to the vaidya so that he can lie as TVS had shown the mangalsutra to them and he also gives them medicines and goes. TVS follows the man in black who is in a car with an auto. Naganiya is not dead and they both have made a fool of Suman both laugh.Hukum had changed the bullets. Naganiya says now they will harass Suman and both laugh and Reva also watches them
TVS stops the auto near the car but the man is not there he tries to peep in a house where he sees the man who puts something in a bag and goes by the back door . He peeps and sees the man going in the car. TVS searches the house and finds lots of pictures of Sugni with a circle on her face. He remembers the talk with ammaji and thinks he will find out about them. Amma is trying to do some accounts but cant and scolds Bunty saying she is at a loss and asks Kali to make more money who protests she is working hard and says Chulbuli is not working hard. Amma asks her why she is talking like this then she scolds Kali not to take Chulbuli’s name Kali asks she is there from before but now Chulbuli is more amma’s favorite and own. Chulbuli asks what they are talking about as she comes down.
TVS is searching the house he finds lots of medicine bottles and he picks and keenly observes . Chulbuli says why they are quiet. Bunty tries to make story but Amma gets flustered. Chulbuli comes and says Kali I can share everything but not amma and asks how she is looking. Kali says from when you came in amma’s life no one is more beautiful than you and says we have to work hard to earn money. Amma asks Chulbuli how she slept and is feeling She says she slept very well and Amma is very happy. Bunty says whoever will put a bad eye on you will be burnt. Amma and Bunty plan not to delay further regarding Sugni or it will be bad for them.
TVS is puzzled and while walking e stamps on picture of Sugni the glass breaks he feels some omen is being shown to him. He remembers FB the way the vaidya behaves and how amma took him in front of the whole colony and how she threatens him he cannot take Chulbuli. He thinks now he has to save Sugni very carefully as there is some mystery.

PRECAP TVS is in Amma’s house and opens the box he finds Sugni’s clothes which she was wearing at the time she was shot.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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